NEW FEATURE: Dip-Dyed hair!

Hey! It would be great if we could have dip-dyed hairstyles for our own stories!
-my character has red dip-dyed hair, that suprisingly makes a large impact on my story, but i’m unable to show that other than in art scenes, and personally I think that would just be weird changing the hair color for the art scenes… PLEASE HELP!
I understand that the original stories are a way of funding the app, making the original stories different and stuff but its just so unfair!

Anyone else agree? Support this thread!!!

EDIT :If any of you guys who work it the art team see this, how can we get these??? Thanks!



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Support! This would be such a great feature!

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Closed since this is not the correct category for feature requests. Please review the Feature Request Guidelines and Forum Tutorial for more info on creating feature requests, and message me with any questions :grinning: