New featured story: Blood Lust

So on Friday this story popped up on my screen, and I’m surprised there is still no thread about this. Do you also have this?
Any thoughts?


You might be part of a test group for this story, since it’s not available to me even if I search for it.


Oh, I’ve never been in a test group before! (I don’t even have the social feed feauture). In that case do you think I should delete the post?

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I’ve read the first chapter and you have to play as the girl.

Honestly if I could choose a theme that I’m least interested in, that would be vampire stories. I can’t say I was impressed.


I don’t think you have to if you don’t want to! Sometimes my app is a little slower to update than others, so maybe wait a little longer and see if I’m not just late to the party. :joy:


Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this sounds exactly like the premise of The Vampire Diaries. I’ve never even read the books or seen the show, but come on. A girl in a love triangle with two brothers and at least one of them is a vampire? Really, now… :roll_eyes: (Granted, the brothers are both vampires in TVD, but I digress.)

(And vampires have been constantly romanticized before Twilight, so them being love interests doesn’t bother me. Portraying them as monsters all the time is boring. It just takes a lot for me to get invested in a vampire story in general because vampires are stock mythological creatures and almost every variant with them’s been done before. Also, vampires originally weren’t affected by the sun at all. It was way later that them being burned by sunlight became a thing.)

Also, the story’s not showing up for me yet either. So the rest of us just have to wait.


Yeah, let’s check if anyone else can see it as well. If not, I can still make an interesting discussion with myself :smiley:

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I’ve already read this story, and I gotta say, the team has surprised me - or maybe is just my vampires stories obssession hehe. This story doesn’t have that cliche bad boy of all others stories Episode has featured, so that was a plus. I’m enjoying the plot, and I really liked the new animation and the fact that the vampires has fangs. I found the directing kinda rushed and I was lost at some scenes, but overall, it was good too. What I really am wondering is if Episode has a hard time understanding the concept of a slow burn romance. Almost all of their story are rushed in this aspect, so in ep 4 they are almost getting married, you know, and with this story it was no diferent. Apart from these things, I quite enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Episode rushes their romances on purpose because they’re convinced that 13-year-old girls have the attention span of a particularly stupid goldfish, absolutely no patience, and want to be married to their love interest by episode 4 of all their stories :joy:


I don’t have it (yet), but do my eyes deceive me? Is there 15 episodes already? They haven’t done a featured story that update in “batches” in a while… despite that being the message they play at the end of all episodes… So I wonder if they plan that with this story


When ‘It Starts With A Bra’ came out I already had 16 chapters for some reason, while most of the users could see only 3-4. I don’t know why I am the lucky selected one, I never asked for this :smiley:


Offff I don’t have this story though.
What are your thoughts on it?

I don’t have it either.

It was the same for me, and all the gem choices were free for some reason. :joy:

Well, it’s a meh from me: just another trivial, overused plot with dull and forced romance. The characters are boring and underdeveloped: I read the first chapter 2 days ago and I don’t remember anything about them. I felt that nothing actually happened in the whole episode apart from the “unexpected plot twist” that the MC almost died, but was saved by a vampire.


I don’t have it yet can you take screenshots?

I guess you won, I’m not that lucky :smiley:

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Hm, that’s a hard one because I really don’t know what would be worth to share. I’m gonna check this later.
Or @hitzy, do you maybe have screenshots?


Oh ok, thanks!