New Featured story: ...In My Bed!


So… this popped up on the app when I just opened it.
Has anyone read it yet?

I’ve just started episode 1 and I have to ask…
Episode is this a joke?!
I honestly think it’s a parody? It’s also partly in spotlight.

Screenshots from the first 20 seconds:

Discussion: In My Bed
Let's Discuss: "In My Bed"
Dear Episode Team
Opinions of In my Bed?
What's wrong with what I said?

Rune (talk_repulsed)


I haven’t seen this yet but we’re not allowed to say much about sex in our stories. But Episode can make a whole story about it? What is going on here :woman_facepalming::weary:


What in the world


Screenshots from the first 20 seconds posted above…
I really hope this is a joke.


I just posted some screenshots… I’m honestly hoping this is a joke lol.


I think it is, I can’t find the story @EliseC


oh jesus christ.


What in tarnation is going on in this app???


OMFG SO THIS IS REAL??? I was literally surfing through the app, minding my own business, and then it popped up and I was like ???

wtf episode??? why???


hhh lmao this aint it


Lmaoo I’ve been laughing for like 3 minutes. It seems like Episode just doesn’t try anymore.


tWo bAd bOyS, one you.


Have you got the new episodes of all the other featured stories yet? This kind of thing usually rolls out slowly.


I’m rolling. This story is hilarious.
It can’t be serious?? It’s really bad? Like really, really bad.
They’ve just made a pact to get laid after bullying some poor kid.


idk about u guys, but i think a story with SEXY fun and JUICY choices is EXACTLY what episode has been needing :heart_eyes: AND you can earn gems!!! what’s not to love??!


I think so… God I hope it’s a joke :face_vomiting:


I think I’m actually speechless :scream:


Me @ Episode right now:



I’m still dying. This is hilarious.
Bad boy’s friend: You can get into any girl’s panties. Why settle for this girl?
My character: Ha. I don’t even wear panties.

How do I report a featured story?? (Rhetorical question. I know I can’t.)