New Featured story: ...In My Bed!


Its labeled a romance (:nauseated_face:) and even if it was a parody it still would need to follow guidelines. This is just…bizarre.


This is all because of money tbh. Sex sells, and Episode knows this. That’s why it’s so heavily promoted.

If they’re going to be sexual, though, could they at least have the decency to put out something… I don’t know… good? This is just trash :nauseated_face:




“can’t blame a girl for trying” haha


I’m really praying so hard right now. Like I want God to send the Holy Spirit on the Episode team also if he could give them a divine slap in the face it would be great :triumph:


Next featured story to come out will probably be called “Breaking Guidelines”
Smh, Episode you’re an awesome app, one run by wonderful people!
You could do so much better than this!!!
This has to be a joke, or a hack.
Please tell me, this came from photoshop, please,…
(Sadly, I know in my mind, it didn’t)

Opinions of In my Bed?

Episode needs to invest more in better writers who don’t just mass produce garbage smh


I’m lowkey annoyed lmao. There are so many amazing and talented people who work their asses off when it comes to writing their own stories, yet Episode would rather promote THIS than give us a shelf for new authors or something… you know, stuff that we’ve been asking for for a while now?? Stuff that has substance and would actually make sense?
No one asked for this story. This story makes NO sense.
Again, Episode, why??? :frowning_face:


the image you are about to see is not for the light hearted… beware… get your crucifix!


Ooooh, is this a real story? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Can we CC?? I only read stories with CC!
CC= quality!! :heart_eyes:

you are a true artist. this made me laugh so hard LMAO


This story includes gem choices that IMPACT THE ENTIRE STORYLINE… don’t worry cause they only cost 80 gems each choice!!

and thanks!! :D]


I hate it when Episode does that! ALL GEM CHOICES IMPACT THE ENTIRE STORY! Like :roll_eyes:


i never read featured stories anymore, im glad the “inmybed” story doesn’t show up in my home page! lol


I haven’t checked the app yet, so pray for me :sweat:


i will dont worry hun :raised_hands:


So if I’m forced to wear a ratty pair of shorts with a tee that has stains ALL OVER IT to a party, that means I won’t impress my BAD, SEXY, MYSTERIOUS crush?? and if i don’t impress him, that means that my family will suddenly disown me? and then I’ll get sent overseas to some boarding school, and that’s where i’ll meet a sexy professor? and then the cycle of endless, awful gem choices continue? 80 gems a pop? :heart_eyes:



this si so inapropriate


law & order: SVU theme song plays


This Is The Point in were im fucking laughing my pants of Really getting mad


I’m trying to upload the “steamy” scenes but my wifi is saying no.
I have however posted a bunch on my IG story: elisec_episode (it’s public).