New Featured story: ...In My Bed!


I’m getting scared for this community.
They have started to promote only sexual stories…can’t relate


Oh ma lawd I honestly think that anyone can crap out a better story then this. :triumph:


The story is just inappropriate all around and the story doesn’t even have a plot. Its just awful…:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::weary:


I kind of like it because there are scenes that get awkward with the animations, so, if the writer can describe a moment while using Spotlight, we can use our imagination to picture the scene in our heads. How did they mix both styles, though? I didn’t see this option.


To use both styles, set the story up as cinematic (full body). When you want to use spotlight write:
set format spotlight
To switch back then write:
set format cinematic

As for In My Bed, I’m not sure why they chose to use both. At times it seemed that they were using it to get away with writing sex scenes. There was no real consistency though. I’m not sure how they decided which scenes would be in spotlight and which scenes would be in cinematic.


Hi :slight_smile:
Does anyone know when Episode’s explanation on how “…In my bed” passed the guidelines will be out? :confused::thinking:


Probably the 32nd of August…


I’m partially jealous and partially confused and partially amazed at the number of passes and gems you have


Did they permanently remove the story?


At least when I searched for it on my phone, luckily it isn’t there


Actual picture of what everyone will look like when the Episode team finally explains how this garbage got past their TOS review and stops trying to justify it with “it’s just a prank–I mean satire lolz!!!”:



I’ve given up on ever hear back from them about that… :roll_eyes:


The story is hilarious BT the picture of the guy holding the crucifix as GT me in stitches I’m doubled over in agony !!


Shows where Episode’s mind is at atm…


LMAO! Story?


Love Life


Is this a featured story?


Yep, but it only recently got released, so some people may not have it yet.




Episode said it themselves though…