New Featured story: ...In My Bed!


The fact that little kids actually play this game, and there’s a story based on basically people on top of each other, is ridiculous.
Either Episode is running out of ideas, or they’re just lazy to make an actual good appropriate story.
I bet you Episode is gonna create a story genre called “Porn”, no doubt.


Hi :blush:
I just wanted to ask when will we get the explanation on how …In my bed has passed Episode’s TOS? It’s been over two months, since you promised us an explanation. I know Episode is busy with different stuff all the time. But I’m sure you could give us an estimated date, that we could look forward to :wink:

Kind regards

Edited: 11 days after and still no response? :thinking: :unamused:


Lmao this thread is hilarious cant believe im just now seeing it. Glad i missed out on this story it sounded like a big joke. What kind of half drunk frat people does Episode have over there writing stories? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Glad they removed it.


Omg hold on someone made a story about being pregnant by James charles?!!! I cant hold in the laughter :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


gasoline and cigarettes? boy, go take a shower, cigarette’s smell is the worst thing ever. trully, i can’t imagine how awful is mixed with gasoline :joy:


Yes! Joseph is the best. One of the few writers that Episode has featured that understands quality content and character development lol


Banning stories that don’t violate guidelines and hiding topics that criticize their hypocrisy


I always thought it was a song by Amy Winehouse. Episode proved me…oh I think I’m too late. It was removed ages ago.


Well it’s been over three weeks. Could we get an answer to this question? :thinking:


One month later:



I have to change my guess now…

31st of November! I’m sure we’ll get our answers then :joy:


Yep, definitely :joy: :smirk:


He’s also ur step brother




Wow I don’t really want to chose hate on the team since I honestly love Episode and the community. Do you guys ever happen to know the reason it passed yet? It feels upsetting that nothing has been fully explained and shouldn’t be forgotten.


No, I don’t know unfortunately :unamused: I commented here a couple of times and asked about when are they planning to explain to us “How …In my bed has passed the episode TOS?” (I also tagged @Arlene in those comments), but still didn’t get any response. It’s been over a month and they didn’t even bothered to answer me :unamused: This is very unfair to us :confused:

And I agree strongly this should not be forgotten. We deserve answers!


I agree with you. Although this topic has lost a bit of interest, the situation still remains in question. How in the world did these kind of story even slip through the so called “review”

As episode supporters, all of us needs answers. There isn’t an excuse like “It just flew through the review smoothly, and like there was NOTHING wrong with it.”




Well, it looks like we know what happened with this. They just recycled “…In My Bed!” for “My First Everything”, because being original is haaard. :roll_eyes:


Totally episode Totally. :roll_eyes: