New Featured story: ...In My Bed!


I just came across the story :persevere:
Not sure if it is the same if you read it and not planning on reading it, but visually from the cover, it’s the same :upside_down_face: :gun:


I love this story #SNS maybe episode needs to make an app that’s for 18+ year olds because there are obviously a lot of people who like these kinds of stories. I see people asking for more “sexy” scenes in a ton of author’s Q&A’s


Are you being sarcastic? Because if not :nauseated_face:
(Just my opinion)


I just found it sooooo funny. I read it more as a parody on cliche.


I only read both stories for diamonds. I stopped the original because it was just so… empty.
I’m cracking up at all the images, though—I stopped reading after the first fourth of the first episode!
I still hate the new story, MFE, because it’s so… copy/paste. The fact, however, is that the story’s still sexual because of the “go all the way option.”
Before I looked it up on urban dictionary, I thought it had to do with… erm…
Nope! I learned it meant “the nasty.”


Honestly tho :woman_facepalming:


This is too hilarious. The reason Classic Spotlight was taken away in the first place is because people were making inappropriate stories. And here they are, ignoring the Guidelines they set!


VERY Late but this story looks like the embodiment of my episode nightmare, glad I didn’t catch up on it.


Time to bring back an old meme:


I can’t stand the bubble animation.


They are trying to copy Choices because they realized they no longer have a monopoly on interactive story apps


No. Duh. How many of me are in this world?


EPSIODE:Everyone we’re making “IN MY GARDEN”
Your sexy teacher wants to grab a few flowers from your garden what happens when he’s actually wants to date you even tho your 15 and he’s 25?


Damn, they’re really trying to have diverse story plots like Choices but failing miserably…


Oooooh i love me some sexy stranger


Not like “sexy strangers” probably have every STD known to man in reality or anything


Uhm, I can’t find it. Did they delete it or smthn?


yes because they are gonna make in my garden and in my kitchen next


It’s now called My First Everything.
Basically the same story, just with a few things changed. (For example, no more losing your virginity in a public pool.)


I love how casually you just said that. Oh, Episode what have you become