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Does anyone know if we will get the new hairtyles from Love Life?
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Facial hair in limelight
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They better have updated Limelight with freckeles, and that beard.


So… I read one episode and that was enough for me.

I really liked the features! Check out the freckles, facial hair, tattoos (not sure if you can see them, but the character Zoe had some) and body hair. There were also some new hairstyles shown.

I personally found it a bit fast paced and all over the shop. I think we’ve already met 3-4 love interests? lol
There were THREE gem choices with a cost of 20 gems in just the first episode. THREE. One was an outfit but the other two were made to feel like they impacted the story (I’m sure they don’t). It gets me because the description makes it sound like your choices matter as “YOU call all the shots” but unless you have gems to spare, you really don’t. At least not so far.

Like every Episode original featured story recently (at least, it feels that way), it ends with a naked guy standing in front of the MC. Also side note/semi spoiler:

I’m not sure why the MC was so angry at the end that the guy wanted to sleep in HIS bed. She’s the one who should have left to go sleep on the couch IMO.


i dont even have this story yet -.-


I think it’s literally just started rolling out. You’ll probably get it soon :slight_smile:


And here I thought it would have been better. Hope it won’t turn into "In My Bed!!!"2.0


Thoughts? Well, other than the generic title and awesome facial tech, I’m not sure this story’s out yet on my device.

Edit: What’s next? High School? Quest? Gem Trap?


There was even a run_rear animation :eyes:
Plus loads of new hairstyles, tattoos and even new music.


So far, it seems better than In My Bed (that’s not saying much) and the characters at least seem over 18 and out of high school (I don’t think their ages are mentioned. They are drinking at a bar in New York though so I’d have to assume 21+ if it’s all legal lol).
But… I’m not interested enough to see what happens next. There was no sex in the first episode though so already it’s an improvement on IMB.




I kind of like it, but yeah it’s rather fast-paced.

BUT the episodes are actually decently long.

I’m only disappointed that there aren’t any female options. And having to use gems (did it anyway though) for this one scene involving “representation”. Like really Episode? I was so convinced Zoe was gonna be a love interest.

PLEASEEEE have them release the new styles, AND the music titles. The music was amazing!


Zoe isn’t a love interest? Since we got a choice between her and that other guy (whose name I’ve already forgotten), I assumed she would be?


I don’t think so. So far, the gem options were mostly pertaining Noah or Ethan (?).

Noah’s hot, at least and actually sweet (I do agree that the MC was the one who shoulda moved, not him lol, it’s the poor guy’s bedroom like ffs). I figured he’d be one of those “bad boy musicians” but his other job actually surprised me.

Other than that, yeah after Chapter 1 I dont’ think she IS a love interest… There is a third love interest shown though who’s pretty bangin’ too. But there isn’t a single established female so far. I don’t think there were any flirting options for Zoe either, which was another red flag lol.


Pls release the stubble and eyeshape styles AND HAIR TOO soon. They are stunnnnnning.


Oh it wasn’t a gem option. I think there was a choice to get to know Zoe or whats-his-name better. I chose the guy and Zoe walked away. It was free. I didn’t spend gems on it. I then got the chance to flirt with the guy lol but I assumed it would have been the same if you chose Zoe.
I didn’t read past episode one though.


I’ma replay if my battery gets charged, since unlimited passes.

I don’t have much basis to hate the story just yet. Thankfully there aren’t any bad-boy tropes, which is sad to commend for. I like the boss of the MC.

It’s too soon for me to REALLY give a solid review, but so far I liked the story kinda. Worth getting gems at least. I can’t do other Featured Stories at all, like just Mean Girls, Fake Love True Love, and that Back and Forth story too are enough for me (plus the Matchmaker and the Baby Project, the latter being way ehhh).

I think I’m more entranced on the new features and music used, fr. I have no idea how soon they’ll release it. I haven’t seen a single word anywhere on here about said updates. I wonder if certain music tracks are only exclusive on Episode featured stories though. Because there is this one tune I loved that played in Haute as Hell, but can’t find it and makes me depressed lol.

Plus the characters aren’t actually fugly too, another +1.


Well at least episode “tried” with this story unlike “…In my bed!!” It’s not that great though…still a boring old romance try something else episode!!:weary:
Better luck next time!


The outfit was free for me!


Do we have the same version? I never met Noah


so i checked Episode again and i got the story

.Ethan kinda looks like Justin Bieber and Sydney is the typical mean girl
.i love the new features and the clothes! OMFG u can see Noah’s butt lmfao.
.damn it was so predictable the Sydney was gonna be y/n roommate
.freaking gem choices ruin everything
.damn that development with Noah went pretty fast…
.also that development with the love triangle between Sydney, Ethan, and y/n…
.omfg what is up with one of the characters working with magazines, writing, assistants, editors, etc
.damn i kinda saw Ethan being the son of somebody famous/important