New featured story: Love Life

This is my first story in using this app, so I’m curious how these kinds of stories work, can ya’ll enlighten me?

So, I start off using no gems. That’s boring I start using Gems. I hate Ethan off the bat and never do anything with him. I get fired from my job (at the time I thought it was from choices I made, but I guess that happened to everyone?), I choose to work with Daniel (again, would people have ended up working for him even if they said no?), I go to the Gatsby party and meet Liam and all that stuff.

I go on dates and have sex with Noah, Austin, and Liam. Noah disappears then Austin disappears then there’s a wedding pre-party and everyone is there and Ethan tells me he’s in love with me and always has been. Super weird because, again, I barley know Ethan. I tell Isabel I want to pick Noah and she says “He’s not here so pick someone else” so then I pick Liam, we go on the farris wheel and talk about marriage.

Can someone explain to me how these stories work? How much do your choices impact your end-result? It seems like they don’t, really. Do gem choices make a difference? I was hoping that if you did your choices right, you could end up with Brandon (bartender) or something, but it doesn’t seem that way.

Thanks! This will help me in future decisions to spend gems or not.

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I’m going to be honest, as much as the app will push you to start with their Episode Original stories, they really aren’t the best examples of what the app has to offer.

Nevertheless, here’s a bit of a rundown:

  • Using gems doesn’t affect the storyline too much. You usually get bonus scenes for spending gems, but it only adds a few extra lines or you get to wear a special dress.
  • Not using gems will at times make the characters in the story tease or mock you because you’re wearing basic clothes or you chose an activity that is free. It kinda makes you feel guilty for not spending gems, but they get over it so don’t play into their guilting tactics.
  • End result during these kind of stories is usually a case of “which love interest do you want to end up with?” so choices don’t usually matter until the last episode.
  • Brandon the bar tender probably isn’t a love interest (though tbh I thought he was going to become one at one point), so no matter what choice you pick, if the author hasn’t intended for him to be a love interest, you won’t be able to end up with him


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Thanks! This is helpful.

I’ve started some user stories, I will probably finish iridescent. Any other you all recommend?

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Check out these threads for some user story suggestions:

(The last thread is about stories that have choices that matter, so if that was what you wanted when reading Love Life, you’ll find those types of stories there)

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Thank you! This helps a lot. Yes, choices actually mattering makes a difference! although it has been fun reading now and knowing the choices DON’T matter…I get to be a huge b**** and it doesn’t make a difference haha


Hahahaha, the one time in life you can pursue multiple love interests and not be held accountable or have to deal with jealousy is in an Episode featured story :wink:

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Speaking of multiple love interests:


Starting straight away to the cliffhanger from last chapter, Ethan LOVES me and it was barely a week until Liam came back, and there is a new bouquet prop , nice! So of course I choose between talking with either of them or break the awkward tension. Choosing the latter of course makes both guys a little disappointed but I charmed Liam back. Liam so wants MC to come to Belize with him, and this life altering decision is made. But then Ethan clarifies how he loves me, and is VERY aware how conveniently he realized this after all the other LIs are introduced, but now Ethan is Now All In. I made the choice of telling him that he strung MC and Sydney along, which honestly in real life I never thought about since he was the least priority. He is really pushing that MC is what his heart tells him, despite keeping the secret of the affair from him initially. Is he pulling the I might love you more than you me card? (Honestly this is my guilty pleasure of a trope but it’s kinda used disingenuously here). Point is he is 100% in love! Oh boy, kinda hard to say yes when I’m technically committed to another guy’s long term plan, I really don’t know they are both rich guys with hearts of gold. I ended up using the I need more time card, gah!

Anyways, back to girl things. Isabelle is back to normal, I think, teasing about the love drama. And she is super excited for the Perfect Bachelorette party MC would plan, and I assume rightly she wants it big and bold, quite literally as she wants it on Sunday Fun-day. She said it would be co-ed with Viper, kind of ruining the point of a bachelorette party but okay.

So next scene shows the gang and random people who know Viper and Isa planning said bash. We’re going to Coney Island, babes, complete with couple-themed rides at night. And okay, the actual party starts in an hour. Wow, is MC actually taking initiative and not screw up because of me? But actually, Zoe gives the grim reminder that Isa expects a dress code. Girls with new hairstyles agree. Seriously it would have been nice to have this reminder in the first place Episode! You’re admitting that one of the main characters is a party snob. Question, if she wanted to coordinate ideas for the party, why did she only tell Viper about her vision boards and not MC? So I guess the standard tiara and sash doesn’t apply?

Spoilers: they’re rompers and romphims and MC in a freaking flower crown. And that moment when a choice costs 20 and you just have 19? Sucking it like the cheapskate and in-game bummer I am, MC calls it off. Everyone in the room is upset, even the albino guy in the tuxedo of all things.

But hey, new backgrounds of the theme park is awesome. Isa was a bit salty on her disappointment (at this point, Isa, you could plan your own…), but she hopes highly of MC to coordinate the bridal party outfits. And like the Dating Game, three eligible bachelors stand quite beside MC including Austin for some reason. I guess through Ethan. Does anyone remember if Isa and Zoe have jobs? Anyways, make it four as Noah texts (or snaps?) MC thinking of her. I’ve actually almost choked, or whatever that gesture is. Quit reminding me of my convoluted pentagon!

Luckily, Isa pulled me aside of some much needed although short girl talk, and finally I get to see MC’s thoughts about each guy, excluding Noah. Something I honestly needed actually, along with that ‘Oh this is getting good’ animation. And surprisingly, MC had nothing bad enough to say about Austin, maybe because earlier I chose to mention how I was interested in Austin, but let’s avoid that. Isa meanwhile is strangely stressed from wedding planning, but essentially she gives the push on making my decision soon, delightfully reminding me that I don’t need to think about the long-term. I thought this implied that the end of Love Life would come, but no she was talking about as a date later tonight. So then I chose… Liam. I don’t know, I’m at a romance drought and I just want to find an oasis somewhere, even if it would be a mirage. Good thing there’s finally a nice subtle surprised emote.

Side-note, I was curious to know what happens if I chose Noah, would he actually be in the party, because either way choosing the others he would not be there!

Liam says sappy stuff about whatever I choose he’ll still like MC, and the Carnival Barker is wearing the same tux top as the albino fellow. But seriously, I need gems to use Lover’s Hour with Liam, I think it’s kinda a given. But no, we return to find the gang after choosing no. You know was though, Isa and Viper talking about wedding plans. Point is, they are going to elope with the rest to Las Vegas.

Stay tuned for the periodic release of my rambles! This being weirdly my longest yet.


Anyone curious to know what a romphim is, be my guest:

Just realised from this screenshot doesn’t actually show the extent of cleavage in this thing.


Your summaries are the reason I keep coming back to this thread (post? topic?). Anyway, I was kinda surprised you picked Liam because in the previous summaries you kept mentioning Austin :joy: .


I really don’t know, I guess in hindsight the narrative gave fewer (non-gem) opportunities with Austin in comparison with Liam. Maybe it was because MC didn’t have a negative thing about Austin, that she haven’t also spent enough time. Again, weird logic

I chose Noah at first, and Isa says “ok well Noah isn’t here, so pick someone else”. So then I picked Liam. Then Isa says “ok good, because he’s right behind you”, then I make a comment like “uh did you hear everything I said…” which Liam confirms he didn’t hear me pick noah first. I found this part kinda funny.


Liam came off a bit too strong in my opinion. The relationship between the MC and the him also just seemed a bit too rushed. I chose Austin in the end and his confession was so sweet and sincere, although I was kinda sad we didn’t get to spent as much time with him as with the other love interest.

Austin’s confession


Don’t worry, Austin is still number 1. Maybe if there is a final ultimate choice I will choose him!

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Isn’t Austin the one MC worked with at Love Life? I honestly didn’t even think he was a love interest for the longest time hahaha

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Hey now, the number of romantic scenes with him I could count with only one hand, but he was very dreamy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Mmmmk, but Liam arranged fireworks and got me jewelry, so… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I had to pay gems just to get Austin to help me get to the engagement party… If he was truly in love with me, he would have done all that for free…

Side note: I think I’ve spent the most gems on Love Life than any other story. Wow.


#TeamAustinForLife :heart_eyes: :laughing:


Before I begin, this episode recap is dedicated to both me still walking after two tests today as well as the recent upload of The K*ss List. This one is especially for Episode: please focus on creating harmless stories like this one. And please Listen! And now let’s go to Sin City!


This blurb, I may have said a little too soon, mentions that MC and Date would have a rendezvous in the Honeymoon Suite. But who cares, there is a Las Vegas opening scene and it looks amazing.

So, now apparently Sydney is a part of the festivities, including the beginning where the gang is in a private plane. One noticeable thing about this choice is that Zoe defended Sydney when I asked why she was there. Not to mention, TMI Isa just announce she and Viper joined the MHC. But more importantly, Isa is as usual hoping for the best bash when they land down. BTW, I just learnt the other friends’ names are Anjali, Brad, Lexi, Anders, Holly and Max. While MC and Liam are supposed to prep (ugh) the Honeymoon Suite, and quite noticeably Ethan and Austin had the same reactions as me. I don’t blame them: they have dove duty. And guess what Isa would be doing: sitting on her butt while Viper finds a band.
Seriously, why not just rush into those gaudy churches and find an Elvis impersonator to officiate the wedding? That’s how I think (sober) Las Vegas weddings work.
While MC is quiet, Isa also announces bridal party outfits, and Liam and Sydney look eager (I mean Zoe does the bite finger and then Sydney does it kind of eager). Oh, Isa, now you are aware that MC would be too busy for the wedding planning (not that I’ve seen MC at her job yet)?

Right at arriving, there is a scene where an old couple got pickpocketed at a magic sideshow, Marilyn Monroe breaking up a fight between Michael Jackson and a Power Ranger and the Statue of Liberty. Limo action, and then MC and Liam is checking out the suite. Right of the gate, the receptionist lady thought the two were the married couple, a harmless romantic trope.

But something is afoot, as Isa gets starstruck with this Ms La Croix checking in room 902, specifically Momo La Croix the fashion designer. Highly convenient that she designed Isa’s every dream wedding dress too. Her favourite, which may will be a gem choice, is this elegant princess look (of course). Honestly, I care more there is a group-hand animation.

Christ, when the two of us (Liam and MC) get to the room, there is actually a choice to not think about the consequences and start up to make-out mode. (I’ve chose for some reason). Luckily, Liam stopped it before … stuff happens. Pretty much the rest of the scene is the the two decorating, choosing when to do the banner, candles and message in sequence.

Afterwards, Zoe called to tell MC that she and the bridal party look like Little Bo Peeps. So now, I have to save the day again… since Isabelle is breaking down. Bridezilla, more like Bride-cano. Like it wasn’t a good idea to rush into a wedding. But have no fear, La Croix is in their hotel, and MC genuinely thinks she would immediately help the wedding. However, this is a gem choice so either way I wouldn’t go out to ask. But I’m kinda glad of this scene: MC calmed down Isa and reminded her how much Viper loves her.
And I was right: the whole wedding is at a wedding chapel. And Isa is grateful! And there IS an Elvis Impersonator!!! (Episode stop being cliche!!!, God I seriously don’t know what I want (jk)) He has a sparkly suit and chest hair too.
Okay, a good thing about this ep is that MC can choose whether to keep dating Liam or date another. Though the only ‘yes’ option says that I’m ‘Crazy’ for him, so… It would have been awkward too if I said no since he was behind MC. So then, wedding happens, Isa and Viper are lovey dovey, Elvis is impersonating-

And I chimed in Well, rather like a GODDAMN DOOR Noah interrupts wedding to confess he loves MC.

Random fact: Isabelle grew up in Chicago. Really, I don’t know, this is cliche, but it is the cliche Episode should wade itself in: Rom-com/drama stuff, not much more college/high school for a while please and thank you/