New featured story: Love Life


I now realised that I’m the only user who’s stubborn enough to recount this story.

The blurb promises that my first day in Kingpin would have the ‘juiciest adventure’.

Dream sequence that Noah didn’t left, mirror (deliberately?) had characters in wrong place, anyways that’s not how mirrors work!

And Austin is back!!! Waking me up for some reason, and apparently Noah had broken her heart. Not to mention Austin is (rightfully) pissed I took the job with Kingpin. “Because Daniel’s EVIL!” But now (maybe because of my choices) I say Ellen’s evil. Obviously there’s more to Daniel’s backstory as seen as last time. But Austin dude, if you want me to know, TELL ME! (Now I think about it, did Zoe and Isa just let him in?). Now it’s a war between the magazines. And officially I’m mad at myself: Noah this, Noah that.

Anyways, me and the girls get picked up by Daniel and his limo to a surprise location (already then). Jesus Christ, Daniel unexpectedly has such a high regard of my team and me (well, higher than Sydney) sharing champagne and stuff. Now Sydney is a definition of a grudge. No matter, we’re going to the Hamptons. Something about a reclusive, mysterious party host named Gatsby, who disguises himself every party. The epitome of a Kingpin man Daniel says, and I have to expose him(Looking closer to Daniel’s face the beard looks weird penciled in). I get getting to be the strong-woman of Love Life, but for Kingpin? Something’s odd… And I’m not just talking about Daniel’s 4.5M dollar beach house. Anyways it’s a 1920s themed party.

Sydney threatens that I’ll be fired if I don’t dress great for the shindig. This great dress is a stunning pearl pale pick flapper outfit (gems again!). The new hairstyles frickin’ SLAY at the party, plus we bump into a guy in a blue tux and an undercut (wonder who’s he? ) Spoilers: He ain’t Gatsby . Viper suggests to look into the wait staff for Gatsby. (#2 at cricket) Playboy, charitable people under 25, 3b year coma from sky diving, that’s the gist of what we get to know. Anyways Gatsby eventually passes a note to MC to meet him in the balcony, and boy he has heterochromatic eyes I think. And of course, I’m the only person (i.e. reporter) who seems real. It looks like MC gonna be a flirt, we just kissed not even seconds later. And I need gems again to spend a night with him (for business AND pleasure, wink wink), so decline.

What’s nice that MC instead would spend a few more minutes with him. Instead, both of us discover Daniel doing the do (well, starting to) with Sydney. And Gatsby is frickin’ Liam, Daniel and Ellen’s kid!

Thank god, Ethan isn’t here. That would mean I would involved estranged rich kid, estranged ex-co-worker, estranged bad boy rockstar, weird one-minute blue tux guy AND a cheatee!


I enjoy your recaps :slightly_smiling_face: I haven’t read the latest because I have to reread the one before and I don’t want to :unamused:


Thanks! Not sure on the number of other people who are also reading this, but I’m gonna be the recap-er for anyone mildly interested!


I’m reading them! It’s much better than actually reading the story myself :rofl:


Aw, thanks :hugs:


At this point I am just reading this story to criticise, ask aloud WHAT THE F***?!? as many times as necessary, and earn some gems, in case a decent featured story comes out (pfff, as if! But a girl can dream, can she not?). No doubt I hate MC, the plot is dumb, and characters just flirt and act without thinking. The only one I kind of tolerate is Austin but MC gives -7 f**ks about him. She is all about Naked Beard Guy and I cannot stand that, but oh well, what can you do about it? Even friendships are rushed here. Oh, and now there are FOUR love interests? Great. Another guy I have just met and
instantly developed a senseless crush on -rolls eyes-

P.S: Congratulations to Sydney and Daniel, though. Now we know how Sydney really (may have) got the job! And since it is confirmed that Daniel and her are a pair of very close “co-workers”, they can definitely step on me, toGEtheR.


Hey guys, here’s Ep Nine.
Excuse me for interchangeably writing MC, me and us. Remember this is for ranting/recapping.


Part Nine’s title is literally Damn, Daniel. I dig it honestly.

Anyways, Sydney’s hair looks pretty down. We are all starting right where the last episode ended. Sydney somehow didn’t know Daniel’s a dad, not judging though. Surprise, surprise that Daniel is a complete womaniser, and it’s a little weird that he needed to clarify that Sydney’s an adult. Sydney meanwhile REALLY doesn’t want this affair to be known to Ethan, Liam doesn’t want to be near his dad, and Daniel really has been out of a loop, since he just found out Liam is Gatsby (he’s very excited though).

The rest of the squad (and Viper) comes in soon enough (avoiding the logistics and location of them to have initially heard screaming), Viper says something wise and New-age or something. Liam rightfully kicks Daniel out the house, but of course Daniel only cares about Gatsby. And of course, Liam doesn’t trust us since we work his dad. Wow, I wonder who the antagonist would be…

And fast forward to us (with the gang) at a beach in the Hamptons, with Isabella and Viper being sickeningly adorable. MC from the night focuses on Sydney with Daniel, which Viper replies on being ‘trapped’ or something and that the aftermath ‘forces someone else to make the decision’. ‘Kay Viper I get it, you’re growing on me, but you’re pro-cheating. There was a quick cut to Zoe afterwards. Talking about Liam, he’s apparently Harry Styles and Ryan Gosling’s protective, loving child (She ships GoStyles, guys!). And now MC considers the possibility Daniel is the bad guy (shocker). By the way, Isa insightfully points out the similarities with Ellen’s ‘backstory’.

Sydney now comes, and is surprisingly remorseful and guilty, and Viper hugs her. I chose to be optimistic and supportive of her, but Syd is really scared if she tells both from Ethan and his mom (the boss of their magazines). She’s also accepted she screwed (ha?) up and takes responsibility, so I shouldn’t tell anyone until then. Then suddenly, Ethan comes!!!

Ethan being the loving boyfriend he is wanted to be with her after he seen photos of the party, and of course he hadn’t slept since then. And guess what (it involves kneeling and a ring). But MC the nice, naive (I chose it as such) woman she is, she doesn’t interrupt the proposal. And I love Viper is going through the motions, while the girls are more self-aware on the bull (named Sydney Eleanor Von Trapp apparently) who f**king said Yes, are you ji=oking Sydney, you promised!!!

And guess who comes next, the Great Gatsby himself, apologising for his behaviour last night. Liam confirms that Daniel had hurt him and Ellen before since he at least was six, but he forgives us. Daniel really is shown sleazy. MC meanwhile reprimands herself for falling for his lies (I on the other hand at the time was salty for Ellen firing me, but details…) But the point is Liam is not going to be Gatsby anymore (so no more charity balls?) , and he’s willing to share his story with MC. Isa then invited Liam to the engagement party later tonight, while Viper has a frickin’ jet for us while the others take a bus. With me choosing no, I’m going with them. The cab to pick us up is advertising Kingpin (nice overlay).

Skip forward to tonight for the shindig. “…You need to focus on that DREAM of a babe Liam”. Isa, I know the story is pulling me up and down, but I wanted a babe Austin, ‘kay. But that’s okay, when you’re salty you can be surprisingly savage. “To the world’s most unconvincing illusion of pre-marital bliss” HAH! And Daniel has the gall to come to the party as well, boss or otherwise. Brandon makes a weak, brief cameo. MC and I really don’t want this engagement to fulfil. Liam is a comforting soul. Sydney then cracks under the pressure and puts the truth-telling on me (Thanks, bich).

On the bright side, Rockabilly girlfriend is here.


While the new features are pretty awesome, the story itself is pretty generic. It’s not as bad as It Starts With A Bra or In My Bed, but then again, it’s not a masterpiece either. There doesn’t seem to be anything really intriguing about the plot.


Coming here after watching a playthrough:

If I chose to tell Ethan at the beach, of course Ethan in the chapter gets to be an LI again. He’s surprisingly dismissive of Sydney after them being childhood sweethearts and all. He was acting desperate to getting over her that night. It got up to the point Liam had to punch him when he was about to get ‘handsy’


One very important thing to note on the latest episode:


Jesus, I love her hair. It’s like the closest thing my own actual hair!


@ParkLow_G is that all for your episode 10 recap? :pleading_face:


Of course not. I just wanted to vary my ‘content’ a little. Here’s the real thing though:


This time this episode’s about the Lee (as in Liam).

We quickly start with Ethan, Liam and MC assumedly the next morning talking about last night. Ethan kinda letting himself down for not seeing the Sydney situation sooner. Liam gave a little, yet good, advice about finding the right person instead of forcing a relationship to work. Of course he was indirectly talking to MC but still- Ethan supports US (MC and Lee together). Besides, with all of this dilemma MC is sure she’s out of a job (on the first assignment no less AGAIN!). Speaking of the devil, Liam adds on on how much he was a cheat at work, stealing credit from Ellen and possibly me if I continued. Again, of course MC is a little peeved she never had her website from Kingpin.

Liam’s like nah, you’re good on ya own, and I think it is the first mention of MC’s writing pre-story. He’s determined to make Daniel pay. And we’re doing that by officially unmasking Gatsby, and going through a ‘day in his life’ surprise surprise. We first start things off with a secret door in a deli (and I’m not kidding) to a speakeasy. Every New York-based tv show always seem have a speakeasy in there, how common is this!! Liam apparently had his first Gatsby party at this joint five years back. And really it’s pretty much more ‘bachelor appeal, extravagant party planner, etc’ braggery. Boy even had my face on one of those digital billboard things in Times Square.

Okay, for some reason the props and overlays look a little unpolished (i.e the vending machine and the disco ball) but a nice atmosphere was made in the speakeasy. And I keep noticing MC doing that sly, coy biting the finger animation. And pretty much new fashion is amazing!

(Sigh) This is something I’m gonna regret in the long term, but I know that Liam is now the ultimate It Boy, perfect guy - so I made MC kiss him. And he is now being forward as in wanting to take a romantic bath with him before media catches up with him. Luckily (eh) though, without the gem choice we are just going on another surprise date. It’s going to be at the Museum of Natural History, and once again Liam is talking about his dad. (I’m am so going to regret this right?). But HS, there’s a pretty lady in an awesome bob!

But of course, Damn Daniel came in then fricking cliffhanger.

(Side Notes: I finally figured out about the wonky reflection in MC’s mirror - the mirror is angled facing the left, when the plane of reflection is instead facing right. Fix one of those if it helps Episode Team.
Episode also really loves the Wavy Side Long hairdo, I’ve already seen it on like 3 female backgrounders already.)


I noticed this too. I don’t like the animation and homegirl does it every third line!

Hahaha! Same :joy: Even if it wasn’t a gem choice, I would have still turned him down. EW.

Thanks for your summary :smile:


I know this is all I post in this thread, but… Austin, come save me! You were the only tolerable LI! Seriously, I keep reading to see whether he will be a possible final choice or Episode will pull another The Baby Project and force MC into a relationship with no chemistry whatsoever.

Oh, and that animation is driving me insane. Why would someone bite their finger while flirting? I would do that for the purpose of creeping out “persistent” guys at a night club! Gatsby/Liam should have punched MC square in the eye.


Dude, lol. I mean that animation was good the first two times, but there are other ways to look pleased.


You’re welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do you know the name of the music from the start? I’d love to use it for my story.


There’s new music in Love Life that hasn’t been released. I don’t remember the opening music but I’m guessing it’s one of those tracks.


Ah ok thank uuuu


Disclaimer: Reason why I didn’t come up with a recap earlier was with the proposal gem scene, it felt different than the other gem choices, like feeling the pressure. So I had to consult with the latest DJPlaysGames video to confirm some suspicions, thus some of these points come up from the video.


First of all, I love the establishing shot of the partygoers outside the museum!

And of course Daniel wouldn’t let a fast one get past him, that we wouldn’t get anywhere without Kingpin and the brand. (Wow, it sounds so villainous…)

Goddammit why are the clothing here so cool, it’s almost always a Featured story’s highlight. Plus there’s another lady with an awesome do, like a lengthy version of the Shaved side hairstyle (I don’t know what to call it). Maybe the new hooded eyes as well? Her name’s Kendall, and of course she’s gonna cause a DRIFT with Liam and I, as she first already knows him. Roommates or best friends back at NYU. But IDK Kendall is high-key implying there is something more, or she really sees him as the BEST friend. But of course they’re just ‘business partners’ who both worked for Gatsby’s parties. She even called him BOO for Christmas’ sake.

She left, then we meet the gang. Apparently Zoe broke up with Stevie (shocker!) but she says she’s into someone else now. And oh my god, there’s even a ‘hold-in-pee’ stance. Speaking of Isa, she really stole Viper’s heart (coming from a weird anecdote about nail art and reality shows…), but the point is we’re going to have another ring-kneeling (I low-key want to make it a thing now). Zoe and MC are supposed to knock her socks off with the best proposal yet, and of course it’s gonna be a dealbreaker in the long run, like Maid of Honour breaker. It’s another Gem Trap everyone. (DJ) If you don’t decide to volunteer, Isa would outright say no for the boring proposal, and MC can either run after her or give her space. Assumedly, either way Daniel peers his ugly head to insinuate to MC that Liam and Kendall are dating, the playboy life and Belize and stuff. Liam is shown to have touched the lady’s face. Of course, Liam later gets to explain about their (w/ Kendall) inside joke about Kendall’s choices in men or something. Point is, it is a refreshingly close and trusting friendship but nothing beyond that. And having a wildlife foundation in Belize (seriously how rich is this guy?) Anyways, Liam wants me (yay!?!), only MC. To juggle his new initiative with MC, Liam has first class tickets for us to visit.

The setting was especially nice, the classic fireworks in the night sky full of emotion scene. The prelude to the explanation, promising to MC he can and will make the relationship work. For only 20 gems, again! Looking through DJ’s play through, of course Liam’s very appreciative, and he shows us his house (the already-available Coastal shack background Episode provide, but he didn’t say it was fancy). The best part is MC’s own bougie home office for when she visits, and a complementary bougie diamond necklace. Like with Noah, MC decides how far the make-out goes.

But finally the official reveal is coming, and both are excited. Well, MC more nervous since she’s the one going to announce the identity. Then suddenly, the chandelier starts to fall on her. Kidding, it could be the huge blue whale display. No, no, the huge whale here is Daniel Davis here interrupting the session by saying he’s Gatsby. (Or No one expects the Daniel Davis-ition!)