New featured story: Love Life


When I use my model in my story as the author, I wanted to use the hairstyle I gave myself in LL, which is the long feathered style with straight bangs.

Just wondering if anyone knows if we will get those options too, or will they be exclusive to LL?



So Chapter 4 is the latest episode, and already like Ethan is the son of the head of the magazine company MC works at, and MC or Ethan never mentioned anything about their jobs when they hung out? For Real? (Excuse my rambling)

And I just realised Sydney herself could have been some sort of protagonist. Think about it: she has the personality and sass, she’s working in a male-dominated/oriented magazine, and she’s dealing with the drama on her boyfriend potentially cheating on her with a new girl.

I bet both Ellen and Daniel the rival bosses would end up together by the end of this. And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen swearing with percent signs and hashtags. Also of course, I need gem choices to work competently in my job.

Austin’s so bae too. Isabelle thinks so too, but to recover from her break-up she wants someone to hook-up and quote wants me to “kiss as many guys until I find my prince”. Are you sure not frogs? And apparently, despite having roommates and friends, Noah never invited them to his gigs except MC this time (ugh). Not to mention Zoe’s girlfriend is a frickin’ rockabilly. There is a DJ with a Sia look. Noah’s supposed to be a bad boy yet wears the palest purple shirt I’ve ever seen, and he is singing about me being his silk-sheets queen, yet he’s afraid of commitment when I chose to make him lead our kiss in the end.


I don’t get it. In an earlier entry, there were screenshots of the cast telling a scary story. When is that scene?


Was that from a gem choice? The “girls’ night” maybe?


That seems most likely yeah. It looked really fun


“I can’t do this!” Then why let me kiss you,idiot.




Hey all
say on instagram that there was a new character with facial hair in limelight… but can’t seem to find him, or the possibility of making a character with facial hair…
anyone who can explain it to me?


The new features for Limelight have not been released yet. But the story you’re thinking about is Love Life.


Oh okay, do you know when the release is due?


Sadly, no.


And then Episode 5 was released. Get ready for another ramble!

What's going on?

So I’m left off from last time, me and the girls plan to go home - when suddenly Noah reaches out to me with a rose. I liked that the convo choices were three completely different ones. There was also a gem choice to stay with him in a music studio to work on the song he wrote about me. Costing 20 gems (again), I declined.

Anyways, next day Ellen the boss says we need to transform Love Life in 2 weeks, Austin work on layout and Me being the ‘Heart and Soul’ of the schtick, which basically means that I’m writing my first article. Ellen DEMANDS (in lack of a better word) it will be about a whirlwind romance that I’ll publish as a series. Really getting The Bold Type vibes. Speaking of which, I asked Austin out on a date and Ellen is surprising supportive and encouraging of this, despite previous plot lines I know that are like discouraging of office romances.
Admittedly, she is different to say the fashion designer from Clueless, which I think is a bit of a relief. Then again, her magazine is on the line, and she may be desperate? She did say this would be ‘the most important date’ of my life after all. :no_mouth:
Now I think about it how would have the branches for Noah and Ethan, is he still dating Sydney?

And already at the date me and Austin are singing a karaoke duet, and I chose to kiss Austin in front of the crowd to get them hyped. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: God, I love him. He must like me a lot too, since in the end he asked me to stay the night! and cliffhanger…

Overall, calling this story a breath of fresh air is sadly pushing it. But it is so far relatively harmless compared to the recent stuff Episode is releasing. The chapters however feel short since I don’t use gem choices, but it still has the New-York-style rom-com feel to it.


Remember me previously stating this Episode is barely a breath of fresh air, Ep 6 freakin’ winded me.

What's going on?

Having Austin, super nice. However, a gem choice is needed to actually spend the night (and do my job right!) and I’ve actually used 20 gems on the finale of Back and Forth, so…

Ellen fired me! I’m not sure if a time-skip happened, but it felt a bit too fast to distrust me on working up to her standards - no matter how Love Life ‘depended’ on me. I initially wanted to write about my adventures and drama in New York so far, but no, my first instalment was gonna be about a single date…

So surprisingly, Ethan and I still hang with each other, in the presence of the gang but still. He’ the one who suggested going to this KingPin party even though we’re not on the list. It was depicted to be really wild, as much as Episode can depicted as such. Isabelle and Zoe almost immediately founded strangers to ‘hang’ with (one a male model with the most luxuriously long hair ever), so I was left with deciding between Ethan, Noah or being with myself for the night. For some reason, I chose Noah, and he left me to ‘get some water’ for me after we kissed. (why did I suspect nothing more?)

And plot twist: Daniel came to me and we conversed about my recent firing (barf), and he revealed how he and Ellen used to be together (:smirk:) but they had A KID!!! named Liam. The name was highlighted so I would assume that I met him before, but I already forgotten such a person if I met him before…

The whole point is that Daniel wants to hire me instead for KingPin.

There was something I love-hated, which was this play-by-play choice making throughout the chapter - deciding how far to take it with Austin before the gem choice, attempting to persuade Ellen on a second chance, my shenanigans in the party (especially who I ‘hung out’ with), the works. In a way, I appreciate having more control of the narrative, but somehow it got a bit tedious in the end. Besides, why did MC suddenly forget about Austin?


I actually gave this story a chance and besides the tedious gem choices it’s a great story. For once an episode original is Gabriella approved.


Why do the limelight background characters glide instead of walk? It looks really weird and awkward. Could this be a directing error?


Sometimes it’s just from tapping too fast


Apparently, the most recent episode 7, no matter what I choose I will be working for KingPin, but for this separate online branch or something. Well, looks like the title needs to be changed :smile:. Seriously though, I chosen no, and MC’s mom reprimanded me, wanting me to get this high pay job. At least Episode Mom exists!
Sunday Fun-day still exists, and I have to help organise it during the hot, humid day. And weirdly, Noah greeted me first, nicely, in the morning. Not to mention, everyone else is rooting I took the job, so it’s going to be positive after all? Are we forgetting the feud for Crocs’ sake, my loyalty with Love Life regardless?! And because of gems, everyone’s disappointed I made them hang out in the bar.
Zoe and Isabelle might also going to work for me for the magazine, which to say what jobs did they have before? And Long Hair Boy’s name is Viper. Bow animation and hippie outlook on fleek, and he’s like an investor for the Spot!
And goddammit, I’m not sure because I chose Noah-centric choices in here or what, but the Episode really wants me to point out Noah as LI. We made a custom cocktail and everything, I named it Hades’ Sweat!
Not to mention, Ethan and I finally talked alone, he apologising for Wolf Media and he being jealous and stuff. Of course I forgave him, and apparently Sydney and him are childhood sweethearts, dealing with each other’s shit. He seems really conflicted though between MC and Sydney. Man, if only I see that later, Sydney being supportive I mean.
And of course there would be a (gem-cost) double date with Noah, Isabelle and Viper to a frickin’ hotel party. But instead, me and Noah made out (if the coded heavens want me so), and Noah confessed he’s falling for MC.
Are we seriously forgetting Austin?! I wanna know!
But yay(?), one of his bandmates literally barges in and announces they going on tour! So there’s a chance?


Wow! Well, I traded in Love Life for King Pin straight away, so I never saw MC’s mum


I’m sorry, but stories where YOU make the shots are just awful.
They’re fast-paced, always require diamonds too early, and once again, are unrealistic with both the plots and the character behaviors. Then again, nothing is as bad as It Starts with a Bra and … In my Bed!!! They were horrifically bad.

I only read these kinds of stories so that I can use the diamonds for the good ones.


Seriously? Not even a ‘congrats honey’?