New featured story : The New Us

I looked on episode today and saw a new story!

By: Cher
“Brooke’s always been the other face in the crowd. She and her friends decide to make the rest of their years in collage memorable ones!”
In the opening of the first episode, there is full CC (except your hair style, which is locked as a ponytail)
You can also choose your LI gender and fully customize them.
Does anyone else have it? Has anyone else read it?
What do you think of the story so far?
Share your thoughts!

There’s a topic already made here.

Ah, my bad. I tried to see if anyone had already made a topic, but since the title of that one is wrong I didn’t see it :grimacing:
@Sydney_H you can close this I guess.


No biggie. Since it’s they are beta testing the story. The title is different for some people.

Closed by OP request :smiley: