NEW FEATURES: Device Guide, Character Generator Update


I still don’t have it either, it’s slowly rolling out to everyone I think or it coming up in the next weeks.


Oh okay I just want to new update already I’m loving it every time I see it on Instagram


I still don’t have the new update :frowning:


I just thought I’d let you know a minor annoying thing with the character generator “correct to” bit.

All my background characters are worded like SCHOOL1, SCHOOL2, SCHOOL3, SCHOOL4
So if I miss a number and write SCHOOL by mistake and correct it to SCHOOL2 it changes all
the other times I’ve written the word school, even if I already included the number on the end.
So it ends up like SCHOOL21, SCHOOL22, SCHOOL23, SCHOOL24


Can I just add… This is sooo cool, it’s soooo much easier to create a character, tysm episode :two_hearts:


Love it!!!


Hey, when will we get to use LL when we write the stories within th App?




Finally something in classic!! :drooling_face: