NEW FEATURES- tattoo's freckles, beauty marks ect

EPISODE WRITING PORTAL: permanent tattoos and body features on characters

I was thinking, shouldn’t like episode try to put things like

Beauty marks

In the customization area of the characters instead of the outfit sections? This is so that we don’t always have to put on tattoos on a person every time we make an outfit, especially if the outfit needs to be worn on someone else but they have different tattoo’s. And honestly, I don’t want to make a copy of the outfit just so that different char with different tattoo’s can have the same outfit, I think its a lot of unnecessary work. Plus, I sometimes forget to add tattoo’s, beauty marks and freckles, so now I have to go back and fix it, and its just a lot of extra work for no reason.

What do ya’ll think? Please reply with support, and like this thread if you agree or would like this option to be given


Feature + Art Suggestions

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thank you! :heart:

i agree, i constanly get annoyed with having to add extra features to every outfit


I believe this is already a thread. You should go find that one and support it. Also this is not the proper way to set it out.

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thank you.

@Sydney_H close or delete thread please

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