New Features to the Mobile App!

What are some features you think should be added to the mobile app?

For me, I believe there should be a feature where we we can save our previously customized character instead of having to customize the character every new story we read.


The problem with this is some stories offer different customizations than others. For example, in a story where the main character is a vampire only mouths with vampire teeth are available while other stories may not allow this.

Also some people don’t allow customizations because the way the character looks is key to the story. It can be a pain, but I think that’s why this hasn’t been done.


I’d like to add that some authors have limited customizations, for example they don’t let you change the skin color to match overlays or the eye color, cause it’s significant for the story plot


Exactly! At this point I just keep my character at the default the writer chose…it makes me feel closer to the character to read the story the way the author intended.

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