New forums (For some dumb reason the title has to be at least 15 characters long, ugh)


This new forums is so bright. Wow. At first I was so confused how to use it. The format has really changed. It’s gonna take me a while to get used to this.


Hi! That’s strange about the title, I’ll look into that. Could you also detail what the topic and purpose of this thread is? Currently it’s a little unclear :slight_smile: Cheers :v:t2:


I thought I was the only one who thought that!
Every time I go on here, I have to blink because I’m not used to the brightness of these forums.


Oh ho ho, don’t even get me started.
I feel like I’ve been thrust into the sunshine, and I’m almost tempted to grab my shades. I almost expect some man dressed as a bunny with an annoyingly patronizing voice to bounce up and tell me that all my dreams will come true.
In my mind, I punch that guy in the mouth, and say “You’re right, one just did.”
In my dreams, I then switch all the rainbows and sunshine off, toss the Game of Thrones box set at all the little kiddies, and crawl back under my rock where it’s cozy and warm. Kinda like a hobbit hole.

But hey, one can dream, right?


I actually adblocked the Episode logo that’s at the top of the webpage here. Makes it run a tiny bit faster and also is wayyy less annoying. But oh god the brightness- I had trouble getting used to the black and white forums when we switched from blue->black, and this is just wayyyy too much. I get they’re trying to make it cutesy, which seems to be the aesthetic Episode’s switched to, but this is wayyyy too much.


my eyes


I actually like how bright the forums are :sweat_smile:



I agree! Within minutes my eyes start to hurt. However, I do believe that the staff is working on a night mode and I can’t wait for them to release it.


Hopefully they will release a dark version of forums. It’s so bright. MY EYES! AHHHH.


This will take a while to get used to… :weary::weary:


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: