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Updated May 1st 2021
Hello there! First I want to say welcome on behalf of everyone on forums! It is great that you decided to join the community and we are all happy you are here!

What is this?
This is just a little thread of some things that new forums members might need to know to use forums in the community. It is just the basics but it will cover a lot of things and commonly asked questions!

**Forums Abbreviations**

There are a lot of forums members who have been using forums and episode for years and they might abbreviate a few things and you might not know what it means. These are the most commonly used abbreviations that you should know the meaning of.
MC- Main Character
LI - Love Interest
CC - Character Customization
R4R or r4r- Read for Read
Bump- When you see bump on a thread it means just saying something so the topic doesnโ€™t close and to keep it relevant
PM- Private Message
WIP - Work in progress

**Episode Styles**

Classic, Ink, Spotlight, and Limelight Story Styling:
There are three different versions to write your stories in and everyone has their own preferences on which is better but here are what the three are and look like:
Classic Classic is pretty basic stick figure looking characters, it is rarely used ever if it is a all and you wonโ€™t see a ton of stories in Classic.
Ink Ink is very loved in the episode community, it is like a cartoon version of your characters and has been around for over 5 years. A lot of stories will start out in ink format then will be revamped to limelight because some people would rather read ink and others would read limelight. Episode has said that they will no longer update/ give new clothing for ink so everything we have as of now is what we are getting.
Spotlight as seen spotlight version is basically limelight but with no real animations/coding. Spotlight is only your characters being half body and they donโ€™t do any animations like, walking or being in certain spots and places. I have never seen a story in spotlight personally but some episode featured stories tend to be in spotlight format.
Limelight limelight is the newest format that has been around for only a few years. It is the most realistic out of all of them and is used all of the time. Limelight is the only only version that currently gets updated.


I said updates a few times in the last category and should probably explain what it is. Updates are when the episode team comes out with some new clothing, animations, props, and backgrounds for limelight only! Updates come every Thursday and the last update of each month will be a plus sized update with only 1 or 2 things for the generic females. Every Thursday a new thread that starts with either [Limelight], [Music], [Backgrounds], or [Props] will be created by @Liz or more realistically @Melani3 and it will be the official thread announcing the new update. On update days artist will be able to make edits with the new updated items and they might be selected to be featured on Episodes official Instagram. If you want your edit to be chosen make sure that you write with it โ€œyou have permission to useโ€ giving episode the legal ability to use it. Then next day Melanie will respond back in the same chat with a link that will direct you to the Instagram link and if your edit gets featured they will use your forums username with it.

**Art Shops**

Forums is used to share stories, chat with other authors or artist or readers, promote your story, and make,share, and request art. There are a lot of art shop threads which is a place where you can request a cover for your story, art scene, splashes (into and outro scenes), custom poses, etc.
To request from an art shop you need to make sure to read their rules, what they can and canโ€™t do, their examples, how to credit, and availability. These are the most important things to pay attention to while requesting because in the rules part their might be a password and you must! use the password in your request or they will know you havenโ€™t looked at the rules and wonโ€™t accept your request until you do or might not take your request. You need to look at what they can and canโ€™t do so you donโ€™t request things they canโ€™t do. You need to look at the examples so you know what kind of art you do and if itโ€™s the kind you want. You also need to look at how you should credit for their art of comment how you should credit because on forums and episode CREDITING IS A MUST! I can not express this enough all artist want to be credited on their work unless said otherwise! The last thing you should look at is their availability, some art shops get extremely busy and packed with request and have up to maybe 10 spots filled. If you want your art done fast then I would not recommend requesting from a busy shop. Artist take time on each request and not everything is going to take a day or even 2 days some request take a week or weeks so you need to be patient for them and not ask the day after โ€œare you done with my requestโ€

**Outfit Shops**

Outfit shops are the same as Art shops but instead of art they create clothing for characters if you need help. Some people do want credit but others donโ€™t do make sure you ask if credit is required or read it in the rules


On every art shop there will be one common rule that would probably be bolder and that is No Thread Hooping! Thread hopping is requesting a request on one art shop or one person and requesting the same at another shop. Itโ€™s disrespectful to the artist that is making your request to just get it from someone else. If you do thread hop there is no doubt that people will tell the artist. When it comes to thread hopping artist will stick together even if they arenโ€™t from the same art shop. Thread Hopping is a huge No!


Some art shops might be be โ€œCommisionedโ€ Commission art is paid art. They will have some examples and tell you what the prices are. They usually pay through PayPal. It is up to the artist on how much they charge Episode Does Not control commissions. If you are thinking about becoming a commission artist then you can not use episode assets like their clothing or characters (ink, limelight) as your art. You can not sell episode assets at all. You would have to create your own art style for commission.


Moderators on Forums are here to help us! As said earlier Liz and Melanie are only here for the updates they donโ€™t control threads or people on forums. Here are the forums moderators:

sorry for the tags :shushing_face:

@Sydney_H, Sydney is here to place each thread in the right topic and to close threads in general
To Close any thread @ them and they will close it when they can. All threads and post you make will automatically close after 30 days that is what bump is for (under abbreviations)

**Read for Read (R4R)**

Read for reads are very common on forums. It is for promoting your stories and getting reads on them. Some people have read for read threads and what it is basically is where you and the person your doing it with share your stories with each other and agree with how many chapters you two will read of each other stories. They will read that many chapters of your story or more if they like it and you will need to read that many of their story you must screenshot in their story as proof not doing your read during a read for read is extremely rude and untrustworthy and some people might now want to do reads with you anymore if you donโ€™t.

Topic placement categories
When making a new thread you wonโ€™t be able to write anything until you put it under a topic. Topics are used to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for there are 18 topics,

creators corner
This is used for script errors and getting help

Art resources
Art resources is for arts hops and requesting art in general

Directing help and tips
This is for script help and and directing advise

Share feedback
This category is for pitching stories and and making a review thread and finding people to review your story

Find a writing partner
This one is for finding someone to co write or co direct your story with you

This one is for just talking with the community and what you are currently reading

Feature-art and animations
This catagory is for requesting different things be added to limelight like slippers or a certain hairstyle

Feature-Writing portal
This topic is for requesting changes to the writing portals where we write the story

Feature-Mobile app
This is for requesting changes for the episode app that goes on phone, computer, tablet, etc.

Feature - Miscellaneous
This one is for any other feature request

Report a bug
This one is if there is a glitch on the app

Writers portal bug
This is where you report a glitch on the writers portal

Forums games
This is where games would go like fashion games and etc.

Episode fan community
This is where anything episode related

**Credit and Respect**

I know I already bolded this but I just want to say it again! Credit is super important! When crediting in your story you do it either do it in reader message or in a narrator/speech bubble. Again it is a must!
Forums is a place for all no matter your ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, and etc. Itโ€™s a place for everyone and everyone should show respect and kindness towards everyone!

**Cover Contest (CC)**

Many episode writers hold cover contests, this means that they will create a topic with all the story details, these include

  • character details
  • the story plot
  • the genre
  • the style of the story (classic, ink or limelight)
  • the title
  • the deadline for the cover entries
  • and the prizes for the winners.
  • they might sometimes ask for Intros and Outros too! (These are called splashes)
    If you get tagged in a CC you donโ€™t have to join at all! When you make episode art, you may get tagged in the topic in case you are interested. CCโ€™s can be really fun to do! And it is always good to practice drawing with other characters (coming from an artistic point of view)
    Most CCโ€™s will make sure all entries are used in their storyโ€™s as fan art, or closing art at least one so no ones effort goes to waste. and this is a good thing to ask, before entering, to make sure your art will be used, even if you donโ€™t win position of small cover, large cover or splashes.
    Also, when entering a CC or hosting one, make sure that the story will be published! Otherwise lots of work will go to waste. You can ask the host how many episodes are written to be sure! Some stories may already be posted.
**Cover Contest General Rules**
  • When joining, it is important that your entries are original, they cannot be stolen from anyone else, as this is plagiarism. Do not steal other peopleโ€™s work and then enter claiming the art to be yours.
  • the holder of the contest will have their own rules above, and here you can usually find a password that they will be expecting you to put with your entry! Donโ€™t forget this as it proves you read their rules.
  • due to episode guidelines, cover art cannot be overly sexualised, or graphic. And no guns!
**Hosting your own Cover Contest**
  • give clear details, the genre, a title, Deadline
  • make sure to note what you need! (Large cover, small cover, splashes, Or all!)
  • make your own personal rules for people to follow to make the thread orderly (be sensible here!)
  • a week or so before the deadline, tag all that entered or said they will and ask whether anyone needs an extension on the deadline, and if so do if possible.
  • when thinking of starting a CC take a lot of time to consider whether you will actually publish the story, and if you arenโ€™t sure, hold back a little until you are! So efforts donโ€™t go to waste, as it can be quite offensive when contests are cancelled!
  • make an effort to use all entries in your story at some point, as a sign of gratitude for the contestants.
  • good prizes! Artists who hold CCโ€™s usually offer art as a prize, look at CCs that other people have held for examples. You can also offer Instagram shoutouts, help with coding, custom poses, full story reads, a role in the story, things like that.
    Like this:
    readerMessage Small cover by @โ€”โ€”
    ^ In your script.
  • there are usually 3 winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. And sometimes hosts put honourable mentions, this means other good entries that they liked!

(^^ Cover Contest info made by @Theebee2004)

Again, on behalf of everyone we just want
to say welcome to forums! Here are some helpful links to things you might need.

If you have any other questions feel free to comment on the thread and I or another member will answer it


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