New friends? Instagram

I’m Jessica and I’m kinda new to the episode community so I would LOVE to make new friends. Feel free to comment your insta here so we can get to know each other. Or just dm me on insta @epy.jesica :heart::heart::heart:


Hi I would love to be your friend but i cannot dm people on insta because my phone broke so i just use it on the computer but there no chat on the computer :cry:

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hey :grinning: im chani.episode

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Ayy i’m sorta new to & my insta is @jessie_rodriguez45

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Hi, I just followed you on insta

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Awe it’s ok btw I love your pfp picture

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I don’t have a Episode instagram yet but I would love to become friends with you. Tbh I am also kinda new to the episode community and so far I love it! Do you like the episode community?


I have Instagram to be new friends to leshell I like good friends in my life.

I’ll follow you, DMs are open to anyone :smiley:

I can give you a follow! Would love to make some more friends!
Wow just realized we’re already in a chat together

Sure :gem:

I’ve followed you on instagram :v:

(_xepisode.ravenx _)

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I would love to be friends :3


I’m jadecherry.episode on Instagram. :sparkling_heart:

insta: epy.kaitlyn


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@editsbyleslie04 :slight_smile:

I haven’t been in the community that long but I’ve already met some super nice people!!!

Oh wow😂


thank you :relaxed:

just followed you! I’m @lexiplaysepi

I’m! My Instagram is @brianam.stories :slight_smile: