New friends - social media (Instagram) a friend in need is a friend indeed part 2

Hey guys,

I hope you are all okay! Sorry to take up some of your time, would anyone be interested in following me on instagram, i will follow you back! I’m using my instagram to post any art and to promote my story. If your also using you’re instagram to promote your stories - let me know so i can follow you!

Username: keeko.episode

Thank you so so much, as always I really appreciate the love and support this community provides.


Heyy Hiii ! I would love to be a friend of yours hehe by the way I will follow you right now I have also instagram , I will leave her the photo with my info :smile: my name on instagram is : jacquelynewriter gonna follow you nowww :wink:


Thank you so much x

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You’re welcome :blush: