¿¿¿New Friends?

Hey I ‘m Farah and I’ve joined the forums a few days ago and would like to make friends (Preferably a teenager ). I also got a new Instagram @epi_farah where you can talk to me. :grinning: :two_hearts:

@Chocolate_Mama @meadowh @Lunar_Rose
@VenusPeach @Epy.raven @Chesirekitten101


Hey there :slight_smile: (I’m 18, soon 19, does that still count as a teenager? :joy: )
Did you also start writing a story on episode?

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Hey. I guess you still count as a teen :joy:. I haven’t made a story but I’ve made a few edits

Yay, I felt old lately :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s cool, are you good at making edits?

It honestly depends on my mood lol. I still need to improve a little more.

When is your bday?

I am 19 so very much on the later end of teens haha

I feel like a baby compared to you guys :joy:


Aww haha, I feel kinda old here but the funny thing is at university I am one of the younger ones in my friend groups.

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You seem really lovely! What stories do you like reading in Episode?

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Right now I’ve been reading He Can’t Tame me by Meila Summer and Glitch Girl by Joseph Evans.


Ooh I have heard good things about He Can’t Tame Me! I used to read Anatomy of Life - it is a really fun read but I changed my phone and ended up losing my progress :joy::persevere:

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Aww that must suck! I may check out Anatomy of life though!

Haha I was pretty into the story and I recommend it greatly. It is a great read!

Heya heya new friends :upside_down_face:


Hi I would love to make new friends with u

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How come you tagged me?