¿¿¿New Friends?



Hey I ‘m Farah and I’ve joined the forums a few days ago and would like to make friends (Preferably a teenager ). I also got a new Instagram @epi_farah where you can talk to me. :grinning: :two_hearts:

@Chocolate_Mama @meadowh @Lunar_Rose
@VenusPeach @Epy.raven @Chesirekitten101


Hey there :slight_smile: (I’m 18, soon 19, does that still count as a teenager? :joy: )
Did you also start writing a story on episode?


Hey. I guess you still count as a teen :joy:. I haven’t made a story but I’ve made a few edits


Yay, I felt old lately :sweat_smile:

Oh that’s cool, are you good at making edits?


It honestly depends on my mood lol. I still need to improve a little more.


When is your bday?


I am 19 so very much on the later end of teens haha


I feel like a baby compared to you guys :joy:


Aww haha, I feel kinda old here but the funny thing is at university I am one of the younger ones in my friend groups.


You seem really lovely! What stories do you like reading in Episode?


Right now I’ve been reading He Can’t Tame me by Meila Summer and Glitch Girl by Joseph Evans.


Ooh I have heard good things about He Can’t Tame Me! I used to read Anatomy of Life - it is a really fun read but I changed my phone and ended up losing my progress :joy::persevere:


Aww that must suck! I may check out Anatomy of life though!


Haha I was pretty into the story and I recommend it greatly. It is a great read!


Heya heya new friends :upside_down_face:


Hi I would love to make new friends with u








How come you tagged me?