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Episode Tropes? General Tropes that you hate and why?

I’ll go first, I think I’d say “Damsel in Distress” 'cause the male always has to be the one saving her whereas I usually go for the stories in which the girl at least tries to fight back and be strong. Seeing them fight back makes ME feel like a bada*s for some reason. IDK, just my opinion.

What about you?

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Fake relationships :-1:t5:


:point_up_2:t3: I second this! [I dislike: Fake marriage and Fake dating, equally.]
Plus, aside from Mafia… other tropes that I strongly dislike, include:

• CEO x Intern
• Rockstar x Wannabe Singer
• Good Girl x Bad Boy
• Vampire LI x Weak and Pathetic Human MC [I have a Vampire story, myself… but the MC is definitely not a weak human.]

I also dislike any story with: Needlessly rude MC’s, LI’s who bully, significant power imbalances between the MC and LI… and stories with the typical “I can change him” type of MC.

I’m sure I could list many, many more. But those are all I can think of from the top of my head!


I personally enjoy cliches as long as i’m in the right mood, it can be fun to watch something predictable sometimes. That being said miscommunication that’s only used to keep the LI and MC apart longer absolutely kills me. That, and random pregnancy trope at the end of the story, for no reason other than to drag on the story.

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Can’t stand love triangles


I can’t stand royal/famous and stuck up LI’s/MC’s

These tropes in particular really bug me, especially since a lot of them are really popular on Episode.

  1. Mafia stories - Specifically those where the MC is randomly thrust into gang life and they begin a relationship with the leader, or where two opposing mafia heirs begin an enemies to lovers relationship. Most of them don’t portray gang/mafia life realistically, or glamorize the lifestyle.
  2. Billionaire stories - Especially those that feature a damsel-in-distress MC where the billionaire saves them. These stories create unrealistic expectations about life and relationships.
  3. Vampires - If I’m being honest, most vampire stories feel like Twilight variations, and I feel like there is very little originality in this category because there are so many vampire stories on so many platforms. Also the vampire and human fall in love at this point is almost dated, not to mention kind of corny.
  4. Quick/predictable mysteries - This one isn’t necessarily a trope but I’ve read a lot of them on Episode and they often disappoint me. Episode stories need quick action to keep reader attention, but oftentimes mystery stories are unrealistically quick at solving the mystery. They feature a short exposition, little rising action, a quick climax, with hurried falling action following. Overall, short mystery stories feel anticlimactic. Especially when the killer or perp is predictable or not well built up, and when it’s a cliche like a long lost family member or scored lover.

I think love triangles are overdone at this point.

Fr I think I’d prefer bad girl x good boy trope.

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A trope you don’t like?

Men being overprotective, jealous, and surprised when the MC tries to make a decision on her own or protects herself.

I’ve seen it in Episode stories but also in every Manga story ever: the woman is safe-guarded or told by the love interest that she will be unsafe if she as much as lifts a finger — forget about being able to leave the house or having the choice of who to date. The MC starts to feel like a puppet that the male love interest controls. So the MC comes off as childish, like she can’t solve her own problems or make smart choices. Reading those stories makes me sad, since I think about how the story writer might have the same twisted (misogynistic) view of women like the male characters do in the stories themselves.

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