[New] Give me you character details and I'll draw them

Hi lovelies first off I’m sorry this isn’t a request thread. :persevere: Although feel free to go here if you like to see about requesting from me.

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Anyways, I am Kylie or Bean. :candy::two_hearts:
Currently I am doing some different art styles trying to find the one that suits me and until then I dont feel the greatest about strict requests cause I am again still trying to find my style. Also on another note I am closeing any art threads I made.:persevere::hugs:
You can do a PFP surprise here but no this isn’t a request thread so you dont need to worry about thread hopping and you can feel free to use the art I may make of your characters of which all will be PFP so again you can use them if you’d like.
If you want to get your character drawn please provide your character details and credit if wanted.
Here are just a couple rules if you post on here.

  • Be kind and respectful of others.
  • No requesting.
  • Use @Cocoa_bean23 if you decide to use it that’s how you credit me otherwise you’ll delete all of it.

here :cherries:

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Thanks. :two_hearts:

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Name: Asha!!

Hair: afro (black dark)
Skin color: copper 09
Face shape: diamond
Eyebrows: arched thick (black dark)
Eyes: deepset downturned (black brown)
Nose: round broad
Mouth: full heart (violet)

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Yasss girl :heart_eyes: here’s my vampire gallll

Body: Ash 00
Eyes: Monolid slender (red)
Hair: Side shave long (Dark black)
Nose: Defined natural
Face: Diamond
Mouth: Full heart pouty fangs (Blood orange gloss)
Eyebrows: Arched thin high (Dark black)

Extras: Nose stud silver, Neck bite vampire scar

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Hey i was wondering can you do me a cover?? It’s Limelight
If so… ca I have a female named Kinsley
Skin: Copper 06
EyeBrows: Arched thick styled
Hair: Long Voluminous Curls Loose/(color)Emerald Green
Eyes: Deep set false lashes smokey eye/(color of eye)purlpe
Head: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full flat top pouty
Confusion?! at the bottom and By ANiya Jackson and @Cocoa_bean23
What to were: A black halter top and black , ripped jeans
She HAS Freckles AND a snake tattoo on her left arm


Background: a brick wall with grafiti


i prefer night
Emotion: Annoyed (eyes rolled)
Family Gang. Only BOYS allowed. Hot Stranger. Sudden death. What could happen next?!