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Millions of years ago you rose up from the abyss and created the world. For years since you have been worshipped and honored by mortals. You are the gods and goddesses.
However, not everything was perfect and happy. A giant war broke out between the gods, which had no winner. The war resulted in all the once immortal gods losing their lives’.
The humans have since forgotten about the gods, and have continued moving on without them. Thousands of years in the future, the old gods have been reincarnated as new people trapped in the modern world.
And as fate would have it, you all meet up again at the same Summer Camp, whether or not you know it.

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Camp Stormgaze Layout

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Let’s begin:

A large banner is hung by the entrance reading Welcome to Camp Stormgaze! A huge outdoor dining pavilion, fire pit and a large girl and a large boy cabin are visible from the entrance, as well as many trees lining the area.

“Hello everyone! I am Clyde Harrison. I am the camp director. I won’t say to much so you can choose your cabins and get unpacked. I hope you enjoy your time here!” He said, as everyone hurriedly ran into the camp. Clyde watched on, examining each of them closely, as if he was looking for something… or someone.


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New Gods {Revival} || RP Sign-Ups & Discussion

Tressa looked at the camp director with intrigue. He was watching them, but why? But her busy-bee mind didn’t focus on it too long as she immediately ran off, her bags of luggage in hand as she raced to the girl’s cabin. She needed to be able to set up her stuff and get first pick on a bunk. While running she glanced at the faces of people. Why did some of them seem… familiar?

Nicholas walked slowly and casually to the boy’s cabin. His small bag was sling over his shoulder and he wore earbuds that were playing a large array of music from country to pop to broadway. He walked into the boy’s room, through his bag down and then walked back outside. He sat down, leaning against the outside wall of the cabin. He watched the busy campers waltz by while listening to his music.

Axel spent longer than he wanted too organizing his stuff in his cabin. Everything needed to be set up just right for him to feel comfortable in his temporary new “home.” After organizing everything, he grabbed his notebook and a pen and jogged toward the forest. He planned on studying and taking notes of the forest. Should something happen, he wanted to know the ins and outs of this forest.

All are approachable!


I barely heard the man talking, shifting my weight from foot to foot as he talked and figiting with my hair. I was daydreaming about roasting smores next to a fire, and staying up late, and sneaking out late at night. I giggled to myself. I dashed into the camp with the other kids, outpacing all of them even with my bags, and nearly slamming into one girl at the head of the pack. As I passed her (Tressa) I smirked back at her, then dashed forward, my hyper energy proving useful. I slowed just enough to open the door, then barreled inside. I scanned the cabin for a good bunk. I wanted a top bunk. I liked being up high.

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“Hey!” She shouted as a girl practically rammed into her. The girl’s little smirk sent her competitive attitude into full gear and she began running faster. Sadly, the stranger beat her to the girl’s cabin. She sighed, opening the door and walking to the rooms. She examined the room for a split second before eyeing the girl (Ember). “Well you made a great first impression.” She said with a smirk, looking at the girl. Then went to unpacking, pulling out a bunch of odd gadgets. And placing them on the headboard of a top bunk. “I’m Tressa.” She introduced, not looking at her.



The girl I had nearly run over arrived in the cabin just after me. “Well you made a great first impression. I’m Tressa.” She started unpacking, and I sorta followed her example, but I only plopped my bag on the top bunk of the next bed over, without bothering to unpack. “Thank you. I always put me best foot forward when meeting new people.” I drummed my fingers on my leg. “I’m Ember.” I peeked into her bunk. “What are those?” I asked, pointing at the thingamabobs Tressa had placed on the headboard.



.: Griffin :.
This camp is weird. But everyone seems nice so far. It was the first thought that flashed in his mind after the director made his short speech. With a shrug, he made his way over to the boy’s cabin, feeling a bit of worry creep through him as he wondered what the other cabin mates would be like. Would they like him? Would they be nice? Would he like them? It was truly a mystery.

He chose a bed and plopped his medium sized bag on it, deciding to save the unpacking for later. Griff had never been one to organize and it ended up being a mess later anyways so who cared? For now, he wanted to explore and maybe even find some herbs to experiment with. He headed out of the cabin, before noticing a figure sitting on the wall. “Oh, hey there,” he said quickly as if he was rushing his words.

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She looked at the gadgets and things abobas that she had laid out. Why did she lay those out? Now she would have to explain what the were. She shrugged. “There nothing. Just bits and pieces of a whole bunch of different things. A radio, a clock and… other things.” She explained. “I just like tinkering and breaking apart things and putting them back together. Y’know?” She explained, looking at Ember to see if she had gotten lost.

“Anyway, do you want to go do something? Get out of this cabin?”

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He looked up to see a boy standing above him. “Oh. Hi.” He said, taking out his headphones. He stood up, and looked the boy over with curiousity. “So, my name is Nicholas.” He said. “You look like a guy named Fredrick that I met once but I’m assuming you’re name is not Fredrick.” He said, almost mimicking the boys talking speed. He put his hands in his pockets.

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Tressa had lost Ember at “just nothing”, as she had spotted a butterfly out the window and watched it flutter away. “Mm hmm,” she nodded, whipping her focus back to Tressa when she mentioned getting out of the cabin. Ember grinned. “We could go exploring? That would be fun!” She bounced on the balls of her feet.

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I was walking in the forest when i heard voices. I paused. As they were getting closer I started panicking. i looked left than right trying to figure out where the voices were coming from. They sounded like two girls. I grabbed the nearest tree and started climbing. I stopped climbing and perched on a branch with enough leaves to hide. The girls i heard talking stop underneath the tree i was hiding in. I held my breath watching them. I felt something on my hand all of a sudden I shrieked and fell out of the tree.
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He groaned as he entered the cabin head pounding as he held it, sunglasses on and hoodie up as he tried to hide away from the sun, “Why me~” He whimpered.
“This is why you don’t go drinking the night before camp.” His brother Leon said from next to him rolling his eyes as he carried both of their bags in and dropped them on their beds.
“But it was such a great party! I couldn’t miss it!”
“You say that about literally every party you go to!” Leon proclaimed.
“Ugh, my head! Leon help me I’m dying!”
“What kind of brother are you! Do you not care that your loving, supporting godly brother is on the verge of death!” He gave a dramatic faint onto his bed.
“You are pointless.” Leon sighed and Dylan heard his steps walking away.
After a few minutes of laying there bored out of his mind, he got up deciding to find that he was going to find some form of entertainment. His eyes caught onto a boy running into the forest, and despite his headache, he ran after him with a grin, “Running off into the forest, are we? Didn’t think I would see that one the first day. Say you don’t have something to cure a hangover do you? Advil?” He smiled his signature large grin.

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He stretched his arms over his head, trying to pop his back. Carrying both his and Dylan’s bags turned out was enough of a work out for one whole week. His neck snapped and he made a noise low in his throat as he opened his eyes up at the sun. Sighing he pulled out his phone and lifted it up to the blue sky. Nothing.
With a growl, he placed his phone back in his pocket. Guess that means no FPS games for the next… how long were they their anyway. Their father never bothered to say. “Well, there is another way I guess.” He strolled to the archery, picking up a bow and an arrow eyeing it in confusion, “What better time to learn how right? Better later than never.” Nervously laughing he tired his best to copy every movie he had ever seen and pulled the arrow back.


She slapped her arm, yelping as the flies seemed to want to eat her alive. And it wasn’t like she couldn’t see them. They were right in front of her, mocking her it seemed. Nevermind that her hair was a mess as the wind blew it around, but she was slowly running out of bug spray and it has only been a few hours at this camp. She pulled out her phone and dialled, “Hello? Mommy? Can you please come and pick me up! There is mud in my shoe and I read all my magazines on the ride here. Please m-- hello? HELLO!” She ragged, throwing her phone onto the ground and smashing it with her heel. If there was no service then it was useless to her. “I need food.”
After a few minutes and wondering around, Red finally found the dining pavilion. “Well, this is nicer then I thought it would be.” She murmured, stepping into finding no one. “Oh come on! How is a girl supposed to get food around here! HELLO! FOOD! I’m hungry! Anyone!”

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She nodded in excitement. “Okay, well we could go explore the campground but I feel like the forest would be more fun. Don’tcha Think?” She said. She instinctively grabbed the girl’s wrist. “Let’s go!” She said racing out of the cabin, dragging Ember with her.

She entered the forest and she looked around for a little bit.

“So, anything you want to l-“ She started, but was interrupted by a girl falling from a tree. She jumped in fright.

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He was just about to enter the forest and begin his note taking when a boy approached him. He turned around quickly, intrigued. “Hangover? Of course not!” He said, confused and almost condescendingly without really meaning too. “Who in their right mind would go drinking right before coming to a camp?” He said, putting his hand to invhead in almost disappointment. Meanwhile, Axel had never had a drop of alcohol in his life but that didn’t matter. He thought for a moment.


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Eugene patiently tapped his foot as he waited for the camp director stop talking. He was thankful when he stopped talking, he wanted to explore this place badly… everything just caught his attention. He smiled at his sister and kissed her forehead before looking at her, “Alright, we came here to have fun and we cannot by together 24/7 so you have to find friends of your own, go out there and show them who the amazing Penelope is. Don’t be afriad.” He said to her before he went to the boy’s cabin and unpacked his things before going outside to explore and see who he could find. He decided to take some chips with him because why not? As he wondered around he heard screams coming from the pavilion and decided to check out what it was. It was a girl screaming but like a maniac. He couldn’t help but chuckle as he put a chip on his mouth, “You want some?” He asked her raising an eyebrow.




Penelope payed closely attention as the camp director spoke, and sighed as they were dismissed. She looked at her brother and smiled at him one last time before going to the girl’s cabin to unpack her things before she went outside and tried to look for her brother again. Penelope was honestly scared to be without him. Yet again, he had told her that it was time for her to be herself and be away from him to find more friends of her own.



Kaiden had arrived a bit late so he didn’t exactly know what the camp director was talking about. Whatever he thought before going to the boy’s cabin and unpacking his things. He then went outside and wondered if he would find someone to talk too. Kaiden was a bit worried but he was also excited for whatever this camp brought him. Where they others like him in here? He just had to know.

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He rolled his eyes, “How many people are going to ask me that today? I had to go! It was hosted by this big DJ and–” He shook his head realizing he would start rambling soon, “Nevermind.” He pointed to the woods, “If you don’t have anything for the headache, a distraction can work too. What’s in the forest then? Something interesting?” His eyes sparkled as he hoped there was some form of fun in the depths of the woods. Best way to cure a headache was with fun.

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She nearly jumped out of her skin as someone suddenly spoke behind her. Turning on her heel she put a hand to her chest and eyed the boy, “You nearly scared the angels out of me.” She looked him then at the chips, “Sure. I’m pretty sure you can’t poison chips.” She took a chip and bit into it, examining the boy, “So do you have a name then Chip Boy? You work here or something?” She looked around the kitchen but saw no one else. He could have been some kind of assistant. He seemed a little young to work as a cook, but then again it didn’t take much to ‘cook’ chips. You open up a bag. So where in the world did he get them? The again if he stole em, he had the right idea. She should have thought of that if she wasn’t so piss that she didn’t get signal.
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When the girl fell from the tree, I didn’t even flinch. I was distracted by a really pretty orange butterfly I had seen flutter off into the woods, so I did the natural thing. I followed it. It was hard to keep up with it through the forest, but I was gaining on it, and… “Ahhh!” I screamed, as I plunged into icy cold water. It was a deep river, no doubt leading to the lake. The current was swift and strong, and all I could do was just keep my head above the water. I had never learned how to swim, because I absolutely hated being in water. Showers and baths? I took them, but I hated them. So as the current pulled me downstream, I did an awkward doggie paddle to keep my head above the water, but I still failed a bit and swallowed at few mouthfuls of water.

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GIving up on archery completely when he couldn’t, even more, a still target, he made his way to something he was actually good at. Swimming. He made his way to the lake, ready for a nice swim but was surprised to see a girl struggling in the water. “Sh-t!” He took off his sweater, there was no way he was getting that thing wet and kicked off his shoes, and jumping in, grabbing her by the waist and swimming back to shore, laying her down to see if she could breathe. “Are you alright? Miss?”



The river deposited me into the lake, and I floundered there, not sure how to get to shore. My frantic dog paddling was wearing me out, and I was no where closer to shore. I was beginning to sink. Was that a fish?
Suddenly, a strong arm was around my waist, pulling me to shore. I let whoever drag me, having no strength to resist even if I wanted to. When we reached the shore I just lay there for a second, eyes closed. “Are you alright? Miss?” A masculine voice was speaking. I need to answer. I opened my mouth, only to break into a coughing fit.




Eugene gave her his chips before raising an eyebrow once again. “Work here? Oh no, I came here with my younger sister. She didn’t want to come alone.” He told her. “I just sneaked snacks in, I knew I would get hungry any time and well here we are.” He said signaling the chips. “Also, my name is Eugene Swan… May I ask what is yours?” Eugene studied her and she seemed to be mad about something, he didn’t know what it was but it was clear that she didn’t normal enjoy things like this.


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At least she was coughing the water out. Sitting her up to make sure none of the water went to her lungs, he watched her closely. This, strangely enough, reminded him of the Disney movie. Although it would seem the little mermaid didn’t know how to swim this time around. “Can you breathe? Do you want me to call someone over.” You would think years taking care of drunks would prepare him for someone drowning. You’d be wrong. He had no clue what he was doing.



Well that explain that. “Sneaked them in? What a rebel you are.” She chuckled to herself, grabbing a handful before handing him the bag back, “What an interesting name.” She murmured to herself, watching him closely before shaking her head and bringing herself back, “I guess I’ll have to remember that now won’t I? Only if you promise to remember mine of course. The name is Redione Thomas. But you can call me Red. You know like a more attractive little red riding hood.” She smiled, eating the chips, “Think you can remember that love.”