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I kicked the dirt a little. I didn’t really want to tell her what happened at home "Well my parents… sent me here because they thought I should have fun " I said while shifting back and forth on my feet. That was partially true but not the main reasoning. “But hey now that were friends wanna go for a swim in the lake? I could really use it after falling from that tree” I said giving the tree a pointed look.



He grinned at Griffin kinda accepting his offer for Nicholas to catch him when then went down. “Secret Tree House? Well, as far as I know there isn’t one.” He said, glancing around the forest. “What? Do you want to make one?” He said jokingly, but also somewhat excitedly.


He let a small laugh slip out of his lips at the awful joke. And, becoming immune to his playful flirting he rolled his eyes when Dylan winked at him. When Dylan was talking about the Gods he looked at his with surprise and confusion. “What do you mean? You know about the reincarnated gods too?”

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She looked down at the lake Emerald gestured too. She grinned, happy for something to do. She was starting to feel stir crazy just talking. “Yes! That sounds fun!” She said, taking off toward the lake. She jumped into the semi-cold water clothes and all. “You coming?” She called to Emerald.




He rolled his eyes. As if that makes much of a difference in the long run. “It doesn’t matter what way you went into the water, the result still is you could have drowned. And if you have fallen, then what? Someone push you in or something?”




When Axel laughed at the joke, Dylan found himself smiling wider. It was nice to know even if it was a terrible joke he could get this Axel laughing. “Of course I know about them.” He grinned, “I might be hung over but I’m not dense. You need to give me more credit.” He was kind of sad Axel had gotten immune to him flirting, it was funny watching him go red, but that didn’t mean he was going to stop doing it! “What do you know about the gods?”


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“Not much.” He responded with a shrug. “My family has been worshippers of the gods for generations. Even thought knowledge of them now seems to be scarce and far between.” He explained, flicking a hand through his blond hair. “I just know that they died a long time ago. Somehow and haven’t returned. My family believes they must’ve been reincarnated and are wandering around somewhere.” He explained, thinking it was so weird to be talking about it freely. Most people thought he was crazy when it came to his and his family’s relgious beliefs.

“You seem to be very interested about them. What? Do you come from a family of worshippers too?”


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Eugene chuckled as he looked down at their arms looped together. “Alright then, I say we go to the lake first. Do you know how to swim?” He asked her as they began to walk and he took the chips away from her to grab some of his own. “What made you come to this camp, it doesn’t really seem like you like these type of things.” He told her hoping she wouldn’t get offended.


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She finally arrived at Camp Stormgaze. She was not looking forward to this, she is not big on camping. She, along with everyone else, was welcomed by someone who introduced themselves as Clyde Harrison. She didn’t really listen to anything he was saying, instead she was looking around. I would rather be at school than here. She thought. But that wasn’t saying much, since school was easy for her - she was the most popular girl in school.

She made her way into the girls cabin. Before she even walked in, she already knew she wouldn’t like it. There was a big hall with doors around the walls. Three of the doors were labelled as the bathrooms and she raised her eyebrows. Only 3? I’ll have to get up early to claim one for myself in the morning. She thought, knowing how long it took for her to get ready in the morning. She walked into one of the bathrooms, to see what they were like. She looked around, and then her eyes fell on the mirror. She quickly checked her hair and outfit and then walked out.

She took her bag into the room with the bunks, which she wasn’t impressed with, and noticed how there was only one wardrobe. She opened it, for now it only had a few things in it, and she was not going to let other people cramp it with their things. So she took a lot of her clothes and hung it all up, which took just over a quarter of the space. When she was finally satisfied, she walked out of the cabins and decided to socialise with someone. She finally picked someone to interact with, and went over to him. “Hey. I’m Elizabeth.” She said, confidently.

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He was quite glad when he arrived at Camp Stormgaze, he was looking forward to not being at home for a while. But, he wasn’t looking forward to being around so many people, which he realised would be a problem when he stepped into the outdoor dining pavilion with everyone else who was here. He did a quick scan of his surroundings, looking and what the place was like before listening to what the camp director had to say. No surprise, it was just the generic ‘Welcome’ and ‘Have fun!’. But, he noticed something suspicious about the camp director, who’s name he’d already forgotten. At first, it looked like he was just looking at them, but Grover noticed that he wasn’t just looking at them, he was looking for someone.

He kept this thought as he walked to where was labelled ‘boys cabins’. He looked around at the first room in one of the cabins. It was completely different to the modern apartment he lived in with his mother and stepfather. He preferred the cabins far more than the apartment. He went into the room with all the bunks and put his bag down on one of the bottom bunks, to show that it was claimed. Then, he went back outside to look at everything else that was at Camp Stargaze.

He went for a little walk on his own around. First, he went down to the stables, and it was his first time seeing a horse. He was kind of worried if one of the activities was horse-riding, and he would look stupid being one of the only people who had never rode a horse. He walked past the Dining Pavilion, which he had already seen upon arriving, and looked over at the archery in the corner. He expected that to be there, since almost every camp site had one. Finally, he went to the lake, which he stopped at.

Approachable - at the lake



Kaiden had just been sitting down for a while not really caring about his surroundings for a moment. That was until he noticed a beautiful woman come out of the girl’s cabin, he was about to approach her when she ended up approaching him first. He smiled at her as she said her name and he extended his arm. “Hi, lovely lady. It is nice to meet you, my name is Kaiden.” He told her. “I like the dress you’re wearing.”




He was very cute, Elizabeth had thought, not in a hot romantic way, but in a sweet and harmless way. He wasn’t the usual type of guys that Elizabeth would talk to, he was too nice, but she shrugged and went along with it. “Thank you…” Did he introduce himself? I think he did… that’s awkward. She thought. She needed something to fill the gap she just made in her speech so she just said, “Nice to meet you too.” She smiled, not genuinely - but it looked real enough.

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.: Griffin :.
“Um, I suppose if we made one that would be a fun activity to do,” he shrugged nonchalantly as if he didn’t mind. What if he takes me seriously? I don’t really know how to build a treehouse. He’s probably going to think I’m lame and then spread it to all the campers and then the media a- Griff stopped his thought process, realizing he was rambling to himself which was inane and stupid. There was no reason to worry. “Any other ideas? Fishing with our bare hands? Scaling a taller tree? Dare I say, discovering a secret tree house instead of building one?”



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He rose a brow, intrigued to hear more. Does that mean they worshipped me as well? “Really? Well, which god was your favourite hmm? I’m sure you had one you liked the most.” He grinned like a feline, curious on the answer. “Your family seems like an interesting bunch. Some very nice people.” Smart people too.
“Oh me? I know as much about them as you.” He lied with a confident shrug, “I come from a family of drunks, and that one younger brother who has to babysit everyone else.” He chuckled.



“Know how to swim? Who comes to a camp not knowing how to swim.” She laughed, “What made me? Well a limo driver and a mother who told me I was going to the airport and not to a camp, that’s what brought me here. Apparently I could use some fresh air and time to work on myself, whatever that even means.” She shook her head, stuffing chips into her mouth.



He found himself smiling. Finally this boy was finding his sense of adventure. He pondered the suggestions Griffin gave him. “Hmm… Finding a hidden treehouse would be fun.” He said thinking. Suddenly he decided to jump from his branch to the branch of the nearest tree, making himself feel like a monkey. “C’mon. Let’s go look then!” He said excitedly, one hand holding him to the trunk while the other was motioning Griffin over frantically.



His Favorite? He felt like he should answer, but part of him was thinking but that if he did maybe the gods could hear him and get jealous and smite him down. “I don’t know.” He said, awkwardly scratching the back of his head. “I guess it depends on the situation?” He said, and it came out more as a question then a statement. But it still seemed like a safe answer. He looked at him with skepticism. He seemed far too interested in this. He probably knew more then he wanted to let on. “Who is your favorite then?” He asked curiously.

When he started talking about his family his first instinct was to make a comment about his first meeting of Dylan was as he was hungover so the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree but he decided against. “Oh… I’m sorry. About the whole family of drunks thing.” He said shyly.



.: Griffin :.
He nearly fell off his branch as Nicholas swiftly moved to another tree. He gently lifted one hand into the air, not realizing how tightly he had been gripping the branch. “Oh, jeez,” he whispered as Griff gave a glance to the forest floor. “Nope, can’t fall,” he thought aloud as he gave a dark glance to the next tree. “Well, let’s be on then…” Griff muttered as he made a mad dash to the next tree, gripping an adjacent branch tightly as he landed on it safely. Woah, I just did that. And I’m probably going to get splinters.



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