New Gods (Revival) ||RP Sign-ups|| - ADOPTED BY SUNFLOWER.JM


Yeah I see it now :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry but I think I’ll have to drop this- I loved it but I have no inspo for my characters/too many RPs :frowning:


Since the goddesses are taken, can I reserve for a female human?


Yes you may. But you can also have a god if you want one.


That’s okay. I’ll just have to go open up your spots.


Reserve for a human (I’m pretty sure this is how to reserve??? Sorry if I did it wrong :confounded:)


Yep that is how you reserve! :slight_smile: :wink: Welcome!


Umm…hi did i already turn in my sign up fourm?


Is there a time estimate for when this will be starting?

I’m not trying to rush you, just curious because if it’s after the middle of July I want to reserve for another human and/or god.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to form relationships with my present or Goddess and human characters?

Goddess of Love and Beauty - Daisy (Present name)
Goddess of Earth and Animals - Penelope (Present name)
Human Guy - Eugene

Eugene and Penelope might be brother and sister if it is allowed.

Just PM so we can discuss! :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhh meeee

(Nevermind me I’m just trying to be more outgoing :3)


He can I be in. If so can I have a half human half god like a demigod pls.


I’m sorry but no. You are either a god or a human. (But I suppose all the gods are kinda half-human now in their reincarnated state)


Are the sigh up still available cause if so can I be god of luck and victory




He ah when is this roleplay starting?




Hey everyone!

So I’m really sorry to say it but I’ve just kinda lost interest in hosting this RP so I’m putting it up for adoption. I know that is a silly reason to quit an RP but I don’t want to give you a sucky roleplay because my heart isn’t in it. I’d be willing to help whoever adopts it if they need it but I don’t want to be the main host. Thanks for understanding!

Either respond to this post or PM me if you’re interested in adopting it.


Mmm, hasn’t adopted this? If I’m right you might wanna edit this lmao @SillyCupcake22233


Yeah they have I’ll go edit it right now! Thank you!