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does anyone have any ideas for how parents could know about their child (god/dess) being a god/dess, but the child doesn’t know?

wait can the child not know they are a god/dess?


hm I think? Since they going to the camp. But the parents can just drop them off and not tell them. Kinda like harry potter where they find out right before they join. Or they grow up knowing the have that sort of power.

Don’t quote me on this I am not the owner of the rp lol


but like how could the parents find out about it?

actually i might just put in the signups ‘the parents knew’ and leave it at that lol


lol yeah maybe the parents knew something like was told. hmm not sure lol


i’m gonna drop my god of sea and water character and do a human male :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean Sunflower.JM Maybe could’ve changed it but I think that whether the parents knew or not is up to you.

As for ideas on how that could work: Maybe when you were little you started showing signs of it and like talking about it but then when you grew up you forgot about it and they still remembered. Or something…? Idk


I didn’t change anything so yeah I will go with what she says lol ^^


Can I take it???

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