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Adopted From @SillyCupcake22233

Millions of years ago you rose up from the abyss and created the world. For years since you have been worshipped and honored by mortals. You are the gods and goddesses.

However, not everything was perfect and happy. A giant war broke out between the gods, which had no winner. The war resulted in all the once immortal gods losing their lives’.

The humans have since forgotten about the gods, and have continued moving on without them. Thousands of years in the future, the old gods have been reincarnated as new people trapped in the modern world.

And as fate would have it, you all meet up again at the same Summer Camp, whether or not you know it.


You will either play one of these New Gods, or a Human and you are all attending Camp Stormgaze for the summer.

If you are a god, you can choose whether or not you remember your past life. However, you don’t completely recognize anyone you knew during your “godlihood”. At the beginning at least. Nudge Nudge. Wink wink.

If you are a human, you have no idea that these New Gods are attending summer camp with you. Some of you don’t even know these gods ever even existed.


Limit of characters is three!

If you only have one character it can be either a human or a god. If you make two characters one must be human and one must be a god. If you make three characters one must be a human, one must be a god and the third I don’t have a preference and so forth. So, if you reserve for 2 gods I’m assuming you are also gonna make atleast one human

As for gods, these are not traditional Greek/Roman gods. They are Gods that we get to create on our own. I’ve created a little basis of each of the
Gods, but the rest is up to you!

Please please please reserve for the Gods you want before signing up because that makes it so much easier on my part. Even if you are only signing up as a human, please still reserve! Thank you :blush:

I think that is all the information I need to tell you. If you have any questions please ask and I can hopefully help you!


Faceclaims: Coming Soon!

Camp Stormgaze Layout

Gods Information

New Gods {Revival} || Official RP

Here are the people that reserved when @SillyCupcake22233 started this:

@MysteriousAcro @Aohebe_S @Once @Vanille @SilverStar @benitz786 @Ella @Cam @oorgeloop @SillyCupcake22233 @Kittenlove @A-Simple-Nectarine @Tellyg47 @Briar.R @TheBluGeek @ScarletSwanHunter

If you are not interested in this anymore please let me know, and I will put your characters up back for reservation! :blush:


Oooh, I’d like to reserve! But I might not reserve anyone specific, just in case someone drops a character.


I’d like to keep my reserves please :slight_smile:


Wait, so can I only pick the remaining god’s in the Gods Information or can I make up my own?


Only pick the ones in the Gods information, please and if people drop out I’ll let you know if they’re open :slight_smile:




I am still interested!


I’m going to reserve the God of Plants and Agriculture, for now…


keep my reaserves please


i’m still interested, but if a goddess comes up, can i reserve it?


I’ll let you know if it does :slight_smile:


thank youuu - it doesn’t have to be a specific one, just whenever a goddess spot opens up :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, are more gods and goddesses coming up?


Well if some people drop out of it, yes


Okay, I’ve decided to give everyone till August 12 to turn in their characters! And 3 days for the people to respond if they’re still interested or I’ll put your characters up for reservation again! :)


@MysteriousAcro @Aohebe_S @Once @Vanille @SilverStar @benitz786 @Ella @Cam @oorgeloop @SillyCupcake22233 @Kittenlove @A-Simple-Nectarine @Tellyg47 @Briar.R @TheBluGeek @ScarletSwanHunter @Drama_Queer @L1A @Miss_Moonlight


Actually I think I’ll keep all my character because I found that I had most of them already done and that is too much to waste


I already put in my characters but I am not tagged is my character submitted?


Keep my reserve…


I only have a female human for you, is that right?