New Gods {Revival} || RP Sign-Ups & Discussion



I’ll have to talk to her about that since she submitted her characters before I was in charge of this lol


ohh ok. Is @dave12511’s submission alright?


Yes it is :blush:




Yay! gonna tell him now


ive made another dude. is that ok?


I’ve noticed tomorrow is the deadline. I’m editing my characters right now, but I won’t be able to complete 1 of my 3 characters, but I’ll hopefully be able to submit two today. Will I still be able to RP with the characters I completed, or do I have to turn in all of them first? Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


It’s okay, since you already have 2 completed you can just complete yours later :slight_smile: but don’t take too long haha


Ahh, I’m so sorry but I’ve been pretty busy and I think I’ll have to drop my reserves - I had already begun working on my human but I don’t think it’s fair if I won’t be very active


Aww I’m sorry to hear that :frowning:️ So you want me to give up your reservations?


Yeah I think that’s fair to those who wanted to reserve :frowning: once again I’m really sorry


It’s okay girl, no worries! :slight_smile:


I’ve just submitted the Goddess of Dreams, Illusions, and Lies. The link to the modern day faceclaim isn’t working, so here is the image:

Aislyn Piersa's faceclaim

I’ll be submitting the God of Greed and Jealousy either later today, or tomorrow.

#115, I’m really sorry but I wasn’t able to make my human in time. Do I have to drop my gods or nah?


Well since you already have your gods done, just do the human now but like I said before don’t take to long :slight_smile:


when is it starting?


I won’t be on for the rest of today, and the most of tomorrow… so, expect my characters to be submitted later than planned.


Ahhhhhh! I am so sorry I couldn’t sign up but I just moved into a new house and I didn’t get wifi till today. If I could get you my sign up today would you still let me in? Once again, I sincerely didn’t believe I would be gone this long.


Yes it’s okay, I’ve decided to move sign ups till next Saturday because I just started college also :slight_smile:


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Thank you!