New Gods (Revival) ||RP Sign-ups||


Yeah I see it now :slight_smile:


I’m really sorry but I think I’ll have to drop this- I loved it but I have no inspo for my characters/too many RPs :frowning:


Since the goddesses are taken, can I reserve for a female human?


Yes you may. But you can also have a god if you want one.


That’s okay. I’ll just have to go open up your spots.


Reserve for a human (I’m pretty sure this is how to reserve??? Sorry if I did it wrong :confounded:)


Yep that is how you reserve! :slight_smile: :wink: Welcome!


Umm…hi did i already turn in my sign up fourm?


Is there a time estimate for when this will be starting?

I’m not trying to rush you, just curious because if it’s after the middle of July I want to reserve for another human and/or god.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to form relationships with my present or Goddess and human characters?

Goddess of Love and Beauty - Daisy (Present name)
Goddess of Earth and Animals - Penelope (Present name)
Human Guy - Eugene

Eugene and Penelope might be brother and sister if it is allowed.

Just PM so we can discuss! :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhh meeee

(Nevermind me I’m just trying to be more outgoing :3)


He can I be in. If so can I have a half human half god like a demigod pls.


I’m sorry but no. You are either a god or a human. (But I suppose all the gods are kinda half-human now in their reincarnated state)


Are the sigh up still available cause if so can I be god of luck and victory




He ah when is this roleplay starting?