New Group.... Maybe?


Um… HI!!! I was considering making a new group since my old one got shut down. I need some people to fill the following rolls. I wouldn’t be asking for much of a commitment but it would be great if you could pitch in. If you are interested in joining this group, you could help build up the group (think of a name, format a request thread, and so much more). This isn’t going to be only an art group so each member can be recognized for their own unique skills. Here are some rolls I was thinking could be filled:

President: Supervises the rest of the group, makes announcements, pitches in on other minor tasks
Vice/Co President(s): Helps with the duties of the President
Media Manager(s): Controls recruiting new members, directs people to our thread, tries to spread our influence
Writing Manager(s): They write a lot of things
Art Manager(s): Controls and manages art requests
Episode Story Helper(s): Acts as a writing partner and answers any episode related writing questions
Regular Members: Works hard in each subject and doesn’t specialize in one

Our Morals:
No drama
Be supportive of everyone
Do whatever benefits the group and the community
Everyone will contribute equally to the group, even if you don’t have a named role

We will have a chat and multiple threads. This is just a rough draft of what I want this new group to look like but clearly it needs a lot of work. If you are interested in joining, just comment down bellow what role you are interested in. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to reach out. Depending on how many people are interested, we may combined jobs. Also, even if you are the manager of one thing, it doesn’t mean you can’t help in other sections as well. I hope you guys are interested!!

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I would love to be a Media Manager.


Okay!!! :grin: If you want to start trying to find people and spreading the word you can!


Can I apply for Co prez, E???


YEAH!!! Yaaaayyyyy


Can I apply for Vice president?


Or an art member?


Of course!! Im so happy your interested


Do you need examples?


Sure! Right now you can be both since we don’t have enough people. I’m going to start a chat so you can share them there. :grin:



So pretty!!!


Can I be a member? I just want to chat and have fun with other writers, I don’t need a title.


Okay!! So you just want to be a regular member? I’ll add you to the chat.


Can I be an episode story helper?


Yeah I’ll add you to the chat


Ok :slight_smile:


I’d like to be an art manager


Can I apply?


Could I apply for a writing manager? :sparkling_heart: EDIT: Sorry, actually story helper sounds better for me :joy: