New group waiting for your requests!

Hey guys! I am Anne and I am part of this new group on instagram called @epi.duckies.

We will gladly do:

  • Edits

  • Covers

  • Authors interview

  • (story review requests are closed for now but you can check our insta from time to time for updates)

All you need to do is visit our instagram and fill out the form/DM.

Still hiring!

We are looking for new members as well, more info through DM.

If you have some instagram group of your own just leave a comment. I love to meet and support new people :blush:

Have a great day :heart:

can I see some examples

Do you have instagram? I am reviewing stories so I need to contact our editor, but If you dont we can just talk through Pms here :slight_smile:

Can you review my story on instagram!
I love HIM and I (LIMELIGHT)! Check it out! #episode

Name: Him and I
Account: J Mo

Whats your insta username so I can contact you? :slight_smile:

@leesiiwuv, that’s my regular Instagram account. I haven’t made an ig account for episode yet.

Ok, thats fine I will DM you :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:

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Thank you!!

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