New guidelines discussion

I am here to express my opinion about the new guidelines no need to flag the thread
So episode has added new guidelines which are upseting to many people including me. They say that no crossovers are allowed and no more than 5 punches in each episode. I just don’t get it. Let’s get this straight: Episode out of the blue decided not to allow crossovers and 5 punches.
I have also read somewhere that you can’t add characters even if you got permission from the person who agrees to be in your story I am not sure if this is true but it disappointed me, i am looking forward to add people who wanted to be in my story but now i just can’t? All this time in most stories there is a lot of rape and episode does nothing about it but they don’t want a few punches. Most authors have lost motivation because of these rules and for that i say…

Credits to @raindrvps for making this :point_right: thread! She inspired me to make this thread. Hers is about going on strike with episode! I loved her idea so everyone visit her thread and go on a strike with episode.

Why can’t the crossover rule be like: You can do crossovers but if it gets inappropriate and misuse it, the story gets removed?

Feel free to comment your opinion below

Bring back the episode glory days


There is already a thread about this multiple actually, yours will get merged.


I know but i decided to make it and inform about EpyPhoenix’s thread because i liked it

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But if she has a thread why inform it, you can just tag people to her thread

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It’s a bit messed up… as it says above i want to express my opinion by making my own thread and also tag her

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Yeah and I get that, I’m just saying your thread will get merged because it is a duplicate topic.

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I know and i am expecting it to be honest


All threads talking about this will be merges as always. Anyway this guidelines got me like…🤦


I’m not angry about it. Kinda indifferent. Rules are rules, and they aren’t made to piss off anyone.
I have a couple of characters in my story, for whom I used the appearance of some people only, not personalities, and I mentioned who I tried to portray. I will just remove mentions of these lovely people to be in tune with guidelines.
I see a lot of people saying that this limits their creativity. I don’t agree with this either. I see a lot of threads where people ask to help them create background or whatever characters, and I honestly don’t get it. Are u so lazy that you can’t customize your own characters? I understand that some authors use characters to show love for friends etc., but you can just remove mentions of these people and u r good. No one can prove you used a real person for your character.
The last point. I enjoy watching people say they are gonna leave the community/stop writing/updating stories cause of this. Because it’s a win-win for me. If you are this childish - good riddance. If you will come back in a week or so - it just shows your inconsistency and how over-dramatic you are.
I guess it all sums up my thoughts on this whole situation.


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