New guidlines discussion thread

what are your opinions on the new guidelines? feel free to exspress them here. I will not lock this under any cirumstances, and I welcome discourse. I means we are human.

New content guidelines

I like the new guidelines. :penguin:


Honestly, I think most people are freaking out more than they need to. Other than a few things, the guidelines didn’t change much.


The new guidelines, whether or not anyone likes or dislikes them…were necessary. It’s ignorant to say every single story in the trending or that has been in trending has been terrible in terms of content, but there have been plenty of “popular” stories that have managed to get away with more than they should have.

The reality though is, that they’re staying. People complaining about them won’t change anything.

Now, for my thoughts on the guidelines.

Really, nothing has changed (as far as I can tell) other than the rules about covers and the swearing. Everything else, I believe, was there in the old guidelines.
I think the swearing rule is fine, personally. I mean, I’d rather censor every word than have to worry about having only 5 or another specific number. I do enough editing in my own story to have to worry about counting curse words.
The guns on covers rule: I’m also fine with this. I think people do need to remember that Episode is based here in the US and we’ve had so many gun related crimes it’s nearly impossible to keep track anymore. Also, action doesn’t have to mean “guns.” :woman_shrugging:. Now, for those of you who have said: “But they can have guns in the story so what’s the difference?” The difference is in the execution. A person who’s had a traumatic experience related to gun violence might not even want to read something in the action genre purely for this reason, just because there’s probably a high chance of there being guns in the story anyway. Take the mafia stories for example: Most of them have guns used in them, (I’m pretty sure). However, if someone in said situation is scrolling through the app, minding their own business and suddenly every other cover in the drama section has a gun on it, there’s a chance it could be bad for that person.

The sex rules seem to have stayed the same, as have the drinking and smoking.
I really like the consent rule as well as the suggestion for trigger warnings because that’s always important in stories.

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