New guy to the forums - want to make friends!


Hey! :wave:t2:

My name is Kai and I’m new here. It’d be nice to make some friends! I will probably continue making art, but my PFP is by @Hialexhi (thanks!).

Best wishes,


Hey there :slight_smile:


Hi it’s great to meet you! Welcome to the forums. You’ll love it here! My pm is open always cause I have no life! Srsly it’s sad.


Hi! Nice to meet you, I’m Winter!! Feel free to PM me anytime! :blue_heart:



Awesome! :slightly_smiling_face: and thank you.

Great, thank you!


Hiya :upside_down_face: man / Kai / kaitheepisodian :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Welcome here :wink:


Thank you! :+1:


Be warned :upside_down_face: you may be get baked here :shushing_face: and turn into cakes​:yum:




Heyyo man welcome fully


Hehehe :upside_down_face: aya always give warning

but aya (me) is in search of few people to turn in cakes tooo😁


Hi :hugs: It’s nice to meet you, I’m Vicky :wink: And welcome to the forums


Hey bro :wink: