New hairstyles for limelight

I think there should be more hair styles to choose from because i have to keep using the same one for different characters and it sucks :frowning_face: PLEASE EPISODE ADD SOME DIVERSITY!


Thanks it would be nice to have more hairstyles including ones which focus on diversity. Also, I hope you guys make straight long hair for the male characters. It would be really nice to see male characters with long straight hair.

Or make more texture for curly hair.

I agree! There needs to be a lot more diversity! Maybe for girls, a messy bun and half up half down style. :slight_smile:

I mean I have a real problem with the lack of dieverse haircuts. All they give natural blacks is the AFRO! Who even uses a freakin’ AFRO???
They call the boy Alfalfa, NOT Alfrafo.
I rest my case.
Reading this over again, I smiled.


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Thanks! :slight_smile: