➳ NEW HERE ! I need writing partners for edits, ideas, & suggestions (CLOSED)

Hello loves,
My name is Jemima, but I go by Jem.
I’m 17 yearso old.
Just to make it clear, I’m not technically new to Episode.
I’ve been using this AMAZING app for about 5 years now.
But, anyways, I’m writing a story and I need writing partners; multiple brains are better than one, lmao.
I’d like them to help me familiarize with what types of stories people love reading on Episode.
They may also give the following:
• Suggestions
• Comments
• Requests
• Edits

:warning: WARNINGS :warning:

:warning: FIRST: I’m still a student and an athlete, so I won’t be as active because of school and basketball games.
:warning: If I don’t agree with any of your suggestions, please don’t get offended.
:warning: Rude remarks will not be tolerated.

Anyone that’s interested can contact me in the following email address: episodejem.gmail.Com
Or, you can contact me in the following social media account: Instagram: episode_Jem
Or, you can just comment below :blush:

If you have any questions, please contact me.
Thanks loves, I’ll see you then.
I’d love to work with you guys. :heart:

Im interested btw cant find your instagram… Mine is @MystikLunaa please message on there as well incase i do not reply here lol since i alwasy care my phone with me

Hey Jem! I’m so open to help you through your story! I’m 14 years old and I go by Thorina. I will be more than happy to help you through your story!

Thanks you very much. :two_hearts:
Cute name by the way.

Thank you! Likewise!

Oops, might have spelled it wrong.
Anyways, thanks love :two_hearts:
I’ll be contacting you soon.
Instagram episode_jem.
Sorry :sweat_smile:

You’re very welcome, sweetheart.
Anyways, have you ever written a story on Episode ?

I am currently busy writing a story, not published yet, and still on the first episode. I have written stories on a different account. (Forgot the name, so it is lost in cyber space lol) So yeah…

I’ve been making a script first.
I don’t want to start writing it directly cause I’m still familiarizing with Epside, Create Your Story.

Nice, do you have a idea what you want your story to be about?


Do ya mind sharing? Lol, sorry if I’m pushy! :joy:

It’s okay, love.
But, hey, I have about 24 scripts, how am I going to share them with you ?
Got Instagram ?

hahaha pushy is good… just dont go overboard lol

Yup! Thorina.episode

I don’t mind :joy:

Okay, thanks :blush:


By the way, I just requested