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Heyyyy everyone. I’m watching Tutorials on YouTube to figure out exactly how to code and direct this story I have planned out…but I’m still confused. Maybe I’m trying to be too advanced lol. As an opening scene I have the main character sleeping and having a nightmare but her roommate comes and wakes her up. Can someone help? Or just help in general? lol thank youuu

do you want to show her dream as well?

What do you have so far?

I’m imagining a black screen, her first line, then her roommate coming into her bedroom to wake her up

it will look something like this:

@YOU spot 1.280 447 17
Her first line goes here.

&MYA spot 1.154 430 53
&YOU spot 0.857 389 389
&YOU faces left
&YOU is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
@transition fade in black
@pause for 2
@MYA walks to spot 1.154 282 74 in 2
@MYA is think_rubchin
MYA (callout_neutral)
Wake up!

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this is super helpful
thank you!!!

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Glad to help. :heart:

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