New here. Please help

Can you guys help me? I can not for the life of it figure out how to publish my story? I need help and the story I worked really hard on it! I’d really apreciate it!

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If you made it on mobile, you need your laptop to publish it! It has to be more than 400 lines long each chapter and you never want to skip lines. If you have that, then you can sign in on episode on your laptop and a Publish button will be there and you press it!

Also, once you publish you won’t be able to write on mobile anymore

Here’s my guide how to still do it:

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Thank you! It makes a lot more sense and thanks alot!

I am not seeing my stories online. Maybe it’s just a glitch but I can’t find it. I am just gonna start a new story. Irk what now

There is a list of your stories on the left side. You will need to scroll through and find your story title.

If you would like more help, I recommend you going to Youtube and going to Joseph Evans channel as he make tutorials for ALL styles!!

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i think I just may have to try this to see if it will work for me. the coding is pretty difficult. I tried it once and I didn’t have any success with it. thanks for sharing this idea.

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No problem! I’m glad it can help! :grin:

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Hi, I am new to writing episode and I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me how to move characters between zones?

What do you need help with

@Cut to zone or @pan to zone

thank you

your welcome and you got to put which zone

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