New here please help!

I’m new here. When I start a story about my life…can I make reference to being molested growing up?I dont intend to drown my story in sorrow bit just reference it. I want to base my story on my life. Is this even possible?

yes, i think you can do that, just not make the scene itself with characters

if it’s in that way…

Do u think people would want to read about my journey to adulthood? Im thinking it may hit home with some people. Also do they post all stories written off they follow guidelines?

i think people would deffinitly read it! You do have to be good at coding/writing but then for sure!

I’m new to it all but I’ll figure it out. Gives me something positive to think about.

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If you ever need help with coding just lmk!!

And I think that would be interesting!!!

May I share what i have so far?


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