New ideas needed!

What are you guys looking for in a story?

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I think a lot of people are going to say original story lines, but really, cliches can be great when written and directed well. This may sound contradictory, but also try to avoid things that every single person is using. For example, I’m tired of there being a mean girl or jealous ex in every story who’s like, “sTaY aWaY fRoM mY mAn!” A story also is great if there’s humor, because that alone will keep me reading.


No CC. Keep your characters the way you envisioned them.

When there is CC, or when you pick the name, the character looses a lot of what makes them, THEM. It turns into YOU.

Make a character. Have clear plans, names, characteristics, traits. Don’t let someone else ruin the person you worked to hard to create.


Yeah. That’s what I was thinking no CC. But they can change the character hairstyle in every episode as well the lipstick.


Hmm. I will keep that in mind thank you!

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And if people complain… :fist_bump: (Except one of the fists is someone’s face).


-Character development
-a life lesson?
-a story where the LI isn’t the main focus
-something original or at least well written
-a story where the MC has another goal than being in a relationship with someone


Thank you anyway!

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What’s a Ll?
And alright thank you for some ideas!

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LI means love interest

Oh okay thank you.

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