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Hello- if you’re an old user, this thread is very familiar to you already! If not, I’ll be pasting the old description I created for it below, and you can access thread archives here.

This thread is an idea I suggested on the Cleaning Up the RP/SG Subforum from the old forums. From now on, if you have a new idea for an SG/RP please post it here. This way, we’re freeing up space and it saves you the time of making a whole thread/GoogleForm if not a lot of people have interest in your idea.

If you’re just a regular RPer, I’d recommend subscribing to see new ideas that you may want to check out in the future. Interest doesn’t have to mean commitment necessarily.

To make this more efficient for everyone, I recommend (but don’t require) using the following samples as a format for posts- I’ll use ORPs to explain the format a bit better, and I’ve used stuff I’ve created to explain it.

SAMPLE 1 [The Arcana Wars RP]: Hey guys! So I had a new idea for a roleplay (ORP: Explicitly state whether it’s an SG, RP or whether you want to leave it up to the players). What would you think of a post-apocalyptic future where the only people left are the characters, and they don’t know it, but they all have unique abilities, and they’re destined to fight each other to the death until there’s one left, and that one gets immortality, until the next game in a couple hundred years? (ORP: Explain your idea/concept clearly. If you’ve already written a blurb, include that too) I’m looking for exactly 22 characters and thinking 1-2 per person (ORP: If you have a fixed number of characters you will accept, specify that) I’ll start it if I can get at least seven people interested (ORP: Include how many interest forms you want before you start). I’m not sure yet, but I think I want to start this at the end of February (ORP: Give a general start date if you can so people can plan around their busy lives). I hope you’re interested!

SAMPLE 2 (no ORPs) [The Homecoming Masquerade SG]: Hey guys! So I was wondering if anybody would be interested in a new SG! My idea is basically having a prestigious private school in the capitol of a made-up country run by vampires, called the Prestiged. Every year, this school holds a masquerade at Homecoming where girls are given the chance to be a Prestiged. A girl shows her interest in being Prestiged by showing up in a black dress, and one girl is selected to join- the rest are killed. I’m not sure how many characters I want- as many as I can get, but they’d all have to be girls. I’m planning on releasing forms as soon as I can get enough interest!

Please actually use this thread to gauge interest so we aren’t clogging up the SG/RP forums with threads for ideas that never get started. Definitely make signups separately if you get your desired amount of interest, but start here please! Also, feel free to post ideas that you like but may not start for a while.

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Hey Guys, I actually have already made a RP before the New Idea Thread was made but I just wanna say that I would ask if anyone would be inserted in my Percy Jackson RP. COVERS, my sister told me she saw lots of members in the old forum say about Percy Jackson so I decided to do one. Is this a good idea? So the main plot is so like each of you get paired with a group to go on a quest to see if you succeed or not. There will be many dangers and sacrifices. You will also face Many Challenges. This is 20 years after Percy Jackson defeated Gaia and Annabeth create new cabins so there are some minor gods too. You get to choose your Greek God and your friends but BEWARE, you might get killed, but you can re spawn if I let you or there are spaces. Please support this, I really want to make a RP for everyone and I really love seeing everyone being happy and playing RP/SG’s. If I get about 10-15 supports, I’ll will start.



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Thank you for making this! This is a great idea. :slight_smile:


Hi! I was wondering if it would be a good idea to bring back my Stay Quiet RP from before the forum switched. It didn’t get very far before everything was moved so I was thinking of bringing it back. Sign ups would still be open and everything. I’ll tag the people who were rping. Please tell me if you think you’ll continue rping or not. I don’t want to add another rp that no one will end up joining and clogging up the feed.


rpers: @AwesomeAnon @ScarletSwanHunter @Altheaax @Kittenlove @amaiaxx21 @L375


I’d re-join!


Would anyone want to join a Ruby Tiara themed RP?


I would re join




Ooh! Yay!


Could you explain the plot in detail? I’ve never heard of Ruby Tiara, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.


It is an episode story. It is about someone from Earth who enters another world, with sort of a power game. I would explain ir more, if more were interested. It is more for people who have read it and are fans. You should read it!


I’d also re join!!


So, I had this idea, and I like it that much I didn’t want to waste time on getting it up, I just think It’d be awesome, and hopefully kinda new. Anyway! Here it is:

Apocalyptic! [RP]
The end of the world as we knew it has come. You, the few survivors, must now face against the new deserted wasteland. Zombies, Angels of Death, Fires and Rebels, Earthquakes and Catastrophes, all just a few of the trials you will face. As we search for a sanctuary, and a new place to call home, who will survive?

Basically, you’d create survivors of this strange apocalyptic world, and they’d be drawn together with the aim of surviving. There may be some SG events, and NPC’s, but the idea would be that our characters are looking to survive. I have a lot of awesome ideas, and some really great plots in mind, so hopefully people will be up for joining. It will be a mix of light dystopian sci-fi, supernatural, fantasy and mostly ‘Fallout’ world-y, but trust me it will work!
And before anyone reminds me of ‘Marked’ I can happily say that I have found a great coping method that let’s me Rp and do my work, so don’t worry! I am definitely going to do this Rp, provided I gain enough interest. Sign-ups would be open indefinitely, as characters can join in from anywhere if they so wish. Really looking forward to sharing this one! Will likely start quite soon, because I am really psyched for it, you guys should love it, it’s gonna be awesome!


Ooh I like this idea!


This is completely different but happy forumsversary! :smiley: (Also, I like the idea hehe)


A couple quick rules I’d like to add here just to make sure this thread is as clean as possible (these will be added to the intro post later)-

  1. Please LIKE posts instead of commenting now to show your support. We can see who likes things now which means you know who’s supporting it still, and since it’s a little hard to tell what’s a comment and what’s a post, it’ll just make this thread cleaner.

  2. “Wait, but if I have multiple ideas and just want to start one and people support by liking, how do I know WHICH idea they like?” Glad you asked! I’d also like to request you place one idea per post to make sure this situation is avoided. Otherwise, feel free to start a poll within your post. [Suggested by Ella]


Hey Everyone! So with the move I have been itching to start an RP. So here I am! Since many of my old RPs will be lost after the move I was thinking of maybe doing a revival of one that very few, if anyone, participated in the first time around. Anyway, here are the ones I was thinking of reviving:

The Spirits

“There have been reports of many deaths happening in this area, in a wide variety of ways. The victims all seem to be students from Fortuna Academy, however, officials are still unsure of what the cause of all this mess is, due to the fact that some of the deaths don’t seem to be caused on purpose. The pattern-”
Melody shut off the TV. Jackson nodded in agreement. They knew better than anyone about that tragedy, because Melody was was one of the murdered, and Jackson was one of the only ones that could see her spirit.

You attend Fortuna Academy, and you are either a ghost, or one that can see them. You need to find who or what is causing this, and stop them before you all become spirits.

That is the basic premise of the RP. Even though it does take place in a school it isn’t a typical boring high school RP (Well, hopefully it won’t be) Half of the Characters will be humans that can see ghosts while the other half will be spirits. The last time I hosted this RP it was really fun but died earlier than I hoped.

Perfect Frankenstein

Raquelle Whalkie has gone insane due to her tragic past caused by her crazy inventor father. She wishes to prove to everyone and herself that she could be a better mother than her father was. However, she soon learns that she can’t bear children. But that doesn’t stop her.

She decides to kidnap several individuals to use their parts to build a perfect child with all the perfect parts, Frankenstein Style

For this RP Raquelle kidnapped you for something, whether it be your voice, your arms, your memory, your eyes whatever to use to help assemble her perfect child. Your task is to work together to escape before she succeeds.

This RP was really fun last time but I feel like it had so much wasted potential. If we choose to do a reboot of this one I’ll plan a lot more to hopefully make it better

The World Against the Monsters

The world had been against itself for years. It doesn’t help that The Queen of the Sky once dated the Emperor of the Sea, and that the President of the Underground was the brother-in law of the Princess of the Trees. The conflict and tension between all four of them was so thick, you would need a chainsaw to cut it. Laws were created that made visiting the other groups illegal under any circumstance.
However, when conflict arose, the law was broken. The leaders set aside their differences in order to save them from a common enemy, the monsters that came to attack them. They created a small team of people from each group in order to take them down, before they did the same to them and their homes.

For this RP you’ll have a character from one of the four clans/groups: Sky, Forest, Sea and Underground. And be forced to work together even though up until this time you were forbidden to ever see/talk to/be near the other groups to take down 4 dangerous Monsters.

(Info on groups and monsters:

New Gods

Millions of years ago you rose up from the abyss and created the world. For years since you have been worshipped and honored by mortals. You are the gods and goddesses.

However, not everything was perfect and happy. A giant war broke out between the gods, which had no winner. The war resulted in all the once immortal gods losing their life’s.

The humans have since forgotten about the gods, and have continued moving on without them. Thousands of years in the future, the old gods have been reincarnated as new people trapped in the modern world.

This was one of my favorite RPs that I’ve hosted. In the original RP it took place at a campground but in the reboot we can easily change the setting.

This RP wasn’t using basic Roman/Greek Gods. You will be able to choose something to rule over and create a god/goddess yourself and their history. What made this RP so much fun the first time around is that people collaborated to create past lives that were interconnected with each other’s.

Also, for this RP you can choose whether or not that you character remembers that they are a god and they do have some of their godly power but it is much much much weaker.

The Vault of Life

You have spent your whole entire life in one room. It was a really big room, but still one room. You don’t complain though, because it was all you ever knew. You were born here after all. This room has no windows, or social media, or anyway to the outside world. You don’t even know there is an outside world, because this room is your world. They call it the Vault of Life.

Life is simple here. You wake up, eat breakfast, attend classes, explore the room that you know like the back of your hand, eat lunch, dinner, practice your abilities, avoid being punished and then repeat.

You are here for one reason; power. Those who have trapped you here know your secret that you may not even remember, and will do anything to exploit it.

Years before, the world was dying, losing it color, light and life. There was nothing else for humanity to do, then transfer all the important and necessary aspects of the world into another life source, which was you. This granted you an unknown immortality. When you died, your life began again, without your knowledge. You have lived three lives, in this vault.

But, hope is not lost for the world. You start getting glimpses of a past life, the life that you lived when you were first sent to the Vault. Now you a questioning the only life you know.

This may seem slightly similar to New Gods and it was equally as fun but it is very different.

For this RP you will be a “force of nature” or represent a specific important part of the world. Whoever brought you to this vault is using you for your powers and you don’t know it until eventually you start getting memories from your past lives.

(More info:

So yeah, those are ideas for Roleplays I wanna bring back. I still have Timeless and will hopefully get that up and running soon but now I think I have enough extra time to host two RPs.

Anyway, which one of these, if any, would you find most interesting to do?

(If you don’t find any of them interesting, or don’t want to/can’t participate if I do start one I would ask that you don’t vote so I can gauge interest and know about how many people will be willing to signup)

  • The Spirits
  • Perfect Frankenstein
  • World Against the Monsters
  • New Gods
  • Vault of Life

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