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Hi! So I had a poll about which genre of roleplay would most people want and the top two with 47% were Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I currently do not have any ideas for a Fantasy roleplay, but here are the Sci-Fi ideas I have! I do not have a name for these roleplays yet, but if you guys like them, I will think of names. These ideas are inspired by other roleplays I have seen not on these forums.

Idea One

It is 2148. Technology has advanced and by this time, androids have been perfected to look and behave exactly like humans. (The only thing that makes the androids look different from humans is their height, as androids are much taller than humans) In 2115, many of the androids all around the world rebelled and caused harm, destroying cities and killing civilians. The US government fell apart and the country turned to anarchy; however, a woman named Callista Ceres decided to form a secret organization called H.D.A. (Humans Destroying Androids) two years after the androids rebelled. The woman was ruthless and very against androids, destroying every one of them she encountered, even if they were part human.

First option
Androids were so advanced they could reproduce as well, but this was a problem as several of them reproduced with humans. These half-human, half-androids were generally not accepted by either community. Most humans were either afraid of these human-androids or wanted to kill them. Most androids did not want anything to do with the human-android mixes, but had mercy toward them and did not kill them. You are one of those uncommon mixes between a human and an android. You lived in a hidden community where some humans and some androids lived in peace, along with others like you. This community was discovered by the H.D.A and destroyed, but luckily, you and some other human-android mixes escaped. You are currently on the run, looking to bring harmony once again to both androids and humans, but trying to avoid the wrath of the H.D.A.

Second Option
You are a human. You grew up with parents in the H.D.A., so naturally, you were in it too. You were conditioned to believe that all androids were evil and that they must be eliminated for the good of the world. After years of training as a child, you are finally now ready for the second stage of training where you get to go out and have real-life experiences, trying to destroy the androids yourself. On one mission, you found a community of humans and androids living together in harmony and this made some of you wonder if not all androids were evil and if peace was possible. Some of you will deeply detest androids and be set on destroying every last one of them; however, some of your thoughts will have changed since that mission and you secretly are against the H.D.A. The goal is different depending on your thoughts, so it’s either to eliminate all the androids or to try to find peace and take down the H.D.A.

Idea Two

It was 2237 and scientists working for U.S.C.A. (United Scientists Chemical Association) have been working for many years on a drug called ALC. The drug has the power to mutate humans. Scientists started experimenting on humans, deeming the drug a success. The downfall of this was that it affected each person differently. Some people mutated physically, while others mutated mentally. Those who mutated physically were used to build U.S.C.A.'s army and to take over the world, taking over North America in ten years. Those who mutated mentally were used to work for the Association. Other downfalls were that some people took a couple hours to mutate, while others took years. Some people did not mutate at all, the drug simply altered their DNA. If the drug did not have any effects on the person who took it, either because the drug altered their DNA or because they did not want others to know they mutated, then the person was brainwashed and sent back into the world, which had fallen into poverty and many areas were chaotic. Some years later, in 2251, there started to be complications. These people who had been brainwashed and sent back into the world had children, and these children started to have abilities, such as a child with the ability to teleport or a child whose bones were made of steel. It became more common that children would have two abilities, and these children were threats to the U.S.C.A. because they could not be mutated further with the drug or be brainwashed. The U.S.C.A. demanded that parents who had children with abilities hand their children in. You are one of those children; however, you had a suspicion that your parents were going to hand you in, so you ran away. Your mission is to destroy the U.S.C.A. and stop their evil plans.

Which idea do you like better? If you guys like one of these, I will open up the sign-ups around the fifteenth or sixteenth of this month when I get back from vacation.

  • Idea One-First Option
  • Idea One-Second Option
  • Idea Two
  • None of these

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Hi! Happy New Idea’s Day, in the spirit of adopting RP’s -


This is going to be a small RP, with me and five (or three?) other people. Everyone is required to make two characters. I want to start this asap as well.

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Can I turn to the dark side?

You should also Add Sith as an option, note drama that way.

Seriously though.

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Hidden Non RP Idea Related

Of course @Surface_Hyena57



Hi! I have an idea and I want to know who’s interested and who isn’t (for further ideas).

The Golden Gameshow
All contestants live in a mansion and each have their room. Every day: a new challenge. It can be individual, pair or team. If they have a major success, they win recognition around the mansion. If they fail, they get sent home. The Golden Gameshow has many different challenges related to performing arts. The judge/host: me.

  • I am interested, tag me!
  • I am maybe interested, but don’t tag me yet!
  • I don’t like this idea, I have a suggestion.
  • I don’t like this, don’t tag me.

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Thanks guys!



Okay, last time, I promise.

I lowered it down to two options:

  • Survivor
  • Love Island

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Survivor because on both my polls it was top. And Love Island, because I’ve really got into it recently and there’s a challenge that I watched that I think would be really interesting and funny in the game.



So, I had an idea for a mystery roleplay where there’s a high-end arts academy with a shady background and even shadier students. It’ll start with the aftermath of a student suicide. Would anyone be interested?



Okay people’s! Sign up thread is hers!

Tagging people who were interested:
@oorgeloop @Episode.BriarRose @Littlefeets @Tellyg47 @epi.alyssaa

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i’d be interested in this one, maybe you could do a small group roleplay!



I’ve created the sign up thread. The RP is called Allenwood Academy



Allenwood Academy || RP || Sign Ups (OPEN)

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Hey guys, I know you’ve probably finished now, but in the future, if you’re going to reply to an idea then please do so in a PM. This thread is meant for ideas ONLY, no replies. @Ella and @Caticorn, if you’re going to reply then use messages! Keep this place clean and free from chat, stick with only ideas!




I have this idea. Can this work?

ZOMBIES Reimagined
The zombies in Zombietown have learned how to work together with the humans of Seabrook. They have now integrated and want to expand the population of both zombies and humans. All new technology has been encrypted into the Z-Bands and has a human/zombie switch to becoming either a zombie or a human at any time. What happens when the Z-bands don’t work any more than they should, causing another zombie apocalypse? Will the zombies and humans be separated again from Seabrook?

:green_heart: Zed - a zombie/ loves football
:green_heart: Eliza - a zombie/ Zed’s best friend
:green_heart: Bonzo - a zombie/ Zed and Eliza’s best friend
:green_heart: Zoey - a zombie/ Zed’s little sister
:green_heart: Zevon - a zombie/ Zed and Zoey’s dad

:heart: Addison - a human/ loves cheerleading
:heart: Bucky - a human/ Addison’s cousin
:heart: Bree - a human/ Addison’s best friend
:heart: Stacey - a human/ cheerleader
:heart: Lacey - a human/ cheerleader
:heart: Tracey - a human/ cheerleader

Be creative with this. If you’ve seen the Disney movie then you know how the whole story goes. Also, have fun! :smile: :smile: :smile:

This is my very first RP! I’m really excited that I have created this! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!!

Go Seabrook!!! :green_heart: :heart:

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Can someone tell me if my RP idea is official?

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You will either need to edit and add a pole, or go ahead and start it and see if people sign up



Thank you!

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In case you guys wanna sign up for my thread this is the place to go:

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It’s me again, now with a different idea, and this time for RP. Plot:

After all human beingins on Earth died because of horrable, wild-spreading disease, few people woke up from comma. They found notes:


A deadly disease has hit Earth. The best of the doctors put you and some others in a comma while testing cures on you to make humanity survive. But even if you are alive, you still might be sick. You can easily take test to see. You’ll find the instructions in the lab. In every room, there is a map. Since you’re reading this, we failed to survive. Make your best to save the humanity. Good look.

They need to save humanity, but first themselves.

There will be more events in the RP, which I’ll keep as a secret for now :wink: (like in @monalla’s Dead-End facility) I will also own one character and at some point I will want your characters to do something to continue the story. I also have a big plot-twist planned at the end.

Are you interested?

  • Yes, tag me
  • Yes, reserve me a character
  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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