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It’s me again, now with a different idea, and this time for RP. Plot:

After all human beingins on Earth died because of horrable, wild-spreading disease, few people woke up from comma. They found notes:


A deadly disease has hit Earth. The best of the doctors put you and some others in a comma while testing cures on you to make humanity survive. But even if you are alive, you still might be sick. You can easily take test to see. You’ll find the instructions in the lab. In every room, there is a map. Since you’re reading this, we failed to survive. Make your best to save the humanity. Good look.

They need to save humanity, but first themselves.

There will be more events in the RP, which I’ll keep as a secret for now :wink: (like in @monalla’s Dead-End facility) I will also own one character and at some point I will want your characters to do something to continue the story. I also have a big plot-twist planned at the end.

Are you interested?

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Okie I still have that other rp idea in mind but would anybody be interested in this?

The Art of Being A Teen

lowkey sound like a wp story, but at least i gave it a title that isn’t art school rp, so basic.

I don’t have a description as of now, but as cliché as this might be, I plan on making it more fun than your usual high school drama rp. It’s an rp taking place in an art high school called Holden N. Frames Academy of Fine Arts, I kinda inspired it (just a bit) off of a show called Backstage. I know this is no original idea, but I hope that you can give this a chance!

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Exousía School for Exceptional Teens

By: @Cam, @Luxinos and @Sae
Original idea by: @ChloeDraws

“There are really four dimensions, three which we call the three planes of Space, and a fourth, Time.”
H. G. Wells, The Time Machine

If you were to look for the city of Akíndynos, you would not find it, for it’s not in this world, or any world for that matter. Akíndynos is its own world, a pocket universe, hidden in a fixed spot that could be accessible from any other universe, but only by those who know its secret. Why is the city hidden as it is? It’s to keep everyone else safe, both from what’s on the inside, and what’s waiting on the outside.

Heroes have always existed, and so have the villains they fight against. And one day, a villain previously unheard of, thought to have cracked the code to stop the existence of heroes altogether. But their quest to eliminate all heroes went too far, and their obsession led to consequences that affected all universes. It hadn’t been long before all universes began collapsing on themselves, killing myriads of innocent people. While the heroes could only watch the chaos that was caused merely by their existence.

That was when Franklyn Richards decided to intervene, if the existence of heroes was going to be erased from all universes, then he had to create a universe in which they would be safe. Eliminating them from their original timelines to keep those safe of the destruction their existence meant.

Once Akíndynos was created, he worked together with heroes such as Doctor Strange and The Demiurge, as well as Doctor Manhattan and many others to travel through time and space, and extract every hero (as well as their families) from their original world to take them to this new utopia. However, the heroes refused to leave their worlds without the ones who put it at risk, they couldn’t leave their home worlds without their protection. And for that reason, villains were also taken to this new city, and some of them managed to sneak their families into the pocket universe with them.

Soon enough, Akíndynos was thriving. And while all the other universes mourned the loss of their heroes, they could now begin rebuilding their worlds without the villains, and without the threat of having their universes collapse onto themselves. It is rumoured that whenever a big threat arises outside of Akíndynos, the heroes go back to their home worlds to defend them, but they disappear soon after that.

Meanwhile, in the pocket universe, heroes were able to build their lives, their families. And to live without worrying about what seemed to be waiting for them right outside the bubble. To ensure the proper education of their children, the Exousía School for Exceptional Teens was created, and all children of both heroes and villains are meant to study at the newly created academy. There, everyone will learn to manage their abilities, and follow the heroes footsteps. But there is one more thing, something no one will tell the children, no matter how scared the adults are. There is something seeping into the pocket universe, and no one knows how to fight it yet.

With this new, unknown evil lurking, will the children manage to go through their education, while trying to deal with the problems of teenage life and finding themselves? Or is Akíndynos doomed to fail?

The only way to answer is to open the doors of Exousía to the children of the safe city.

At last, here it is, the HAVS revamp. If you were on the old forums (or have heard me speak about my RPs), then you will know what this is.

HAVS: Heroes and Villains School. A school for the children of all famous heroes and villains, a place where kids go to follow their parents footsteps, or to make their own destinies. Will they manage to deal with their lives in the school while a mysterious evil lurks just outside of Akíndynos?

Tagging to members of the original RP

@FallenAngelNight13 @TheBluGeek @ScarletSwanHunter @Kittenlove @Hail_the_Stxrs

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Hey guys!
Okay, I’m back again. I know I post a lot of ideas on here, but that’s only because I’m constantly getting ideas and I get easily bored, especially when waiting. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind waiting, but I just need to entertain my mind while I do so.
So, this idea is almost in complete contradiction to my last one (SAW), as it’s a comedy. A genre not really covered on here, probably because it’s a little more difficult. However, a few of you may know that I love to challenge myself. :grin:
My idea …



Taskmaster is a British comedy panel game show, which stars comedian and actor Greg Davies in the role of the Taskmaster, issuing simple, comedic and bizarre tasks to five contestants each show – usually comedians – with Alex Horne acting as Davies’s assistant and the umpire during the challenges. The simple and bizarre challenges are usually performed in isolation, but occasionally in teams – are designed to encourage the players to think creatively to complete the task.
A quick trailer, which was for series 5.

A breakdown of the show

Each episode starts with the Prize Task, where each contestant donates a prize to offer up following a given theme – e.g. the contestant’s most unusual item; their most treasured item; their trendiest item of clothing etc – and are all awarded to the winner of the show. Then three or four pre-filmed tasks follow, usually taking place in and around the Taskmaster house. Tasks are delivered to the players in an envelope with a wax seal, which the player reads aloud:
e.g. "Fewest steps to the soup”, “create a Nursery Rhyme video”, “Get the balls up a hill”, or “Buy The Best Present”.
After the tasks are shown to the audience, the players justify their creative methods and argue to Davies – and among themselves – as to why they did best. After all the attempts at the task have been seen, judgement is passed by Davies and points are awarded (or players disqualified) accordingly.
The final challenge is performed live in the studio. In the event of a tie, the winner is decided by a special tie-breaker task, which may either be pre-filmed or performed live.

How I will recreate it …

I’m changing it to a six-episode show, with the first five shows having different guests/competitors, while I’ll play Greg and Alex.
This will probably be the most SG I’ve ever done. The thread will take place in the Taskmaster studio in front of the audience, and this will be the RP part. Reacting and justifying your challenge choices - in light humour. I will issue the challenges in a PM, and you write how you’d complete it. I will then summarise (or add bits to) them and post it to the thread. Points will be given with no rationalisation, and a winner found. In addition to the prizes for each episode, the winner will return for the sixth episode of the show to battle the other champions.
This is just a bit of fun, and something different in the way of format and story.

Would anyone be interested?

  • Yes, please!
  • Yeah, this is quite different.
  • Sounds intriguing, will check it out if you create it.
  • Not sure yet, mate.
  • Not my thing!

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Can more people vote on my Survivor Vs Love Island poll? It’s currently equal and therefore I cannot decide.


Please forgive me.


Wind is the natural movement of the air from/to a particular direction. Wind has different meanings. In fact, it can be a verb and noun. That’s the famous meaning of that term in Earth. But in Adavale, a wind is a person. A wind is someone who inherited a divine power from a certain god. Being a wind means being one of the strongest people on the realm. Being a wind means being a protector of Adavale. Being a wind means you life at stake.

Adavale was once a very peaceful land… or so they say. Legend has it that there was once lived a beautiful maiden who attracted the whole world-- women and men. They said that even the world itself loved her. She had many suitors, but none of them were able to successfully win her heart. They eventually gave up, knowing they didn’t have the chance to marry her. Except for two men, who were rumoured to be gods. They came down to court her, but the maiden told them she will only love a man who loves her not by beauty, but by her attittude. They continued, and eventually, the maiden chose only one. The other one was jealous. Out of anger, he poisoned the maiden. The maiden’s lover got angry, and declared war between the other god. The other gods tried to stop them, but they did not listen. The envious god decided to give a part of his powers to a human, to continue his evilness. And so did the other gods who were with him. Adavale was in chaos when they did that. The humans they chose were corrupted… or so the grannies said. For the fight to be fair, the good gods decided to give a part of their powers to to their chosen people. This was the story how the winds were made.

In Adavale lies the city of Cerhel, where majority of the people stay. Cerhel is a wealthy land with a supportive mayor. Most winds are found in Cerhel, in any age. Sometimes, they can take on missions assigned by the government and set out to the other part of the world to complete it.

I know I have posted it before but I added something new, I’m really sorry for that. >~<

For Gods, I decided to let you guys choose what your God is ruling over with. So… yeah.

Poll Time…

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Hogwarts, School for Wizards and Witches RP
You have received an invitation to attend, Hogwarts! You arrive there for fun, mischief and mystery. They only accept Witches and Wizards, and you will be amazed and dazzled by the fun! But it will not be easy, which house will you be in? And each week, 1 new mystery is here…whoever or whichever team solves the mystery first, will get a different gift for their house each week…

Hogwarts, School of Wizards and Witches Teacher RP
You, are a famous teacher, are you have been invited to teach at Hogwarts? Will you survive the challenges? And the annoying children? Will you be popular like Sprout? Or unpopular like Snake?

So basically, I noticed that there were no Hogwarts, and I thought it would be fun to create one. Would anyone like to join? But I really want everyone to be active though, cause then everyone can talk and have fun!

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  • Meh.

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Uhm, hey, so I made a Rp called Supernatural high. (I made it before i new this existed) and I was wondering how many people would like to Join. Its about a school where supernatural beings (Vampires, Werewolves, Banshees, Revenants, and mermaids/sirens) co-exist with Humans and mingle learn together, and make friends. Drama is allowed, but theres like this secret that is going to happen once five people actually join. So does anyone want to join?


is anyone interested in another School RP?? I see that there are already a few supernatural rps, and I’m thinking of a more normal high school with its normal school drama.
This school rp, will be filled with the casual school drama with enemies, friends and romance,

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Right, I’m making this RP!


I’m planning to create The Amazing Race RP by this week! Anyone interested?

Btw, unlike any other rp, this rp will only be active during every Friday 12 to 2p.m.EST!

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  • Um… no thanks.

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Oh no, sorry! I didn’t realize that you were going to make one! You can make your one on Harry Potter, my one is similar, just copying the lessons and houses. Sorry, i didn’t know you was going to make one! I really am! Do you want me to change it completely or anything?:sweat_smile:


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