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Scenario-Based Roleplay


This is a roleplay, but I would consider it generally different than others. The story is centered around descisions and other things we plan. It is in a set world and such, but everything else is mostly ‘on-the-go.’ Kind of like a writing prompt, but made into a Roleplay.

In Escape, the first thing you do is…well, escape from an unknown location. Your characters know (or may not know) they have powers.

Everything after that will be unscripted, so the possibilities are endless.

And don’t worry, I know this may sound like complete chaos at first, but we’ll plan to make sure ‘Plot Overlapping’ or something like that doesn’t happen.

If you’d like to join, there will be a PM to explain everything. But before I explain anything else, I just want to say, this will be a PMRP, which means The entire ‘journey’ will be in an RP.

Also, right now, for management reasons and simplicity, there will likely be 3-4 Roleplayers in each PMRP Max…


  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe…(Needs more explanation in the PM)

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(If you chose ‘Maybe,’ please explain what you’d l Iike to know exactly, in the PM, that is.)



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I mean that I might sign up, not that I need to know more in the PM.


Hi! So this is my first RP based off of The False Prince! I’m still working on a few things such as plot and how things’ll work, but I figured I’d post the general idea to see who’s interested! Hope you enjoy!

A few months ago, the royal family of Altaria including crown prince Maxim Leighton was mysteriously poisoned, leaving the King’s brother on the throne. Already, the people are outraged by the controversial decisions he has made on behalf of the kingdom and a civil war is on the edge of breaking out.

A noblewoman who goes by the name of Lady Corinne has a plan to bring peace to the kingdom, but not in a way you would think. She has taken 10 girls from various orphanages across Altaria and brought them to her estate. One of these girls will fool the rest of the kingdom that she is the missing princess that hasn’t been seen in eight years. Little does Lady Corinne know that among them is the princess and true heir to the throne, and she’s intent on taking the throne back.

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General idea:
Fifty years in future; everything has changed. Derek Jackson is in authority. You are either a respecter or a opposer - one of his men or their slave. There’s no middle way. Jackson’s rules are horrible for opposers but enjoyable for respecters. If you are an opposer, there’s no way you become a respecter. Your family has failed him - he is not giving second chances.
But there’s enough opposers. Together, they can stop Jackson no matter his powerful weapons and best shields. Together, you can wind the flag of peace once and forever.

How it all began:
Jackson was popular at young age of 12. He and his group believed that there’s too much bad people. But after years of getting resources, people and skills, he’s become worse than them. When he was ready, he attacked. And he won. Everyone who contradicted him got punished with being the opposers. A child, born by opposer, will always be one.

Through the RP:
Your characters’ parents died, for ‘breaking the rules’. And that was too much for you. From the papers, you fond others who’s parents were executed. You do the same Jackson did years ago. Collect resources, train yourselves and find others to rebel. I will randomly put some clues that will help you find respecters’ weaknesses, and you can use them. If your character is a respecter, I will tell you what he can find about the rebels. You can choose to find them and torture them for more information, or let them go - this will affect your relationship with Jackson.
The RP will end when all the rebels are dead or when The Flag of Piece is winded again (the rebels win over Jackson).


More about rebels

Rebels’ begin with nothing but basic knowledge from their parents. With resources, they can build weapons.
I will also give small clues at random areas in Opposers’ city. With connecting them, they can find information about past and Respecters’ weaknesses.
They need to be careful, so Respecters don’t find them. If they do and torture them for information, they can choose to tell them and get away or save others and suffer.
The people executed were: Lisa and Lane O’Malley, Karen and Nathan Horton, Lyla and Mason Freebush and Gale and Shayna Lakewood. Their children are the original rebels, and I would love if there were some siblings from different users(but not more than 2). They will try to find other Opposers to join them - the rebels.

More about Respecters

Respecters work for Jackson and are indebted to make sure that Opposers follow Jackson’s rules. It doesn’t even cross their minds to betray Jackson, they’ve been through a lot together (but they can have their opinion about the system).
When a Respecter searches for something suspicious, I will maybe give them some clues about the rebellion. They can choose to hunt down rebels (if they believe there are some). If they find them, they can torture them for more information, but they can find the wrong person.
Romances are allowed, and there can be some siblings, but please, not too much.

Are you interested?

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  • I’m interested, reserve me a character!
  • I’m interested!
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I will need at least 7 yes-es.


The Vanishings

A Post-Apocalyptic Roleplay With Storygame Influences


Years ago, something unusual occurred in a small town. Downtown, a woman by the name of Sandra Sutton was reported to have started scratching herself all over claiming that it “burned” in a sort of way. She stood in the middle of the road, cars beeping at her as she practically scrapped her skin off. One could wonder how it was possible for something like that to happen as it did. She fainted, and was taken to a hospital immediately. No one was sure of what Sandra was going through, not even the doctors, there was no explanation whatsoever.

After a couple of days in the hospital, her family reportedly noticed her skin had started peeling by itself by now, and that she started to move less and not talk at all. When someone touched her hand, she had no reaction. She wasn’t eating, hearing, seeing, or talking, she wouldn’t even sleep. It was as if Sandra herself had disappeared out of her own body, she was basically lifeless. The whole town listened in on the story of Sandra Sutton whenever the news reported on it, they sat on the edge of their seats hoping for her to return back to normal, but Sandra was gone. She had vanished, completely losing all of her senses. Her ability to talk or do anything was lost, her body just layed there, wide-eyed and awake, but truly dead inside. Everyone in the town lost a bit of themselves that day when Sandra Sutton’s lifeless body was taken from the hospital and to a lab to study what was wrong with her, before questions remained unanswered and the husband and three children of poor thirty-one-year-old Sandra J. Sutton had to watch her still but open-eyed body get put into the ground. This was only the first instance, and later on, there were many more.

More and more cases of this ‘disease’ began to spread across the town and eventually, a person dying from at first, the instance of what seemed like a harmless little want to scratch turned a burning sensation impossible to control, to skin peeling off and away, though not always completely, until your senses had gone and nothing was left of you. You would be still, thoughtless, and lifeless it seemed, just like Sandra. The ‘Vanishings’ is what they called it, because the lives of over half of the people in the town had up and vanished. No one knew why it happened, or how to prevent it. But they did know where it came from, it was an airborne disease having something to do with the sun. Adults and older were known to not always live as long, being shielded from the sun wasn’t of much help, but usually worked, and many surviving people with the disease strived on little exposure to the sun and vaccine that was usually difficult to find and keep, though this vaccine required continuous use, otherwise it wouldn’t work for too long. But that was all everyone knew—and the disease spreaded farther than the town.

Years later, the barely-surviving people of a humble town now overrun with ruin and decay still have no answers to the now outdated questions of The Vanishings, but hope still exists, if one knows where to find it.


  • There will be a bit of godmodding in this.
  • Your character will have to survive in these conditions, however it’s possible that they might end up dying depending on how they decide to go about living in those conditions.
  • I can kill off your characters, but I won’t do it for no reason, obviously. I wanted to make this an sg but I’m not too familiar with them, but I do know how they work. Somewhere in this rp there will be a gang involved, though there are groups.
  • There will be significant events that your character will be involved in. Sometimes events (and tasks, motives, etc.) will be geared towards one specific character, or more, prompts almost, at least sometimes.


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  • This isn’t all that interestingl…
  • This is interesting, maybe!
  • This should be an SG.
  • I would like to help you with this! (If so, pm me.)
  • Nay. I’m not interested.

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I only need about three or four people to help. Oh and this is heavily based on a wattpad book I made once!

Thanks!~ :heart:

It’s posted!
Click here to sign up!


Title TBA

slightly based off the tv show ‘Freakish’

We are 20 years into the future. The most dreaded war has come. Everywhere is in danger. Places are attacking other places left right and centre. No where is safe. Every day is a blessing, since life on earth can be taken in an instant. Even though the world is slowly ending, life is continuing. Everyone still goes to school and work like usual. So do you.

18th October 2028, the town of Riverwood was attacked. A poisonous gas was spread everywhere, and it was unescapable. Everyone in Riverwood died. Or that’s what they think.

You survived. You were in the school, Riverwood High when in happened, the gas completely missed the school, and now you, and around 10 people, are still alive. What happens now? Try and survive, and find out the secrets lurking in this mysterious attack.

This is my idea, idk, there’s more to it that i have planned. First of all, there will only be a few places at first, because only a few people survived. But later on, the sign ups may open again and there will be a few more places, for survivors that are found later on. Here’s the poll, you can choose more than one.

  • This seems cool, I’ll join
  • I have an idea for the title!
  • I’d like to join, also interested in helping
  • This seems bad, no thanks

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After a strange snow storm, the world isn’t like it was before. Russia, Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.
Everyone who is lucky enough to survive the storm has to try and survive.

You don’t actually have to be from the place your character is from

I’ll be adding more shortly to give a better idea but I have to go on a trip.

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Already posted but there are lots of spots open!


Hello roleplayers! I just got an idea in my head and couldn’t get it out… it’s Miss Universe. I will create a guys’ Mister Universe (girls can roleplay too as boys)

Miss Universe // SG/RP

Miss Universe, a famous contest all over the world to see which girl is destined to be the most beautiful, the most intelligent, and the sweetest! Miss Universe will be selected after a series of “challenges”. You get eliminated if the judges don’t like it, and you stay if they do. Who will be the rich and famous Miss Universe? Who will be elimated?


Can I sign up as a girl if I’m a boy?

Of course you can! This is roleplay!

Can I sign up more than 1 character?

Yes, but you can only sign up up to 2 characters due to the limited amount of players.

Can romance be involved?

Yes, but no detailed sex scenes.

Can you make friends as well as enemies?

Yes, you can make friends, but only one will win. Yes, you can make enemies but if you swear/curse, blur it.

  • I want to join in! Tag me!
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  • I want to help make the roleplay.
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Hope this was clear!



@16AngelCat @luciaricci @Kate_Potter @Stxphanix @khione @Madilnel @arielbelles @GlowingBanZ

I will be sure to add you to the roleplayers list!

@brinn @IIChanII

I will add you to the “maybe” list :slight_smile:


Thank you for helping AND playing!


Thanks for helping out!


Roleplay inspired by friends?

I was thinking of creating a roleplay based on the tv-series Friends, and I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in joining?

For those of you that have never seen friends, it’s basically a story about a small friend-group who make their way through their everyday lives (with some drama and fights included of course, but nothing that can’t be solved since they’re all best friends).

The roleplay will be sort of a lighthearted, feel-good RP, but I will make sure it won’t become boring. There will also probably only be up to six available spots to fill, to fit the story.

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My second post here today, haha!

But I’m really feeling in the mood for roleplays with simple plots at the moment, so I was just wondering if anyone else was feeling up to a good old-fashioned high school roleplay?

I’m thinking that it would be centered around the students wanting to become prom king or queen, and heavily focuses on the relationships the students have to each other - (high school sweethearts, enemies, liars, cheaters, BFFs etc.).

This is obviously just the gist of the actual plot, but please vote to tell me if you’re interested!

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Thanks for voting, HERE’S the link to the signup thread!


Hi guys! I’m totally new to role playing and I’ve been wanting to participate in a Hunger Games RP. I have read several different Rps and I’m confident I have the hang of it now. Would anyone like to join? I promise this one will not die out. I am committed to this RP :sparkling_heart:

  • I’m interested!
  • Maybe…
  • No thanks…

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There is a hunger games to that is happening right now- we’re making it- me and @fal.renet1398


I’ve been considering eventually making a rp about an either all girl or all boys school of students with either physical and/or mental issues. Throughout the rp they would help cope and deal with their ailments. The thing is, I’m unsure of which people would prefer. Which would you prefer to have an rp in an all girls school or all boys school? (Non-binary characters are obviously included in both as long as they fit realistically as in being afab for the girls school and amab for the boys school.)

  • All girls school
  • All boys school

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Tagging a few people in the rp community to see their preference too (doesn't exaclty mean you have to be interested in it)

I’m sorry if this bothers you!
@FinnTheGhost @kerubiel @JasonWasHere @Etherwalker @Chay @Caticorn @Artistofepi @Littlefeets @theother51


i prefer roleplaying as a female, but i think a roleplay about boys with mental illnesses would be a great way to spread awareness that mental illnesses like anorexia and bulimia are not limited to females.

i’d love to be a part of either one!

edit: i think you should pick the one you like best, regardless of what the poll says-- both ideas are really great!


I’m not sure if this is a good idea, but I’ll leave it on here in case people are interested.

Westridge High

Upon living in the town of Westridge, you are immediately signed up for Westdrige High, a high school particularly like no other. The high school used to be as one, until 2010, when an outbreak arose, breaking the high school into six parts, the Populars, the Jocks, the Geeks, the Actors, the Musicians, and the Neutrals.

The Populars

The Populars were at the top of the school’s social pyramid. The Populars basically ran the school, but there were only few of them. Some of them had rich parents and were extremely vain and snobby, while some were just likeable to other populars. Although, the school was broken apart, The Populars who were on the cheer team had a stable relationship with those who were The Jocks.

The Jocks

The Jocks were directly under The Populars on the school’s social pyramid. The Jocks were semi-popular, captains of the cheerleading, football, volleyball, and basketball of the teams. The most competitive of the groups, they only accepted the best of the best on their sports teams. The Jocks that were cheerleaders had a stable relationship with those who were Populars.

The Actors

The Actors were the third group on the school’s social pyramid. Some were very vain and dramatic, while others had personalities that didn’t have to be noted. They were usually found in the Auditorium practicing for the school’s next play, or in the cafeteria, planning the next play. Although the Actors hated The Musicians, they try to fake a smile so they can get stellar music for their plays.

The Musicians

The Musicians are pretty close to the bottom of the school’s social pyramid. They tend to be shy people, mostly some of them not being seen. They think they have a stable relationship with The Actors, but they really don’t.

The Neutrals

The Neutrals are the people at Westridge who do not have a clique, and this is quite rare. They can be friends with whoever they want, and are allowed to be where they want. The Actors, The Musicians, and The Geeks are extremely fond of them.

The Geeks

The Geeks are the school’s lowest clique. They’re usually people who are obsessed with video games, or those who are book worms. They tend to never be out in the open. All cliques do not like these people.

Now, it’s a new year for the students at Westridge, some are returning, and some are new, trying to find themselves as a person. It’s up to the leaders of the cliques to recruit the new freshmen to take part in their cliques.

Will you be the one to stop Westridge’s separation?

The roleplay is basically about a High School that has been separated by the power of stereotypes (or labels). I’ve never seen a roleplay like this, so I thought it may be worth a go. I don’t think people would be interested, so let me know your thoughts. There’s not really a main plot (besides the separation), so if this ends out carrying on as an idea, I’d love some people to help out.

  • Interested (Tag Me)
  • Interested + Wanting to Help Out (Tag Me)
  • Wanting to Help Out
  • Might be Interested (Tag Me)
  • Might be Interested (Don’t Tag Me)
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Thanks for reading, have a good day. :slight_smile:


i love this idea. please tag me/pm if you need anything!

also i kind of really want to be a popular because i have so many plot ideas in my head lmao