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Before I do share this idea, I wanna say that I searched the forums a little while before to see if this idea exists. If it does, please PM me. I will automatically refrain from making this if something like this has already been made. Please also note that even though this may be something like @Cam’s Exousía RP because of the fact they are children, the two are not the same. I also have planned this out, so it does have some plots here and there.

Superhero Academy!

Dear Parent, we have randomly selected sixty students to join this year at Superhero Academy. Your child has been selected out of the population of children in the world. Upon attending Superhero Academy, your child will be given the opportunity to use their powers, for better or for worse. It is up to them to decide on how to use these powers.

If you choose for your child to attend Superhero Academy, we will provide all payments including the plane fee, transportation fee, and uniform fee. At Superhero Academy, we will be preparing your child in order to help you and your family in the hardest times. We will determine if your children can handle the powers we give them. We will choose the proper powers fit for them and your current life situations.

Superhero Academy is promptly located on an island fit to train your children to be the best value they can be. Students will be allowed to take electronic devices, but they may only be used to contact you. Any other uses for devices will result in a referral. Upon attending Superhero Academy, students will be expected to have more confidence in themselves and be able to interact with others freely.

If you are interested in enrolling your child to Superhero Academy, please visit our website immediately for further instruction.

About This RP…

Superhero Academy is a roleplay based around this year, 2018. Your character and fifty-nine other children have been randomly selected to join the academy. Depending on how you act and your current life situation, you will be matched with the powers that are right for you. Your character has been flown to a private island where you will be taking your lessons and staying for the year. Each day, you will have a new activity and new challenge to face.

Of course, I will need help for this roleplay. I’m going to need some people to help me figure out what challenges to give, and some people to play as teachers, or even better, help me by playing the school’s vice principal, a role crucial to the introduction.

  • Interested - Tag Me
  • Interested + Helping with Challenges - Tag Me
  • Helping with Challenges - Tag Me
  • Interested + Interested in Other Roles - Tag Me
  • Interested in Other Roles - Tag Me
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If you have any comments on this idea, please PM me instead of replying to this post. This thread is to share our ideas… :slight_smile:


@Daisy_Flower1 please stop commenting on here


I’ve wanted to do a 50’s housewife roleplay for some time now and I was wondering if anyone would be interested?

I was thinking quality over quantity on this one - only a few roleplayers who’d roleplay as the housewifes in middle to upper middle class families, and maybe some roleplayers roleplay as their husbands, children and so on if needed. But it wouldn’t be many more than 8 to 10 roleplayers, to avoid clutter and confusion. And since I’m imagining tons of drama for this roleplay, being active every day will be a must. I will also include a test showing each roleplayer’s abilites in writing to make sure the quality is the best it can be.

I also have an idea of larger timeskips in this roleplay aswell, so we can see the characters develop and get affected by how the times change as the roleplay goes on. For example:

1954 - Wife 1 and wife 2 are best friends, but when wife 1 finds out wife 2 has been sleeping with her husband. Wife 1 gets a divorce from her husband, but things end up not working out for wife 2 and wife 1’s ex-husband.

1960 - The two women now hate each other, but when their now grown children start dating each other, they’re forced to start spending time together again, causing more drama.

Or …

1957 - Wife 3 is completely sure that being a housewife is the only way for her, even though her husband hits her and she’s really unhappy.

1963 - With the growing women’s right’s movement, wife 3 builds up the courage to finally get a divorce and then gets a job of her own.

Of course there’s a million (more exciting) storylines that could be explored here! Keep in mind that this is a very rough draft!

So, would anyone be interested in joining/helping me create this roleplay?
Let me know!

  • Yes, I’d be interested in joining!
  • Yes, I’d be interested in helping!
  • Yes, I’d be interested in joining AND helping!
  • I could be interested …
  • I’m not interested.

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The Wives of Clarendon Hills - RP - SIGN UPS -



Hey guys,
I have another idea, sorry. I know Rosie and I already have Jump Street (Plus, we may have a second AWESOME idea that we’re posting in the next day or two. Ssh…), but I’m too active to not post this as well. I just love writing. All of my other stories will still be top priority, nothing will be forgotten. I won’t let myself forget any, and neither will Rosie. In fact, she’ll probably tell me to have my head examined when she sees this. Love you babe, sorry.

Adventure Story
Has anyone read those old adventure stories, where you get to choose your own path? They’re similar to Episode but in book form, and mainly in the adventure category with hints of fantasy and action.
So, I was thinking of adapting this concept/book into an SG for multiple people rather than just one person alone. I did post this in the Small Groups Ideas thread, and had this running with four different group/individuals in PMs, but most got 60% through and then went inactive. Though if you were part of those PMs and want to reuse your character, I’m fine with this.
So I’m back because I’m wanting to do a straight SG with this rather than RP/SG! You will all be a “hero” character and work together on the adventure. With the other RPers, you can talk through decisions and with each other, and use each others’ skills to work together.

The story:
The town of Stonebridge is in danger. An ancient doom is coming and only one object can be used to fight against it, to protect the town. Unfortunately, it’s the legendary Hammer of Stonebridge. The missing pieces of the hammer can be found within the threatening shadows of Darkwood Forest, where all the deadliest creatures live.
You must work together, or alone, to find the Hammer of Stonebridge. You will start your adventure with weapons, gold, potions, and provisions. Not to mention, you will have a number for each of the following: Skill, Stamina, and luck, which can decrease during battles. So you decide what you do while trying to race through the dangers to find the Hammer and save lives, without dying yourself. Yes, you can fail, and you can die.

Are you up for the adventure?

    • Yes, sounds awesome
    • Yeah, sounds different
    • Maybe, will check it out
    • Not too sure yet
    • Nah, not my thing

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Hey guys,
Back at it again. Since the BRILLIANT @amberose and I have been so motivated and invested in our 21 Jump Street SG, we’ve decided to start another as well.
I posted a batch of ideas months ago, where I have made up half of them. Unfortunately, the one you all wanted me to do most, the idea was already taken. Months later, I was still eager and it still hadn’t been created, so I PM’d the lovely RPer and got permission.
So, Rosie and I are collaborating once more, to bring you another SG, not an RP. Why we keep choosing to do SGs is because we’re both active and really enjoy writing together. We also don’t want to let inactive RPers allow our story to die, like what happens with many stories on here.
Now onto the idea …

The Bachelor or Bachelorette

You create the contestants. A number of contestants (no more than 25), either just boys, just girls, or boys and girls, would compete for one of the hearts of two Bachelors/Bachelorettes (our creations). There will be individual and group dates, cocktail parties, and eliminations.
Eliminations. Yes, your character will be able to get eliminated and be out of the story. Though eliminations may be down to a public vote sometimes, not just us. Just to make it a little fairer. Then, by the end, we should be left with two contestants who win the bachelor/bachelorettes’ hearts.

Interested in this SG?

  • Yes, can’t wait to create.
  • Yeah, sounds good
  • Maybe … will check it out
  • Nah, make it an RP
  • Nah, not keen

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If you said yes/maybe…

To do with the sexualities/genders in the SG

  • Two bachelors with female contestants
  • Two bachelorettes with male contestants
  • Two bachelors with male contestants
  • Two bachelorettes with female contestants
  • A bachelor and bachelorette with male and female contestants

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Hello there! Its AS.
And this is my first ever RP.
I have no idea whether this would make sense or not, since it is a rough draft of what I have conjured up. But I would be glad if you could give it a chance! :yellow_heart:

The Toodle Thirteen

“In the quiet and serene city of Lonelydon situated in the heart of Ultimate Kingdom, there exists a sweet, beautiful, happy-go-lucky building that boasts of its delightful, lip-smacking, attractive and value-for-money delicacies.”

“Yes, O Reader. It is The Baker’s Dozen!”

“It is the most famous and sought-after bakery in the city. People from far away areas come here just to get the experience of not only its succulent and enticing goodies, but also because of the peaceful ambience, excellent staff service, quantity and quality of food items that it provides.”

“Titled as ‘The King Of The Bakeries’, Baker’s Dozen prides itself upon the great number of orders it receives daily, both bulk and regular. It is also involved with philanthropic activities and, especially, it has been the only bakery that has hosted the biggest ball ever for The Royal Family Of Ultimate Kingdom and was publicly recommended by them. Baker’s Dozen is also stamped in The Guinness World Records for making the largest cake ever for a festival at the Perky Institution for Blind for the blind children.”

“But Baker’s Dozen is not run by a single, flashy, business-mogul individual. Oh no, it isn’t. Baker’s Dozen isn’t driven by the purpose of making large profits and playing by savings – it is an idea, a strategy which is driven by the purpose of providing happiness and satisfaction to all the people with excellent results.”

“Just as the name suggests, Baker’s Dozen is run by a group of THIRTEEN individuals in absolute secrecy. Now who are those individuals, no one knows. No one ever sees them, no one ever hears them. People have dubbed the group of those secretive individuals as The Toodle Thirteen. Some sources also guess their involvement with an underground organization or crime syndicate. Many Churches and spiritual houses see them as ‘Incarnations Of The Almighty’. But, what IS the reality?”

About The RP

You would be playing as one of the members of the Toodle Thirteen. Just as the description suggests, the roles would be limited (maximum 13…or few more, I guess). No one would be the ‘leader’ or ‘captain’ or ‘boss’ of the bakery as it is an idea which is built upon the joint working, unity and compassion of the workers. More details would be out if people are interested –

  • Interested. Tag me.
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  • Might be interested. But don’t tag me.
  • Not Interested.

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The Royal Cult 👑

So my friend tried making a SG. Didn’t work out. So I’m wondering what you think of this RP, or if you don’t like it, I need to know.

Background You live in a small town where anything isn’t what it seems. Magic and danger lurk around every corner. In a town werewolves, witches and vampires have come to life—no one is safe. Especially when someone starts picking of each person one by one. Could you survive? Or are you going to die within the first wave of killings?

  • I want to join tag me!
  • I want to join but don’t tag me!
  • I’d like to help!
  • I don’t like the idea

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Ok so there is a new camper at camp Highlands. As an initiation prank, a group of members from the campers tribe, The ember tribe, grabs him in his sleep, after night fall, and puts him in a canoe, left to drift off into the lake. The camper is awakened by the sound of raucous laughter. They’re startled to suddenly be adrift in a canoe in the middle of the dark, deep lake waters without a paddle. The group ignores the campers pleas, stating he/she can’t swim, and simply says “We will be back before sunrise.”

When the group returns the next morning, the camper is nowhere to be seen. They quickly fish the canoe out of the lake and can only assume that The camper got to shore on their own. The day goes on, and the camper is nowhere to be seen, but they decide to keep quiet to avoid trouble. Throughout the day, each member of the tribe can’t help but feel like they’re being watched.

Little do they know the camper isn’t missing, but hiding. Plotting revenge against them all

  • Yes! This is a good idea!
  • I don’t like this idea
  • This idea has already been created…

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Before I do state this idea…

My ideas have probably failed instantly, but this time I’m gonna be trying a new method to organize this roleplay so I can really see who would really be active for it and really like the storyline. I do hope you bare with me because it’s my first time using this method.


Welcome to the city of El Wood. El Wood is home to the world’s most famous celebrities, and home to something else… Emergencies.

There is said to be about one-hundred 911 calls everyday to the El Wood Police Department or the El Wood Hospital. It’s up to the people we count on. The doctors, the nurses, the firefighters, and the police officers.

We may only know what they do, but, do we really know what really is going on in their lives? We’ve never really taken the time to really think about what their children do. We don’t know what they miss out on. We don’t know if they share a close bond with their parents. All we know is what they do.

Emergency is basically an RP that is going to highlight what our real life heroes really do. It’s like an experiment to really think deeply of how police officers, doctors, nurses, and firefighters manage to balance out their jobs saving lives and keeping a close bond with their loved ones. We as people never really think about it if we don’t have a parent like that. I was really thinking about it as my mom isn’t home as she works as a nurse. She tries so hard to balance out family and work, mostly sleeping.

I thought it would be fun to create an RP like this, just to really see how it is to be one of those people.

Occasionally, there would possibly be a murder or crime involving all RPers to be involved, helping out as much as we can. It would most likely have a google form of what to most likely do, because some decisions can impact how other characters think of each other.

Because I do wanna keep this RP alive, I’ll occasionally ask RPers of feedback and of some situations they’d like to see. I do really wanna keep this going no matter how busy I am with other RPs or school.

  • Interested - Tag Me
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  • May Be Interested - Don’t Tag Me
  • Not Interested

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Thanks for reading.


The Days of Endurance Forevermore

In late 2021, the world was stricken by unevitable chaos - constant hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis tortured the people - everyone was sure this was the end, some people were so sure they took matters into their own hands … and escaped. These people formed a group, led by a man called Tom Landham, a man you are only allowed to referance by calling him “The Great Leader”. The group called themselves “The Days of Endurance Forevermore” - or “The Days of Endurance”, for short. They took flight down to a big bunker built during the second world war, and vowed to stay there forevermore, and to create a new society where chaos wouldn’t be unevitable - where chaos wouldn’t even be possible. The perfect society.

People from the outside started joining the group as the world outside the bunker was beginning to become more dangerous every day. Soon there were thousands of people stacked like sardines in the bunker, sharing food that came in tin cans. Eventually, some of The Great Leader’s followers proved to be more competent and skillful than others, and helped The Great Leader put down one of The Days of Endurance’s ground principles - the six groups.

Info about the groups:

Teresa Vanderbilt, a former nurse, helped establish The Healers - the group responsible for helping the sick, the harmed and the elderly.
Sean Bernard, a former chef at Next, a five-star restaurant in Chicago, helped establish The Cooks - the group that provides food for everyone.
Greta Maurson, a woman in her late seventies whose garden was more beautiful than anything anyone had ever seen, helped establish The Growers - the group that takes care of the large gardens in the bunker, and therefore all of the food, since keeping livestock underground was pointless.
Hannah Hamerock, a former middle school teacher, helped establish The Educators - the group that provides a very basic education in math, english and history to everyone.
David Lopez, a former police officer, helped establish The Law Enforcers - the group responsible to keep The Days of Endurance’s legal system as fair as possible.
Michael Clark, a man who had previously worked at a gas station, and seemed to be perfectly nice at first, but then committed the most horrid crime The Days of Endurance has ever known - he murdered The Great Leader. There were plans to execute him, but when the people realized they still needed him in order to populate, for lack of a better word, so they created the most shameful group to be a part of - The Attendants - the group doomed to clean up after all the other groups.

With these new groups, the new society flourished, and soon the bunker was the size of a smaller city. You have been taught to not ask how they were able to, and how they continue to, expand it. After a while, little children were running around the bunker, and people started growing older and older. Along with these children and elders came new sets of rules that were decided upon to ensure everyones survival, peace, safety and reproduction. These rules would become some of The Days of Endurance’s other ground principles.

At each age, you were given some responsibilities:

Ages 1 - 5 : You’re considered a child, you have no responsibilities.
Ages 6 - 9 : You go to school and get taught basic math, english and history, and most importantly about the destruction of planet earth. You start to help your parents a little with the tasks they have, depending on their assigned group.
Ages 10 - 17 : You’re now considered a young adult. You’re not treated as an actual adult, but you are expected to work like one in whatever profession your parents might have.
Age 18 : You’re considered an adult. This is the most important time in your life, since this is the year you will get sorted into the group you will belong to for the rest of your life. Your group gets decided for you by a jury who assigns you one depending on your personality. You will also get assigned a spouse from your group. You are not, under any circumstances, allowed to change groups, however, you are allowed to change spouses if the two of you aren’t married yet. But you are not allowed to have a romantic relationship with anyone outside of your group.
Ages 19 - 69 : Your duties are to work and to have children. Only by working harder and having children can you increase your monthly payment.
Ages 70 - 100 : After you retire at seventy, you live out your last years in a retirement home.

The last set of The Days of Endurance’s ground principles were created keeping the main point of The Days of Endurance in mind - survival. So, The Sacred Rules were established.

The Sacred Rules
  • You shan’t set foot outside of the bunker.
  • Parents of healthy children shall receive 10 coins (approx. 100 US dollars) for every month the child is alive.
  • You shan’t change groups.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone outside of your group.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone you are not married to.
  • You shan’t have romantic relationships with someone of the same gender. (this doesn’t reflect my personal opinions on LGBTQ+ relationships, it’s just a plot-device for this roleplay, your character can of course still be LGBTQ+)
  • You shan’t steal.
  • You shan’t harm anyone.

The year is 2145 - you’ve just turned eighteen and it’s your turn to get sorted into a group and to get assigned a spouse. Maybe you’re excited, maybe you’re scared, maybe you’re apathetic. But none of that really matters, because … you’re not really sure that this is the way you want to be living anymore.

Yes … I’m starting another kind of complicated roleplay! :sweat_smile:

Please tell me that some of you are interested and that I haven’t wasted two hours of my life writing this!

… Do you think you’d maybe want to join this …? :grimacing:

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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A Stranger Comes

The Plot

In the town of Dewhearst everything appears calm. The inns are full of hospitality, the wares in shops of good value, and the commoners friendly. The only thing disturbing the peace is a newcomer claiming that a great dark power is coming from the mountains and that they need to stop it or it will cause the end of the world. Nobody believes him and most see him as mad, as no doomsday seems to be coming. He sets up posters with the printed rewards for adventurers and fighters to assist him in trying to stop this evil.

You find interest in this opportunity, whether to get the extra coin, to avenge a loved one or to go on a good adventure.

About the RP/SG

In this roleplay/story game you will be going on an adventure with a group. It is heavily storyline based and has specific tasks and roles for each of the characters. This means there will be a requirement of posting, at least one post a day. There also is going to be a factor of dice rolling with discobot, but that is only for important situations and stats.

  • I am interested (Tag)
  • I am interested and want to help! (Tag)
  • I am interested in helping (Tag for credit)
  • I am not interested (Don’t Tag)

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Hey guys! I wanted to get into roleplaying/SG on the old forums but I never did before they moved us over. And now I’m just finally free enough to start one. It won’t be starting for awhile, but it will be a small group (like 4-5 characters)

So, I want to try a story game!


PLOT (very flexible, nothing set in stone):
The weatherman had warned of rolling blackouts in the area due to a high heat index, so it didn’t surprise you when the power blinked off for a minute, and then back on. Your blood runs cold the simple word written on the mirror catches your eye: RUN.
So, you run. You run until you realize that nobody else is running. Nobody is moving.

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  • I am not interested.

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Hey everyone, I’m still somewhat new to RPing but I have been enjoying it and I’d like to try an RP of my own. Here is the basic plot, if some are interested I will make the RP and work out more details.


A group of demons, previously imprisoned in heaven have escaped, and are now loose in the scandalous, elite, high end, Manhattan. A group of angels have been sent to earth to find them before trouble breaks out. Hidden in the masses of people, in their human form, the demons are manipulative, chaotic, dangerous, and just bad news. The angels only have so much time to gather them all and defeat them, before they cause permanent damage to the human race. However when distractions such as love, betrayal, and more come to play, who will rise and who will fall?

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