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Hey! So this isn’t an idea, but I was wondering when people would like to join a RP. I had two ideas for another RP that I might make (AYTO Season 6 and an Orange is the New Black/prison themed roleplay), but I was wondering when people would join it if I did put the sign-ups up because there are currently very few signups for roleplays if any, but many people haven’t been very active to my knowledge because of school. So, when should I post signups for either RP?

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Hey people! So I had this idea for a RP/SG called “ The Confessions of a Convicted YouTuber “ It’s basically this,

Congrats!! After years of hard work, you’re big on YouTube! Now you have competition like Markiplier and Pewdiepie to keep up with. Then you’re convicted of murder along with 20 others. Can you clear your name and in the process, keep your channel alive?

So there will be 10 slots open for YouTubers, one of them taken by me. There will be another 10 for non-YouTuber suspects. Then there will be 5 slots for detectives.

I’ll send out random announcements like,


Then evidence found at the crime scene like,


Then I’ll actually pick somebody to be the murderer. Then I’ll put evidence at the scene directing the murder to everybody. The people involved in the RP will have to pick who is put in prison for the crime.

If there’s anything else I should add, please let me know!! I already made this thread, but I don’t know if that would be self-promoting or what so I won’t post it on here. If you’re interested, I hope I’ll see you there!!

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Nerve (rp)
Last month you and your friends watched an online show called Nerve where contestants do dares for big prizes. This month it seems like they are looking for a new cast. You wouldn’t be foolish enough to sign up would you?

You complete a dare - no harm in that. The next thing you know you are pulled into a world of tempting dares for prizes getting bigger each dare. You realise that the show isn’t all that it seems as things start to get dangerous but the prizes are getting tempting each time. Are you playing the game or is the game playing you?

I kinda based it of the book nerve. Ill probably use a randomiser to pick each persons partner, ill also play nerve and a character.

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Shine Bright (rp)

“Welcome to Mel Han’s Academy for Prodigies, young one! Come on in. I can tell you’ll fit in just fine. Here are some papers for you to fill out. Like who your parents are, their occupation, stuff about you and whatnot. You do know how to write, don’t you? I hope so, or this’ll be a long few years. Anywho, I’ll show you around.”

“Of course I didn’t tell them they’re being recorded, Mel. They can’t know, or they’ll act all weird. We want the all natural package. After all, that’s what their parents are paying us for.”

Additional Info:

MHA is a high school for famous parents to bring their teens so they can have a normal education without having to deal with paparazzi and rumors.They have normal classes, but little did they know, they are being recorded every once in a while so their parents can see how they’re behaving.

this roleplay was made by @Mini_Turtlez and I. So if you have any questions, feel free to pm either one of us.
We hope you guys are interested, we have a lot planned for this rp! ; )

and now, ze poll.

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(if about 10 people are interested, we’ll make the signups.)


Hello, jdepisode here, pushing through with my brainy juice!!

I was flipping surprised to find no one made an rp based on the 100 series on here yet o.o So I thought that I’d take the challenge :smirk:

It has been 97 years since a nuclear war has devastated Earth. The only known survivors were approximately 400 inhabitants of 12 national space stations that were in orbit at the time. For generations, people have survived in space on what is known as The Ark. The Ark has extremely strict laws and those over 18 who break them are ‘floated’, meaning they are sent out into space into their deaths. I mean, saves more oxygen for others right?

Realization came to those in power that resources are running out and that the Ark will not survive for much longer. It was imperative to discover whether Earth was livable and so 100 juvenile prisoners were sent down to Earth as test subjects to determine whether humans could live on Earth once again. What they did not know, was that they were not the only humans who survived for on Earth are groups known as Grounders, Reapers, Mountain Men and so much more, including strange creatures and peculiar places.

Eventually, those on the Ark joined the others just in time to fight a war against others who threaten their existence. What side will you choose? Who’s war will you fight? And what will you do to survive?

This role play is based on the hit series The 100, based on Kass Morgan’s novel, The 100. Yes, there is also a show. There will be aspects from both but I’ve only ever seen the first season of the actual show so Ill be taking information mostly from the books. Lemme know if anyone is interested so I can get this started up :wink:

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Also, being me, I had a few more.

  1. A mystery type rp, either a cool mystery dinner party or a sort of detective case. Each one will be rp and and sg. I will choose a murder for the mystery dinner party. For the detective one, you will each choose a different occupation. For example, forensic scientist, detective, crime scene investigator etc
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Thanks mateys!


Hey everyone! I have just started a roleplay called WIN HIS HEART. It’s a bit similar to the BACHELOR! If you want to join, please click YES and sign up using this link by clicking here.

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Hey everyone!! I have this idea for a RP called Hide and Seek


Every other year, 25 participants “ willingly “ participate in a game of Hide and Seek. The thing is, there’s psychopathic serial killers seeking you, and if you’re caught, you’re dead. Stay alive for one week, using resources you find around the arena, and you win. 25 go in, none come out. Are you ready or not, little seeker?

So there will be 5 serial killers, each with 5 targets they have to kill.

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Hello I have an idea for a roleplay (That I’ve already posted as I’ve just now seen this thread, sorry!)
I have an idea for a roleplay called Murder Mystery.

I’m really into thriller and mystery shows right now so I thought this would be a fun idea. 10 people are chosen each ‘Season’ to participate in the murder mystery, Season 1 is a tea party murder, You have to work together to solve the clues on who’s killing people, If you manage to solve it before everyones dead you win, if not you lose.

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Hey guys! Here’s a random idea I was tossing around in my mind for a while. It’s supposed to be an SG but it’s a little different than usual SGs, I’ll explain why below : D

SUMMARY: (not final summary; just for the new ideas thread)
Halloween. An innocent holiday for the kids; a time to waste money on costumes, chocolate, lollies and treats. But at the end of the day, where does all that money go? You’ve guessed it; the bank.

After months of planning and preparation, a group of 6 criminals have figured out a master plan to suffice their desires, needs and hunger for riches.

All they need now in their complex plan are 6 specific people:
The baker.
The doctor.
The painter.
The mathematics teacher.
The news reporter.
And the lawyer.
(occupations may change, TBC)

Each criminal is assigned to one of these innocent civilians in the small town of Marton. They must watch, observe and report back to the head-base to make sure the highest capability of success.

Will you be caught? Will you realise you are being watched? Come and find out this Halloween. >:)

So basically, this SG would be a little different because no one will know who is controlling which character. I would assign you an emoji which I think seems fitting to your character and that will be your code for whenever I post the questions.
In the RP, there’d be 12 characters; 6 innocent people and 6 criminals so there is a limited amount of characters available.
For the sake of the anonymity, I would post every character’s perspective for each chapter so there might be long-ish gaps between the updates.

Without further ado, here’s the voting poll:

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Hey guys!! I came up with this idea for a SG. It’s called “ Leave The City “


The boy woke up, his head throbbing. What happened? He thinks, looking around. His vision is slightly blurry.

The city around him is demolished. Buildings are broken down, some weren’t even there. The most notable thing was the absence of people, like it was the end of the world, and he was the only survivor.

Something groaned behind him. The boy spun around, gasping at the sight.

A little girl’s face was torn, skin sagging. The boy vomits. Her clothes were torn and bloody. But, she was still alive. How was she still alive?

“ Wh-Who are you? “ The boy asks, taking a few steps back. The girl doesn’t answer, naturally. Instead, she races towards him, pouncing. The last thing the boy did was scream.


The year is 2079. The city of Whitechapel has been demolished by a power plant explosion, turning half the community into a plague. A zombie plague.

The government called for an evacuation, but you got the notice too late. They built a wall around the city, trapping the zombies in, but trapping you also.

Now, you must find other trapped survivors and try to survive and find a way out of the city, or die trying.

Other things

This will be a limited SG, probably allowing 10-15 people. Depending on choices made, the characters could die. Please keep that in mind if you want to sign up.

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