New Ideas Thread [PLEASE READ]


Hey guys, sorry to post again so soon.
So, I am planning to do all of the ideas above but only focus on two for now (Outcasts and Space Travel). However, I have just thought of a new idea for an RP that I wanted to run past you. On my short journey to and from work, I thought up and have an idea of the concept and some of the story. I will think more on it and develop it if you guys are keen.


There is Outcasts, find the info about it posted above.


Dormant Genes
Set now. A group of regular people (or so they think) from around the world suddenly all have dormant genes reenacted inside of them. Their magical genes. So, they will all slowly discover that they are witches, werewolves, trolls, etc. No one will be more powerful than anyone else, as you will only have basic abilities and powers.
So, back in history, thousands of years ago, there was another group of beings; your ancestors. They were strong together but were hunted for their gifts. Together, they decided to bind their powers collectively and reenact them in 1-2 generations when it was safe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t safe and as the generations went on, the powers became but myths, stories, and films around the world. Well, all but ONE family forgot, and that family has decided that now is the perfect time to enact the genes and try to steal the powers for themself.
Notes: I will be deciding on which magical being your character is after you create them. As there will only be one character per being. I know who is going to be behind this, I have already thought that part up.

Which interests you?

  • Outcasts RP
  • Dormant Genes RP
  • Both RPs
  • Both, but Outcasts RP first
  • Both, but Dormant Genes RP first
  • Focus on the Space Travel or Charmed RPs

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The Fame Roleplay

HOLLYWOOD// Welcome to the land of fortune and fame. A place filled with secrets, drama, tragedy, and a little romance. Fake smiles are forced in front of filming cameras, make-up hides away the fractions of secrets, and flaws can miraculously be photoshopped away. And where the weather is warm, the gossip is hotter. There’s hardly a minute where secrets aren’t being blasted on the front page of headline news.

You are a rising star, many may know your name and you’ve certainly captured the public’s eye, still you’re a fresh face in town. You’re still getting used to all the parties, premieres, events, paparazzi and fans.

Everyone wants to make a name for themselves.
What would you do to climb to stardom?
Will you be one who draws in the paparazzi?
Do you have what it takes to survive?

BLOG// Rumor Weekly run their own widely popular, yet infamous blog. It’s the biggest gossip source there is in Hollywood. Perez wishes he had as many views as Rumor Weekly. Here, they expose each star’s past, secrets, and scandals. Posts include, but are not limited to:

  • Under the Spotlight: Rumor Weekly showcases the celebrities who have captured the public eye and gained the most fans. This is the most important list to make on Hollywood, bigger than any movie role or booking an interview on Jimmy Fallon. It is proof of your rise up the celebrity food chain.
  • Love the Look: For outstanding street outfits
  • Upcoming Events
  • Best Dressed Lists
  • Spotted

Remember, there is /no/ good or bad publicity. Everyone has a reason to want to be on Rumor Weekly , whether it be for the increase in fame, respect, money, fans, opportunities, exposure, etc. Will you be one of Hollywood’s top celebrities or will you be a One-Hit-Wonder, never to be heard from again?

  • Interested, Tag Me
  • Not Interested

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A world that the supernatural is near upon the humans. Some have destiny to meet while others live free from all. How will it all end in?

  • Tag me in
  • Interested but not convinced
  • Eh.maybe

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The Sirens Song: Hey guys! So I had a new idea for a roleplay (ORP: This will be a simple RP as i’m still learning to script). What would you think of a small remote town that lives beside the ocean, with mermaids living in the ocean beside them that every one pretty much gets along with.(ORP: Basically, the main idea of it will be the town understanding and accepting the mermaids until sirens come and start killing people, which scares the town so they banish them.) I’m looking for at least 10 characters with at least 6 people if I can.(ORP: You can have as many characters as you please.) I’ll begin when at least 6 people say they’re interested. I’m not exactly sure, but I do want to begin soon.


Hi @WinterSirens, Please look at the other posts on this thread for the correct format, This thread is only to see if people like your RP idea not for them to sign up or reserve. :slight_smile:


Edited the original one with the first example as a template. Sorry for any confusion or trouble I’ve caused.


**okay I have two ideas and maybe ill do both, maybe only one. not sure yet! **
-just a wink could make your heart melt. just a slight glance and a bit of the lip will make your knees start to shake. a brush of the shoulder and the sweet smell of her delicate locks and your in another world.
that’s what they say about a small group of girls, the heartbreakers. they know how to make you feel very special for a night, leaving you wondering what happened but they didn’t just leave they stole your poor little heart that was full of hope and love and put it into their own collection of trophies. they are beautiful but dangerous. sexy yet very classy. eyes of an angle but red lips like the devil.
they are three rich girls who have learned everything from the old group of heart breakers and now your in the loop. you are welcome to come to their exclusive club and learn from their cunning ways. but when being accepted into this elite group of girls there are many rules and secrets that are here to follow. will you be able to stick to them or will it be to much for you and you’ll be pushed off the top of the totem pole?

-as for the boys, they have known these girls for a while now and decide it’s time they won’t fall for the beautiful females that seem to runs circles around them in the game of love. they think of a way to flip the switch. taking the ropes into their hands they will make the girls fall for them and do onto them the way the girls made them feel.

  • this would be a more semi advanced roleplay, I expect at least three sentences minimum

-The school years almost over but the fun for these college students is just beginning. For two solid weeks of Christmas break they will be making their way from their college of MSU, in Michigan to Panama beach, Miami. Party’s and drinking, dancing and tanning, oh and let’s not forget about the drama of relationships.

The lovey dovey

They are the couple everyone looks up to. They facd been dating since the tenth grade and always have seemed as happy as the day they first met. They don’t like to show a lot of pda in public, they may hug and hold hands but that’s about the most we see from them. Will their fairytale relationship stay the same or will secrets come out?

The sexy

They always have their hands on each other and are kissing most of the time. They are always together and most of the time escape off together alone. They haven’t been dating for more than six months but are moving pretty fast. Will a fast moving relationship add some unexpected news?


If you ask them they will say they are just friends and nothing more but if you put two and two together they seem to be more than that! They know they have feelings for each other but don’t know how to express them in words. But with them both being players would the relationship work out? Will their secret relationship stay a secret?

The childhood friends

They have been friends since the age of three, best friends. He had always had feelings for her and she thought she might of felt the same but he had knot just told her. They goof around and play pranks on each other all the time. They are always laughing and pulling silly faces to make each other smile. Can two friends be more than friends?


will be adding more depending on how Many people are interested

  • interested in the first, tag me!
  • interested in the second, tag me!
  • interested in both! tag me
  • none for me

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Hello everyone I’m Tellyg47 and I’m working on a sg right now and here’s is my idea.
Assassinate The Assassin
Ten teens assassins ... The best teens assassins in the twenty-first century have to finally put their wits, willpower, guts, speed, power, and skills to the test when these teens get a mission to capture (dead or alive) the greatest assassin to exist, after he went to far and killed the president.
Will these teens work together and share the ten billion dollars reward or will they go separate and take the money for themselves. How will you pick your assassin?
The smartest?
The strongest?
The fastest?
Or the overall good at everything Assassin you chose how you want to go.

This sg would be around the middle/end of December, and signups would be the around the start of December, and right now I’m just creating events and characters.

  • I’m interested tag me!
  • I’m interested but don’t tag me!
  • Maybe don’t tag me!
  • Maybe tag me!
  • Not my thing don’t tag me!

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I might accept helpers.

  • I would like to help (signups, maps, etc)
  • Not interested in helping.

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So I started an rp on the old forums and a lot of people were interested in it, but as soon as it started, it was struggling and the forums were closing and relocating so it didn’t get far. I’m thinking of restarting it here! Let me know what you think!

Stay Quiet:

Youre a high school student in the small town of Willow’s Peak. It’s October of the new school year and you’re determined to make this the best year yet. Everything has been going somewhat smoothly until everyone in the school receives an email from someone called The GameMaster. They claim to know all of your secrets, and will reveal it to everyone unless you play their game.

Everyone in the school is assigned someone else’s secret. If they find out who’s secret they have by the end of the year, The GameMaster will grant them any wish they have. Within a week, everyone is wrapped up in the drama and mystery of the game. Now a tense atmosphere is looming over Willow’s Peak. No one can be trusted anymore. Your secret is out there, and someone is getting closer to discovering that it’s yours.

Dear Student,

If you have received this email, that means that I know your secret. I am the GameMaster. I am a fellow junior at Willcrest High, and I know everyone in the grade’s deepest darkest secret. I know who’s done what, who’s done who, and everything else in between. Now, I’m sure you wouldn’t want your secret getting out, so play my game and it won’t.

Now, know that your secret will be assigned to someone, but they will not know that it’s yours. You will also be assigned an anonymous secret. Your job is to find out who’s secret it is by the end of May. That gives you eight months to complete this task. If you find out who’s secret you have, you will be granted one wish. The only limit for your wish is that it must be realistic. I may be a genius, but I am not magical. So if you want to get into your Ivy League school or maybe you want a certain unfortunate incident wiped off the records, I suggest you continue reading…

Thank you for playing my game. I’m sure we will have a delightful time.


The GameMaster

So that’s the plot! This rp will probably have some intense themes (last time there was murder, r*pe, drug dealing, and some violent black market dealings) Your character doesn’t have to actively search out the owner of the secret, but it would probably make this more enjoyable. I originally had characters have the choice to not get assigned a secret, but that made everything messy and uneven so I hope getting rid of it will fix it. I also made it so it’s not just juniors, but all grades.

What do you think?

  • Interested! Tag me!
  • Maybe! Don’t tag me!
  • Not interested!

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Also for people who were part of the RP before:

  • I’d like to use my old character! (I’ll pm you details)
  • I’d like to make a new character!
  • I don’t remember my old character. Send me their details!

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Just slipping this in here out of curiosity…

A Potential RP Idea for the start of Next Year.


Teaching Creatures, Royals, Villains and Victors, Since Once Upon a Time…

Situated in a secluded realm, far from the chaos of other worldly life, stands the most praised, grand, and illustrious Academy for all the beings who can walk, talk, and breathe. A place of education, and a space for refugees, the founder built this land on the foundations of protecting all the magic and mystery of the known realms and more. His name was the Fantastic Fabulario Fielderwitch, A Celebrated Wizard and Adventurer of his time. But now he has gone missing, and the torch has been passed down to his new apprentice, who stands as the prestigious academy’s new headmistress.

Filled with secrets, students, and proud educators from all across the many mythic realms, Fabulario’s Academy is a place where anything can happen. Roam the open landscapes. Visit the local towns. Indulge in the cultures of the Mythic Realms through the portal rooms, or even pay a short visit home. Learn the many wonders of the unknown magics around us. Challenge the Knight, who guards the school’s secrets, or even unravel the many strange tellings of the allusive Lybrarian. Be you a Prince or Princess in training, a humble shoe-maker or pyromancer’s protegee, a soon-to-be Dragon tamer or a simple herbalist… It’s all catered for.

So, will you be joining us this year?

The premise is the classic school setting, but with a much wider narrative. I’m currently creating a vibrant world and culture, with secret plots and lots of characters, puzzles to solve and riddles to unravel. You will be able to have a lot of creative license on your characters, making them royalty or commoners, from war torn realms or peaceful ones, and with only a few limitations on magic (to avoid characters that are a little OP) my hope is to have a really interesting cast that everyone can indulge in.

If I were to do this, I may ask for some assistance in certain things - such as controlling teachers or leading plotlines, etc. - but I won’t know until I’ve worked stuff out.

I do acknowledge that this is another ‘magic school’ cliche RP idea, and I’ve been pretty vague with the overall plot, but I am building quite the extensive lore and world around it. It wouldn’t be certain if I even do this until next year, I’m just curious who may or may not be interested. I know I’ve been very inactive, and I don’t have a strong track reccord for maintaining these things, but that’s why I’m not planning on setting anything up until next year. I want to be certain I’ll actually be able to keep my promise this time. The idea’s been a strong one so far, so it should work, but I understand if people are skeptical. I’m just curious if people would consider giving me another chance, and be interested in joining.

With all that said, what do people think?

  • Yes, I would look at joining if you did decide to make this RP
  • Maybe. If it actually survives more than a week or two, I’d consider.
  • No, this is just like all the other magic school RP’s out there.
  • You haven’t really told me enough to decide.
  • Maybe, for other reasons…

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Also, hey. I’m not dead. :+1:


Ew ok I miss rping and I think I’ll get back into it. I’ve made one RP in the past but it was so cliche that I actually started feeling sick

Then I tried to make one but it failed and we never started it because we didn’t know how to make it.

So here I am, loves. I’m ready to start rping again.

Alagrea Academy is the best school in the witching world. At the age of 16, every witch, must test to enroll into the academy. If they pass the test, they can enroll. Once they do, they go through a thing called the witching hour. It happens every night at midnight. Each night, there is a new test. Ever night, one witch must leave the school and can not attend. The last person left, can officially enroll into the academy. Those of you who fail? You lose your witching powers forever.

Are you willing to try to pass? Or lose who you are?

So uh yeah it’s incredibly vague but I’m still working on it. It will develop and when it does, I’ll start the sign ups. If people are interested, that is.

Would you be interested?

  • Might be interested. Tag me!
  • I’m interested but please don’t tag me.
  • I’m not interested but tag me anyway in case I change my mind
  • I’m not interested

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If you want to help me with this, please say what you would like to help me with

  • I would like to help with forms, slides, and the thread.
  • I would like to help with the plot and description. (this role might also help with maps, lists, and anything extra)

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Hi! I’ve done some RPs and SGs, and I am making an SG.

|The Haunted Mansion|

After 5-12 Harvard students celebrate graduation by going out(they kinda get drunk and end up at one person’s apartment nearby), a note shows up on each person’s pillow with an address and a riddle. The students must work together to solve the riddle, after which they must travel to The Haunted Mansion (the address) and undergo hypnosis. They will have to relive their first year of college to figure out the clues and riddles that they missed. Each time they fail to solve a riddle in the given time allotment(undecided) or miss more than 1 key clue, one dies. More plot will be developed as it goes along. I have to keep SOME secrets at least. :joy: There will be a maximum of 12 students and a minimum of 5. I’d like it to be somewhere around 9 students, but it all depends on interest!

Why are they doing this in the first place?
Some demons are playing a nasty joke… maybe? I don’t really know.

So, please vote below! :sweat_smile:

  • Tag me!
  • Maybe. Tag me.
  • Don’t tag me, but I like the idea!
  • Put me on the waitlist, if there is one.
  • Ew. No.
  • I’ll help with plot development and writing!

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PLEASE NOTE: The first person to choose the last choice, if anyone does, please PM me!

Thanks :blush:

– Anna


Hello everyone! Please pm me and let me know if you voted to be tagged or need character info on my “Stay Quiet” RP post! I’m unable to edit polls to show who voted, so it would be a great help if you could do this! Thank you all so much!



You’ve been accepted to a school you didn’t apply for - Original Premise.

New Premise - You’ve been accepted to a school that hasn’t existed for hundreds of years

Galileo Diamonte, a powerful mancer recently decided to create his own school to teach Mancers magic. He has taken over a castle - which use to be a misfit - black magic - banished - murder (you get the point) school… maybe the school has changed? He’s a strange fella, perhaps he picked you for a reason- or maybe he’s just bonkers- or maybe you are just a misfit :slight_smile:

This is like a couple thousand years before the original (which was on the old forums). There is no correlation between the two. If you were apart of the original (or read the Outdated version) there’s a few differences like mancer types. (formerly 8/12, now 20).

  • Tag Me
  • Tag Me!

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Sign ups are up, use the hyper link below!

SIGN UPS & CHAT : Galileo School of Magic

Hey people. I made a Survivor RP this week and over the last day or so after the rp started, I realized that this would work much better as an SG.

So who would like to join a Survivor SG? This is just so I know who is interested for when I edit some things and post the SG sign up thread.

  • I want to join
  • Maybe
  • No, sorry

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People from the RP

@BrookeTurner @dramaqueen.episode @ChayChay @EVL.Daisy @Art3Miss @riahh30 @Daisy_Flower1 @lilysmith10 @Beth_Episode @Drama_Queer


Hey @Zabica, a quick reminder not to advertise your story here!
This thread is for you to see if people are interested BEFORE you make the post, so I will kindly ask that you either remove your post above or simply add a poll!



It was a poll at first then I made the sign up thread. In that order no space was wasted since if I haven’t edited the post into advertisement it would be left there being an old idea and a closed poll so no space is being wasted. And I only left it here since I wanted people to join but after making the sign ups thread I don’t check the poll anymore and people interrested in the SG would be awaiting to be tagged … But that would never happen. So I edited the post and put the link to the SG … And this was created to promote ideas for RPs and SGs so the Story games and Role play page wouldn’t be trashed with new ideas.


Hi! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a Deadman Wonderland style RP/SG but, in a highschool (The name would be Deadman High)

Deadman High
In this sick school, there are 2 types of students. “Normals” and the “Deadmen”. The deadmen are those who got infected alongside other people during the Japan-wide “Massacre Incident” whom people believe was caused by a person or supernatural with blood-manipulation powers. There are over 50 of these “infected” people who apparently under coincidence, are all highschool students. Now, all of these deadmen are forced to go to Deadman High along with the Normals. The normals are the young people who aren’t recognized with any supernatural acts but have done crime.

This building was created in 2015 and has been succesful ever since due to its strictness in security. However, inside the building the students are forced to join all their twisted events that are filmed and showed before an app called Deadman Incorporated . Whoever suceeds in their event would be granted either a week of freedom, an ability to kill someone however they like, threat points or gold bills. Most people build alliances and some with high threat points make enemies. Thing is, the government thinks it is just a disciplinary school where students learn things because despite everything, it is still your average highschool where everyone learns. Watch your back because you’re being watched.

I can start when I have about 10-15 characters, people can sign-up even when the RP/SG starts tho!

Would you be interested?

  • Interested! Tag me
  • Maybe, tag me
  • No thanks
  • Needs some work (Help me by pming)

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Edit: I made the thread! Click Here to go to the thread!

Hi, everyone, I'm back in this section and during my time off I came up with an idea, so I want to share it with you. This is not an RP idea per se, but an idea for the RP community, so here it goes:

During my time in the community, I have noticed something that saddens me: most RPs die and we are left with tons of plans and ideas for our characters and fun interactions that will never happen.
And those that don’t die, tend to reach an ending, which means we have to say goodbye to our beloved characters.

I have also noticed that we don’t always have the time to sit down and write long, detailed posts. And as much as I love writing my extra long and detailed posts, I also enjoy those lighter, more casual RPs in which I’m basically having a conversation in-character and adding a few actions.

So, I came up with the idea of a casual RP Discord server.
Why a discord server? So we don’t clutter these threads with our casual RPing, and so we can have a different channel for each RP.
In that server people could just start up random conversations with other characters and have whatever situation happen.
Everyone who is in a certain RP can jump in the RP at the channel at any moment.
And we would have a light place to have fun and enjoy with our characters.
There would also be a chance of people adopting characters (with the permission of the character owner and the RP owner) to join an RP they weren’t in.

So what do you think?
Please like this post if you’re interested

If you have any feedback, please PM me
And if you would like a particular RP to be in the server, please tell me

Tagging those of you who said you liked casual RPing in an old poll I made

@QueenChid @FallenAngelNight13 @PurpleRose @Mashia @Once @SilverStar @Tellyg47 @Littlefeets @HermanEpisode @AS007


Truth Or Dare

Everyone knows the classic sleepover game that makes you tell your deepest secrets or forced you to go outside naked, Truth Or Dare, but what happens when a seemingly childish game turns dark.
“Truth Or Dare.”
“Cut off two toes.”
Can you survive a night in a deadly game of truth or dare? Especially when one person knows EVERYONES secret(s).

  • This sounds okay, if it gets made don’t tag me
  • This sounds okay, if it gets made tag me
  • Sounds horrible, Don’t even think about tagging me.

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Ignore the fact that I chose something it was on accident.