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My idea is a virtual reality like game where you can level, eans skills, make friends, and stuff

Welcome to Rimeshore

Hello Traveler, you and many others have just woken up after being stranded on a beach. You have no memory of any thing and you only have Torn Clothing and Ratty Cloth Sack . You only know that your in a very dangerous area and that any small mistake could kill you…

So, technically in this game your stuck in a virtual reality (but you don’t know that). You can have skills, make settlements, have friends and popularity, and can even become a legendary hero. I’ll be writing all of this out as we so at the beginning there will be no need for faceclaims, later on I’m going to request that everyone make one. This game is mostly run on all of you experiences, they will decide what class, race, and skills you get.

There are a few paths you can take after your first day…

  • Traveler - You decide to go on travels and find things to make your name known
  • Citizen - You and your group of newfound friends decided to go into the forest and make yourself a home
  • Leader - You travel into the forest and find a group of people who need your help (later on you can become the governor of the settlement)
  • Wanderer - You decide to make yourself useful and slay monsters and make yourself powerful (Chance at becoming a hero)
  • My Path - You get to decide whatever yo do

Rules post 1: (still working out some of this, bear with me)
Foremost, there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep all the character information in my head, so I’m going to write a character sheet once the game starts.That will let you provide your relevant skill/ability/equipment information when asking ame for updates or skill checks or answers.
Character creation: As we’ll learn in the story updates that are coming, you’ve arrived in the game/world with vague memories of who you might have been in this world and other games/stories as well as your irl self. We’re starting at level 1, so the memories of skills/spells/abilities you once had are confusing in that they don’t quite work, but may help guide the way your character develops.
Race: We’ll have some flexibility here, though racial abilities will need to be approved. As far as the established world goes, most of it has been focused on humans.
Abilities: You’ll probably be awarded these based on class and actions, but that doesn’t start until level 5 (perhaps earlier for unique classes)
Skills: I will be awarding skill points for practicing actions. We’re going to have a large skill list to let players get creative . For those familiar with pen and paper RPGs, skill checks will be with percentage dice. That lets us enjoy character growth without worrying too much about getting OP in food production from fishing for three days.

(This will be continued…)

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Hey guys, It’s me AGAIN!
Another idea, I know, I’m sorry. I’m still continuing all my current stories, as well as all the ideas that I have planned too. Everything is going ahead.
The other day I found an old RP that died after a week because the creator got busy. I was still disappointed about it because it was an amazing idea, so I PM’d the creator. She was disappointed too, but we can’t help that life gets in the way sometimes.
So, as the brilliant @monalla has no plan to use her AMAZING idea anymore, she has kindly given her baby to me to REVAMP! So I have been given all the info, but before I go deeper into planning, I was just wondering who is interested?

Dead-End Facility

Your characters are waking up in an unknown place without knowing how they got there; they remember their pasts but not abductions. They’re in a strange facility with no way in or out (no windows either). They only have each other, along with everything they need to survive (a room each, bathrooms, a cafeteria, etc), but no electronic devices. They are unable to reach the outside and/or call for help. As they try to find a way out, strange events begin to occur. There are Guardians that are the regulators of the facility. They will supervise, and the Guardians (played by me) know more about what’s happened than they let on.

This will, again, be an RP with some SG elements. There will be certain events that will arise, that I’ll throw them in here and there (like characters getting sick but you choose how it affects them, or punishments for breaking rules). Also, there will be powers for each character in this RP, but they won’t have them at the beginning. The goal is to get out of the facility.

Anyone interest?

  • Yeah, I’m keen for this.
  • Yes, please, the original died too soon.
  • Sounds interesting… Maybe…
  • Not too sure yet, mate.
  • Nah, not interested.

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Paying tribute to the original

Dead-End Facility - /\ Official RP Thread /\



The Upper East Side, home to the rich and famous; the glamourazi’s and drama queens of the world. There’s no other place quite like it. This is where most of the teenagers ride limos to school, wear diamonds to dinner, party hard and live even harder.

Through the hustle and bustle of New York, along with the thick smell of Chanel and money in the air, Riverside Academy is home to many of these scandalous elite. Each one of these privileged teens has a label, and we all know reputations stick like a leech. Yet, all of them have one thing in common, they long for a spot on the A-List . The A-list showcases Manhattan’s most scandalous and desirable Elites for the week.

Between the underground parties, secret hookups, and social hierarchy wars, it seems these high schoolers have more life experience than the average adult. But who cares if there’s no one around to spread the gossip?

Hooked up with your math professor for a good grade?
Slept with your best friend’s boyfriend?
Got a bitch back for wearing the same dress as you to a gala?
You bet it would be on the Riverside Gossip Blog.

Now that you see how it goes, no one’s secrets are truly safe for too long. The truth will always come out, because in the city that never sleeps, someone is always watching.



Riverside Gossip Blog

General Roleplay Rules
  • Labels are limited and can’t be reserved. First come, first serve. If two roleplayers audition for the same role, the one with the best form will get the character.
  • Third-person point of view roleplay
  • At least one paragraph, preferably no more than three lengthy paragraphs. Bloggers will probably skip your post if they find it excessively long to read. Also, it gives your roleplaying partner the chance to respond.
  • Faceclaims must be age-appropriate and well-known celebrities or models. Think Camila Mendes, Odeya Rush, Noah Centineo. No emo faceclaims or unknown girl/boy faceclaims will be accepted.

Are you interested?

  • I’m Interested, Tag Me
  • Not Interested

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Camp of gossip

THE CAMP OF GOSSIP…You were sent here by your parents because they think you need to spend time with other people and not be stuck in the house since your parents think you are spoiled which is probably the other way around. But there is one thing your parents don’t know this school is DRAMA. Full of jocks, players, drama queens and more. Let me tell you the worst part sleeping with your camp counselor and mostly every guy and girl is bad.Getting drunk and regretting what you do that night… Hmm you will find out who that is.Just be careful you never know what might happen. Gosh well come on this adventure to see what happens next…


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@_Nasia posted it

Want To Join Another RP 💓

Hey everyone I have an idea for another rp. This roleplay is inspired by the tv show Pretty Little Liars.
I don’t have everything fully planned out for this yet, but if people like the idea, I will finish up some planning and make this.

Pretty Little Liars Inspired RP

Welcome to Rosewood bi**hes. You all think that your secrets are safe. You’re all wrong. I know all of your deepest darkest secrets. Everything you don’t want anybody to know. Get ready liars, you better be on your “A” game. - A

Secrets run rampant in the small town of Rosewood. Large or small nearly everyone has some type of secret. For some of the teenagers at Rosewood High that think their secrets are safe, they are about to discover that secrets have a way of getting out. This is all because of their mysterious stalker A.

In this rp I will send messages as A to the RPers. And this will be a more advanced roleplay with a minimum of four full sentences per post.

So who would be interested?

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  • Maybe

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  • I have an idea
  • Something else I want to message you about

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Sign ups are up!


I had two ideas that I may start some time in February after my exams and I was wondering what more people would join or which idea people think is better. Both of these ideas are based off of novels I have read and one is from a history class as well. So, without farther ado, here are the ideas!

{Idea #1} – Assassin Trials

This idea is inspired by the novel Throne Of Glass. In this RP or SG you will RP as a criminal working in the mines after getting caught by the guards. You can be a thief, murderer, gambler, and anything in between. You can be responsible for any crime. Now you are in the mines, being whipped, punished and starved as you are used for free labor.
One day, the royal family comes to you with a choice. Continue to spend your life in the miserable mines or fight against other criminals to become the king’s personal Assassin.
The rules of the trails?
You lose a trail. You are killed.

[Location]: Fantasy Land
[Time Period]: Sort of Medieval era and Victorian era.
[Magic]: Yes, because I am a sucker for magical things. There is magic
[Romance?]: You are allowed to try and romance another opponent, guard or the prince :smirk::wink:
[Characters?]: You can have 2 the most, one male and one female.
[Spots?]: As of right now, I do not know if I will be having limited spots, but I will have to see.

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{Idea #2} – The Season

This is inspired by a Wattpad novel I have read a long time ago as well as a real historical event that took place in England. Here is a wiki if you want to read more: In the RP or SG you will play as a social elite in the Victorian era of England. The royal family has declared a season to be hosted in the royal palace and you and several others of age are called into the palace. You will are to make 2 characters if reserve for the spot, one is a suitor (Male) and the other a lady (Female). The season is a way for all the elite girls to be show off to society as ladies. They stay in the palace for a few months with some of the gentlemen trying to find a husband. Once they achieve this, they are allowed to leave.
The thing this season is, they royal princes are eligible as suitors for any of the girls, which most families would kill to get close to. Most elites want their daughters to wed to one of the princess and be good for life.

[Location]: London England
[Time Period]: Victorian era.
[Magic]: No.
[Romance?]: You are allowed to try and romance other suitors or one of the princes.
[Characters?]: You can have 2, one male and one female.
[Spots?]: This has a higher chance of having limited spots. If it does it might be something like 24 since there will probably be that many suitors and ladies.

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Thank you for your time.
– Scarlet out!


Teens Contest of love

Single Teens all register around the world to join the tv show and contest “Teens contest of love” if you get picked you must go there is no going or you will be forced…But only the hot or cute get in it’s kind of hard to get in but they only take the best of the best. So be prepared for Hawaii baby…They hold this contest/tv show each year…Get ready for love and heartbreaks. The tv show/contest will have a chart board to see who is really doing great to find love there will be meetings and more. There will be special dates were you and someone else get to bond to get to know each other. Also, I forgot to mention the DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA that goes on while you stay fights and more…

Come join us for more details!!!

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I was thinking of two rp/sg ideas that are like basically the same ‘plot’, but I don’t want to do them both.
This is 1/2 of them. (I will probably post the other one sometime tomorrow)

Was it you? (might change the name)
This was inspired by a book I read that was similar and I decided that it would make for a unique RP/SG.

Six teens enter school for detention on a Saturday morning, but only five make it out, leading to many questions. Was this a classic well planned out murder, or was this an accident?
In this RP/SG you will attempt to find out what really happened that Saturday morning in Mr. Hughes class with the help of the other students that were there. One issue, can you trust them?

If you can't tell, I'm terrible at writing down my thoughts but, here

So, this kid (name tba) has a blog where he tells everyone’s deepest and darkest secrets, which is why everyone hates him. He sets up the other kids and causes them to all get detention.
At detention, the kid (with the blog) ends up drinking from a cup before collapsing and ultimately dying.
It is later found out that the kid was allergic to peanuts and there was peanut oil on the rim of the cup.
Many people end up suspecting that the other kids were involved, but it could have been an accident, who knows?

This RP/SG will be a more advanced one, requiring lengthy replies. Also, due to the limited spot I would require for everyone to complete a questionnaire before being able to sign up. Signs ups will be by invitation only! The questionnaire will be available for everyone to fill out.

Okay, who would join?

  • Sounds like it could be fun, tag me!
  • Maybe, tag me!
  • Maybe, don’t tag me.
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Which should it be?

  • A RP
  • A SG
  • Both!

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Would you help me?

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Hey everyone! I have an idea for an rp/sg. I am still working on making my Pretty Little Liars RP. I’m just still planning it out, but I will make the sign up thread soon.

Anyway… I have an idea based on a tv show that only lasted a season that I watched a few years ago. The show was called Whodunnit.
Basically people signed up for a show where they would be “killed off” one by one. Each time a contestant is “murdered” the remaining contestants will try to figure out exactly what happened, as they question who among them is the culprit. They will search the body, the crime scene, the victim’s last known whereabouts, and solve a riddle that offers additional clues to how the murder happened. For the contestants, discovering who the killer is, isn’t necessarily the goal. The goal is to determine exactly how each murder happened, because the contestant that has the worst guess at what happened, will be the next victim. The killer will be among them, and I will chose a character to be the killer. The killer will not actually know any additional information compared to the other contestants, except the knowledge of who the killer actually is, and they are not at risk of being “killed”.

Would anyone like to join this?

  • I would join
  • I would maybe join
  • Not sure…
  • I would not join

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Dirty Little Secrets RP signups!

I have an idea


Tveroxia is fantasy world. I will add description when I will create sign up thread.
In this rp you can be elf, dwarf, goblin, human, wizard, fairy or other magical creature.
Some of you also can have main roles, like one of five kings or queens, member of main villain group

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This is lowkey a story but I wanna try it out >.<


Description: After 3 decades, humanity finally got back to their feet. What used to be a free world is now ruled by infecteds and government. Anyone has a purpose in this new world, there’s a system and everyone is understanding. Except for people like you.

Infecteds: They aren’t zombies firstly, they are humans who’ve gone crazy by a virus and will try to kill and eat any human on sight. They can run as fast as humans, the only way to kill them is to aim for the head.

System: There’s a trial for promising teenagers, if you pass it you will get a badge and with it, you can bring a gun to wherever you go and everyone will respect you. If you get the badge, you can push further to become a guard that protects cities from infecteds. (there are walls but you still need guards) Getting the badge is easy for physical trial, but there’s a psychological one too, that’s where RP characters fail. RP age will be between 13-18.

This is inspired by The Last of Us and Maze Runner series, if you liked them you can try it out >,<

Sign ups will be finished in a week if I create this RP, We would most likely start at 3rd week of January. I can give you only 2 more days if you’re unavailable.

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Right now there is a disease outbreak and you find yourself infected by it. The disease is highly contageous and deadly, bringing millions to death, however it takes a long time to kill a person. To avoid spreading the disease among other sick people in the hospital who don’t have it yet, every infected person is placed in one hospital. In this one hospital, later renamed to C.U.R.E. ( critical and urgent rehabilitation establishment) was previously emptied out and locked down for future residents (aka you).
The point of this RP is to help doctors realise what the cure is (by being drug-testers) before the disease causes chaos in the whole world.


Would you like to join?

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People who might be interrested

@LTea @fal.renet1398 @SilverStar @Littlefeets @Sophbee @Tellyg47 @Cam @HermanEpisode @kerubiel @Finntheghost @Once @16AngelCat @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE @gracers2002 @Caticorn


The Greek War

Harperton University is known for it’s Greek Life. Anyone who’s anyone belongs to one of the schools many sororities or fraternities. Usually, the different chapters get along, until an anonymous letter sent to the top fraternity sends everyone into chaos, causing a competition to see who is truly the best.
In this RP, you will roleplay as a member of one of the 3 top sororities/fraternities and compete to see who will come out on top.

Would you join?

  • Yes (tag me)
  • Maybe (tag me anyway)
  • Maybe (don’t tag me)
  • No (not interested)

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Would you like to help with the RP

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Okay, so I’ve decided after a good time to think and plan, that ‘Fabulario’s Academy’ is cool and all, but there are already plenty of Fantasy school ideas starting - for example the long awaited Galileo pt2 and Fairytale-d reborn, as well as many other school set RP’s. I’ve given it some time, and have come up with a new RP idea that actually I’m much more confidant with, plus it should be much more unique and interesting. I’ve already mused it over, and I’m currently planning out the plot and world and such, but I thought it was finally time to see who would be interested.

Again, I wouldn’t make the sign-ups until I was certain I had the time and such to do it, but with the way things are looking we should be good to start some time in february. Anyways, without further a’do…

'Questors' The RP

Welcome to the Wonderful world of Fictarnia!

In a world where epic quests are the new big craze, anyone can become a hero, so long as they have what it takes. Believe you could be the next celebrated saviour of mankind? Well grab your trusty sword and a good sturdy pair of boots, and get out there Adventurer!

Plot: Set in the classic fantasy world of fiction, but with a quirky modern day twist, Heroes and Adventurers have become the next big thing. No longer are they just there to save the damsel in distress or unearth forgotten treasures, no, now it’s a form of popular entertainment. Beginning when low rank warrior Marcos Harrowthorne picked up an enchanted Crystal Ball and recorded his adventure - uploading it to the psychic-cloud - ‘Questing’ vlogs have become the current craze of youngsters everywhere. Your characters included.
But what about the implications of this new trend? And what about the sudden disappearances of celebrated Questors such as the lethal Rogue Xelia Minnoe, or the impossible Wizard Luca Magestico?
What Quests will your characters go on, and what secrets will they discover along the way?

(basically, your characters will be young Rookie ‘Questors’ who have just signed up to the new program for Heroes and Adventurers. They will be sorted into groups, and a quest will be posted for each group to go on, as well as a chance to complete small quests for gold or equipment and such. Similar to the classic D&D set-up, but the twist is with the addition of vlogging your quest on the crystal ball. Technology in this world will be a mix of modern/magic and fantasy, and I’ll explain more when I create the sign-ups, but Crystal Balls work like minni cameras. So while your Characters will be working to complete the quest, they’ve also got to consider their own on-camera persona, and making regular updates.
It will be a mix of the celebrity lifestyle and the wonders of epic fantasy, with plenty of opportunity for rivalries and drama. So, it should be fun! )

Other Info: Your characters will be around 16 - 20 years old, as 16 is the youngest someone can be to apply for a Questor’s licence - yes, that’s a thing.
At the start I will only be allowing a max of 2-3 characters, and the genders need to be even.
I will also only be allowing one major skill for each character, but they will get the opportunity to gain skills and experience as they go on their quests. Afterall, nobody starts out a ninja/pirate/ballerina/assassin in life. At least, not a good one. :wink:
There will be magic, but people will need to be specific. I’m trying to avoid OP god-like characters, especially since all characters will be just starting out.
Again, I may ask some people for help down the line, writing scenes and keeping an eye on things, but for now we will be starting off small.

So… yeah! That’s about it for now, but more will be explained later in the sign-ups, so long as enough people are interested. if anyone has questions, PM me, otherwise I’ll look to set up the Sign-ups in a week or two. Again, I’ll estimate a start somewhere around the end of February, if not sooner.

  • I will join, tag me please!
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  • I may join in after a week or two, please tag me then.
  • I may join in after a week or two, but please don’t tag me.
  • Not interested

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So, I made a roleplay about August 23, and it never really happened… Now I’m willing to give it a retry! It is different than the last roleplay I made but the concept is similar; somewhat even the same.

Rosellete’s Murder
Rosellete, a teenager that was murdered 18 years ago; Rumor has it that she haunts the village of Doveport whenever someone goes out on a time of 11:00 p.m to 6:00 a.m till then, her soul is at rest.

It was a normal day at Doveport, people came out of their houses at exactly 6:01 a.m no more, no less; Some began talking and many people overheard it. “There are tourists coming to Doveport at 12:00 p.m flat and I think are here to stay for about a year or a few months.” “Well, I hope they know about the rumor tho…” “Maybe it knows… maybe it will leave them be…”

The tourists are you but, you weren’t really tourists, much rather going to stay here for a year or so. You were hired, by someone wealthy and curious. He wanted to know if exactly the rumors were true and the best way to do that was to hear the experience by flesh.

Can you do the challenge? And somehow survive through the nights?


So, what you have to do in this RP is figure out what is really going on without being dead. You can work by a group, solo or duo however you desire. The first 2 nights would go on as a normal night but with creepy feels. A character can backout if they want to, and can come back whenever they like.

I’m still gonna set-up some stuff then this RP will be good to go!

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  • Maybe (Tag me)
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  • Make it a Roleplay!
  • Make it a Story-game!
  • Make it BOTH!

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Delve deep into the shadow world. A hundred years have passed since the Dark War with Sebesation Morgenstern, the endarkened, and the Seelie Court. The shadow world is almost the same as it’s always been, except for a few small differences, but we won’t get into that.
While all seem good in the Shadowhunting world, everything is falling apart worse than it ever has. With the threat of another war looming, Shadowhunters are turning against each other, parabati are becoming enemies, everything that shouldn’t be happening is happening. Shadowhunters are getting along with Downworlders more than they’re getting along with other Nephilim.
The few Shadowhunters who aren’t going crazy are working with Downworlders to figure out what’s going on, while trying to prepare for the looming war.

This idea isn’t super polished at the moment, but if at least a few people seem interested I’ll probably work a bit more on the description. What’s up above ^ is currently only a blurb, if people are interested I’ll make a sign-up thread and have a lot more details there.

How interested are you?

  • I think this is a great idea! I’d totally join, tag me if the sign-ups get made!
  • I feel like this needs to be polished a bit more but tag me if sign-ups are made.
  • I feel like this needs to be polished a bit more, don’t tag me if sign-ups are made.
  • I’m not feeling this idea, definitely don’t tag me.
  • I’d be up to help you if you need it!

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Hi sisters, (skip this) James Charles here back with another YouTube video!

Ok, with all seriousness…

Dear… everyone…

It is me, @IIChanII, bringing you a new RP idea. It’s a really rough idea so if I every do make it, I’m not going to rush it like my first RP. That way, I can have time to organize my ideas.

Now, time for the RP Idea…


Centerial Secondary School, the most prestigious school for aspiring actors and actresses. All the students there live by one word, “Drama”. From harmless gossiping, to fighting over roles, to even near death experiences, the students here have seen it all.

But besides all the drama they cause, the students have one thing on there mind, Hellton Academy, the school made for succeeding actors and actresses. The only way to make it there is easy, “Globe Points”.

Ok, so, I haven’t quite written in the part explaining what “Globe Points” are, so it’s kinda sounds stupid.

Globe points are things you earn from doing important, cool or dramatic things in the school. For example, earning a lead role, sabotaging someone just for good fun, or for even getting good grades.

Additional Info:

  • RP will be in first person (tagging poll people)
  • Your characters can only be a senior due to the idea of “Globe points”
  • There will be stereotypes/ roles/ labels (etc. nerd, jock, prep)

A tag for people from my random poll. Only if you choose first person RPing…

Almost forgot the poll…

  • I’m interested (Tag me)
  • I’m interested (Don’t tag me)
  • Maybe (Tag me)
  • Maybe (Don’t tag me)
  • Not interested (Tag me)
  • Not interested (Don’t tag me)

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…lol…why is the second last option a thing…


In all seriousness, I know that previously, my roleplay, Westridge High, has died down a lot. With the help of some new people, we’ve come up with a brand new roleplay that is somewhat similar to Westridge High and we hope that you give this a chance.

Westridge Academy

In 1960, the city of Westridge was founded by Cecille Mondragon. She was on the first female mayors in the world. With this kind of power and money Cecille had, she felt as though she could do anything.

Westridge came to be one of the world’s most powerful and most busy cities. Its population kept on growing each and every day. But, how could it not? Westridge was home to some of the world’s richest people, most famous designers, and most talented people.

Some thought that Westridge couldn’t get anymore attention or more people, until 1989, the Mondragon Family invested in Westridge Academy, the school that came to be one of the World’s Greatest. Westridge Academy’s Presence in Westridge made the city become even bigger and even more populated. There wasn’t anything to dislike about Westridge Academy, the school had some of the most educated people in the world, some of the most prestigious activites out there, and one of the world’s most clean and beautiful grounds.

Upon attending Westridge, whether you had the money or smarts for it, you’d know that you’d like it there.

So, basically, we’ve made Westridge High into an Academy. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot yet, but as we get deeper into the roleplay, it’s gonna become a whole lot. Teachers are going to be used in the roleplay and will call students out if they are having side conversations or misbehaving in class. Students may also be required to have to take a quiz from time to time and how students behave around teachers may affect how badly they are punished.

We’ve just added so much and are so excited to share with everyone else.

  • Interested - Tag Me
  • May Be Interested - Tag Me
  • May Be Interested - Don’t Tag Me
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Ok I have an idea for an rp I’m still the the works of the plot and all of that.
The rp idea is basically Magcon! Yup you are given an chance to be one of the guys or girl. You will also get to make fans, younger or older siblings for them and maybe a girlfriend for other rpers guy. This will consist of them touring and getting into trouble and doing events all planned out. And there will be some plot twists like maybe one of the guys let’s use Shawn for an example gets injured and badly hurt then it has to affect everyone. I do also need some help but I have a process for choosing those who help me.

  • Make it!
  • Dont make it
  • Idk
  • I can help

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Hello!! It’s been a while since I posted on here, I know. Almost 6 months. :joy::joy:

The rp that im about to tell ya’ll about is a small group rp, 2-3 people (not counting me) and therefore it’ll be in a PM. Ok, so here it is…

Slaughter Says

Welcome to “Slaughter Says.” What starts as a fun night in an abandoned warehouse turns sour as you’re locked in the warehouse with a phycopath who calls himself “Simon.” Simon is forcing you to play his sick and twisted game, another version of Simon Says, but much more violent. Make one wrong move and you’re dead. Don’t do what Simon says and you’re dead. Try to escape and you’re dead.

You’re SO going to die. Actually probably not so don’t worry

Voting Info

What do you guys think?? I will put you on a PM depending on what you say (Maybe, yes, definitely) and I might let you choose your own groups (I’m still thinking about it). I will also have two versions: Sorta Violent (my limit on the violence would be blood, maybe a little gore), or Creepy (skeletons & stuff).

  • Definitely (Sorta violent)
  • Definitely (Creepy)
  • Sounds cool (Sorta violent)
  • Sounds cool (Creepy)
  • Maybe (Sorta violent)
  • Maybe (Creepy)

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I’ve gotten enough votes for now (thanks!) If you really want to do this RP, PM me and I’ll start a new PM.