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Truth Or Dare

Everyone knows the classic sleepover game that makes you tell your deepest secrets or forced you to go outside naked, Truth Or Dare, but what happens when a seemingly childish game turns dark.
“Truth Or Dare.”
“Cut off two toes.”
Can you survive a night in a deadly game of truth or dare? Especially when one person knows EVERYONES secret(s).

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Ignore the fact that I chose something it was on accident.


My idea is Glisten Academy (This doesn’t have to be the name, we can come up with something different!)

Glisten Academy is an academy for the unordinary. The talented. The ones with powers.

This is the letter that is “sent” out when you are invited.

Hello. You are invited to join us at Glisten Academy. You were specially picked out of millions of supers, witches, wizards and more. We hope that this invitation reaches you quickly for we can’t wait for your arrive! Your dorms will be selected and all of your things will be teleported. If you have any problems with your roommates or decor, please contact Headmaster Sydney (me) and we will help make things better! Your class schedule will be in your room on the day of your arrival. You shall attend all class for there will be time during the evening and on the weekends to hang out with friends. - Headmaster Sydney

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My idea is a virtual reality like game where you can level, eans skills, make friends, and stuff

Welcome to Rimeshore

Hello Traveler, you and many others have just woken up after being stranded on a beach. You have no memory of any thing and you only have Torn Clothing and Ratty Cloth Sack . You only know that your in a very dangerous area and that any small mistake could kill you…

So, technically in this game your stuck in a virtual reality (but you don’t know that). You can have skills, make settlements, have friends and popularity, and can even become a legendary hero. I’ll be writing all of this out as we so at the beginning there will be no need for faceclaims, later on I’m going to request that everyone make one. This game is mostly run on all of you experiences, they will decide what class, race, and skills you get.

There are a few paths you can take after your first day…

  • Traveler - You decide to go on travels and find things to make your name known
  • Citizen - You and your group of newfound friends decided to go into the forest and make yourself a home
  • Leader - You travel into the forest and find a group of people who need your help (later on you can become the governor of the settlement)
  • Wanderer - You decide to make yourself useful and slay monsters and make yourself powerful (Chance at becoming a hero)
  • My Path - You get to decide whatever yo do

Rules post 1: (still working out some of this, bear with me)
Foremost, there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep all the character information in my head, so I’m going to write a character sheet once the game starts.That will let you provide your relevant skill/ability/equipment information when asking ame for updates or skill checks or answers.
Character creation: As we’ll learn in the story updates that are coming, you’ve arrived in the game/world with vague memories of who you might have been in this world and other games/stories as well as your irl self. We’re starting at level 1, so the memories of skills/spells/abilities you once had are confusing in that they don’t quite work, but may help guide the way your character develops.
Race: We’ll have some flexibility here, though racial abilities will need to be approved. As far as the established world goes, most of it has been focused on humans.
Abilities: You’ll probably be awarded these based on class and actions, but that doesn’t start until level 5 (perhaps earlier for unique classes)
Skills: I will be awarding skill points for practicing actions. We’re going to have a large skill list to let players get creative . For those familiar with pen and paper RPGs, skill checks will be with percentage dice. That lets us enjoy character growth without worrying too much about getting OP in food production from fishing for three days.

(This will be continued…)

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