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Glittering Court of Feathers
This is loosely based off Phantom Paradise. Although it does deal with harems, there will be no explicit sexual content as that is not the only nor main focus*

Myself and a few others, including @Thecode004 , @Petrosinella, @Alexwrites , @fal.renet1398 , @RainyDay , and @EchoRavencroft will be working on this RP/SG together. You know they say many hands makes light work.

Two allies, the East Empire and the West Empire’s children have come of age.

The West Empire, known for its mainly old fashioned and imperial ways. Following their ancestors and following the traditions of Asian descent, as well as its large income from trading and exporting various goods.

Meanwhile the East Empire is known for being more technologically advanced, (medieval) and it’s wide range of ethnic groups and cultures and it’s strong military presence, as well as its wide range of livestock and seafood.

The two have been allies for long times but as the successors rise to power things have been unsteady and shaky. Many conflicts between the two countries, accusing of stealing from each other and attacking one another. However, there’s one thing most people look forward due to the coronation of the new Queen in the East and and the Emperor in the West. It is a time of hand selecting individuals for their harems.

In order to strengthen bonds with each other, the two kingdoms will begin to send over eligible males and females to the others harem. However, rumor has it that a few are hired mercenaries to kill the opposite countries ruler. Thrown into this deadly dance you must survive in the brutal and harsh environment of one of the royals harem. Whether you are there to find love with the royal or gain wealth and power, or even assasinate them you must first pass a trial of tests to be imitated into the harem. Then you must win their favor and climb their ranks, perhaps becoming a royal consort. Be careful, snakes thrive in the shadows. This is where your meal could be poisoned by a jealous harem rival. Secret Relationships, Lies, betrayal and murder all come into play on this chessboard. Can you take the heat of the harem of Glittering Feathers?

How This RP/SG works

This will be mainly an SG. The role-playing part comes in when you interact with other members of the harem or the royals, etc

In addition you are required to make both a male and a female. And as you create more characters make sure to keep the genders even please.

This is a traditional harem so only the opposite gender is in the harem of the royal. However this doesn’t mean you have to make a hetero character. It is not unheard of to have secret relationships within the harem.

Just like all roleplays this is not sexually explicit nor does it go into detail, if there are even is a sexual scene. After all, an ace is writing this too :joy:

This will be dealing with 2 timelines, the east which follows the rennasiance or medieval ways, and the west which follows the imperial ways.
If you’d like to lend a helping hand pm me!

This will start between Late July and Mid-August, however signups and past relationships will hopefully be started in tbe next 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for reading that long “summary”. It’s a new concept and I think it’ll be interesting to try out!

Are you interested?

  • Yes! I’d love to join - Tag me
  • Yes, although I may or May not join - No tag
  • Maybe only cause you are pitching the idea - Tag me
  • Maybe, I’ll decide on my own - No Tag
  • Not my thing - No tag

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Into The Mist

I had to change the description like five times…

The four Realms of Mist have lived in peace for the past thirty thousand years but when the Royals of each Realm meet up in the Between Lands for their monthly discussion things take a turn for the worst. The Royals can’t seem to agree over who should hold the annual ball, in fact, they can’t agree on a thing. When one of the Royals accidentally spills something onto another Royal an argument starts, and petty war is declared.

The war lasted a period of two months ending when one of the Royals being murdered an outside force. The still alive Royals decide to meet up once more at the Between Lands, instead of deciding who shall hold the annual ball they tried to figure out who killed the deceased Royal. All of their leads were dead ends.

In a sense to gain normalcy once more, the Royals decide to hold the annual ball, hoping that both the Regulars and Council wouldn’t realize how terrified and lost the Royals were. At the annual ball, three dead bodies are found, and now everyone knows something is wrong.

The doors to the ball are locked and closed, preventing anyone from coming in or going out. The Royals try to keep everyone calm, all while trying to figure out who the murderer is.

When a random Regular is arrested to hold up appearances everyone is free to leave. But the questions remain who murdered those people? Is anyone safe? Will anyone else be killed?

How this shall work!

This will be an RP, only because the idea wouldn’t work too well as an SG. Although there will be some narrative posts scattered here and there to move things along.

As most people will say you are going to be required to make a male and female. So if you make 1 person you essentially have to make 1 set of people. And so on with the more characters you make!

There will be a possibility for some people to make Royals or Council members. Although most people will do Regulars.

There might be some slightly descriptive fighting and or semi gore-ish scenes, these will be hidden by a detail thing. And are optional to read.

  • I would love to join - Tag Me, please.
  • I would hate to join, Don’t Tag Me, please.
  • I would somewhat like to join, Tag Me!
  • I would somewhat like to join, Do NotTag Me!

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The most popular video game in the world is Arcanelife, a game that lets you have a second life in a modern world, going on quests and making friends and enemies. Soon, a knockoff by an unknown creator emerges. Arcanecraft. It seems like a harmless game, like Arcanelife, but more high action and about guilds and fighting monsters. But on the Arcanecraft forums there are reports of strange incidents in the game, and weird things happening to the players in real life. And then the missing people. Their disappearances aren’t reported to be connected to Arcanecraft, but they’re too suspicious. The wellknow player Gerald Thomas (GeraldtheGreat) is missing and in his room, Arcanecraft is running on his PC. There was signs of a struggle around his desk, but no where else. His door was locked from the inside. Your character is one of the many Arcanecraft players, and soon strange things start happening to them…

This is going to be a very small RP, with maybe 6-8 people, depending on interest. It’s first come, first serve. I will have a waiting list, please tell me if you wish to be put on it. You have to reserve a class before signing up, and you have a 2-week margin in which to sign up after reserving, unless you inform me of a reason why you can’t sign up in the time. Failure to sign up will have your reserve eliminated and given to the next person in line. I reserve the right to reject any sign ups.

The classes with their number of how many and races

Fighter (2)

Their job is to hit the frontlines and engage in direct combat with the enemy. They tend to be good at everything, the best at nothing, complemented by a long list of weapons and armor they can use, though they usually lean toward being stronger than usual at the cost of being slower than average. The “default” option for ARCANECRAFT.


Human magic user
Elf magic user

Healer (1)

They improve their allies’ ability to fight without adding much on their own. They aid teammates by healing them to keep them alive longer or giving small boosts to teammates. Requires more teamwork than most classes. Has weak defense and needs a team to protect them.


Human magic user
Elf magic user

Tank (1)

Has the ability to mow down foes, doing lots of damage. They can cover lots of ground with their attacks. This makes them especially deadly against large numbers of individually weak enemies. In the right circumstances they can wipe out hordes of opponents, but if caught in a bad spot they’ll go down like a pile of bricks; thus they’re also prime targets.


Human magic user

Archer (2)

They specialize in powerful long-range attacks. They are capable of dealing lots of damage to a single target from a safe distance, but aren’t very good at defending themselves, especially at close range. Best used to take out high-value or defense-heavy targets while being sure to keep their beefier teammates between them and the enemy.



  • Yes! Tag me.
  • Maybe. Tag me.
  • Maybe. Don’t tag me.
  • No. Just… no.

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@AnimeOtome @EchoRavencroft @CrazygirldY_dY_dY @brinn @Petrosinella @fal.renet1398 @jdepisode @veganwater @QueenChid @Wingsoffire @Tellyg47 @CrazyCaliope @Alyssa_Epi @BrookieK @Mashia @Kale @Xoxo_dimples @Littlefeets @Ella @BlueInferno @DaydreamiiE @rickyy @classycherries @marie6867 @Thecode004


What would be a good rp (with title) ? you decide
but first heres my ideas.

  • Assassin school/group.
  • Murder House(basically a murder mystery)
  • Gods house(God/goddess meet and greet and other things)
  • Gunmasters
  • Another comptetion based of desinging

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I have this aswell. unlike The others this is a SG

Escape Room
In 2007, A mass murder performed by a group of killers at a Danceclub that target teengers to stop everyone from “Regret”. Kidnapped a group of teenagers and roped the all in a garage and all the murderer were all caught as the teenagers heard sirens and then left by the careless policeman never found again. With each and every door with locks on it. Will you escape before you all rot in a unknown house.

  • Ill pefer this instead
  • Ill rather stick to the school

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Assassin school
Students enroll in a mysterious form that they thought was a special school then ends up finding out that this is school to prepare people to become an assassin. Accepting the fact it was illegal to become one anyway? So they are forced to hide from society, and just stick to it. Even though. If you are an assassin You can become rich easily but its a tough task to do with all the people watching out. Splitting into groups biased on Stealth,Weaponary,Memorizing,Observing [SWMO] Will you successfully become the assassin you are forced to be? or will you escape out of it hopefully or end up starting a war.


So I have a few Rp ideas and I was wondering what you guys think about them:

Idea Number 1:

Galaxy Wars

In the year 3000 earth has become inhabitable and humans now reside in different planets. Because of the rising crime rate in one of these Planets the government decides to set up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters not only chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward. But they also protect citizens from dangerous aliens.

This RP will follow your character who is apart of a team of space bounty hunters as they capture criminals, face dangerous space aliens, and navigate their relationship with their crew members.

Idea Number 2:


Uncle Sam’s School For Assassination or U.S.C.A is a secret school created in the late '70s. Students are chosen based on their background, some are kidnapped and forced into the school, others are sent by their parents, and some enter the school voluntarily for many different reasons.

The U.S uses the assassins the school produces for special and extra dangerous missions. After one of these assassins is K.I.A and the rest are M.I.A, they’re looking for their replacements. The seniors of class 4A are given this opportunity all they have to do is survive long enough to reach the graduation ceremony. The last five standing will make up the new group of assassins.

There will be tests every week, and your character can get eliminated or be killed. Your goal is to get to the top via any means including: sabotage, backstabbing, betrayal, lies, and murder. With twists and turns everywhere who will rise to the occasion and who will crumble under the pressure.

Idea Number Three

K-pop 101

Being a K-pop star takes dedication, time, and sacrifice. The road ahead is difficult and filled with hardships. There comes a point where you have to ask yourself what are you willing to give up to accomplish your dream.

This RP will follow two K-pop groups as they handle the pressure that comes with fame. As their popularity increases so does the drama, they’ll have to deal with demanding fans, the press who insist on invading their privacy and meeting expectations.

Your character will have to perform live, shoot music videos, participate in photo shoots, manage your fanbase, go on tour and more. The choices your character makes can affect their relationship with other members and how the public views them. Whether they succeed or not in this industry is entirely up to you.

Note this is just a basic summary and I’ll go into more detail later, also each of these role plays will have some sg aspects of it.

  • I like Idea One (Galaxy Wars)
  • I like Idea Two (U.S.S.A)
  • I like Idea Three (K-pop 101)
  • I like all the ideas
  • I want more information

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If you want more information pm me.

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It’s 1838, I’m a servant for Lord Hayword, my name is Carmella, Carmella Brown.

Welcome to Accrington, 1838. Where King Anthony has been making the rules, for everyone. Women are servants, stay at home moms, or they work as something else. Everything changed when King Anthony decided to make women become servants, and men as the ones who do what they want.

I, Carmella Brown thinks this is wrong, follow me and stop this sexism. But, some might die, and be killed, murdered, or framed for something we didn’t do, but we’ll still fight. We must go over to another place where woman aren’t used as servants.

Learn about the victorian era


Should the plot be sad, in the middle, or good?

  • Depressed plot, bad ending
  • Depressed plot, good ending
  • Depressed plot, meh ending
  • Good plot, good ending.
  • Good plot, bad ending.
  • Good plot, meh ending.
  • Meh plot, bad ending. (plot is full of good and fun parts, ending sadly.)
  • Meh plot, good ending.
  • Meh plot, meh ending.

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How should we start?

  • Waking up in the morning.
  • Cleaning, cooking, etc.
  • Night time.
  • Afternoon, getting ready.

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Are you interested?

  • Yes, but don’t tag me.
  • Yes, tag me, my queen.
  • Meh, tag me.
  • Meh, don’t tag me.
  • NoPe!

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Message me if you want to help with FCs, or just help, because I’m terrible. :joy:

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Hey everybody I’ve got some more ideas! Here’s a couple, and I have more that should be ready soon.


High school. A time to learn, socialize, and figure out who you are. High school is hard anyway, but doing it all in someone else’s life? That’s nearly impossible. Who would have thought that a regular day of school would lead to finding yourself swapping lives with another student. Waking up in someone else’s house, looking in the mirror at someone who isn’t you, all you know is that it must be because of Max Parker.

Monday everyone was just fine, but after Maxine “Max” Parker tested her experiment. Tuesday morning was as far from normal as you could get. Max’s experiment was to create a teleportation device, and it only succeeded in swapping the minds of those who were nearby at the time.

In this rp the characters not only have to deal with interacting with others, but also deal with trying to blend into someone else’s life, while hoping to get a chance to switch back quickly. Not knowing everything about each other makes it harder, along with there being no guarantee that the person the character swapped with, was even the same gender.

  • I am interested - tag me
  • I am interested - do not tag me
  • I am maybe interested - tag me
  • I am maybe interested - do not tag me
  • I am not interested
  • I’m interested, and I would like to help

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100 years ago in the year 2025, war happened. A global war where everyone had everything to lose. Yet people would act as if they had nothing to lose. It was a free for all, and everyone was fighting dirty. Nobody knows exactly what caused the most destruction, but biowarfare is what most people consider was the final straw. Most of the human species was wiped out. By 2026, countries were reduced to just a few cities, and by 2027 many of the remaining cities in the world created the Childbirth Act. The Childbirth Act requires that as an individual reaches adulthood, at the age of 20, they are assigned to a partner of the opposite sex and brought to a holding facility within the city. Basically living in dorms with their gender for the first year, the individuals have their chance to pick a different partner. From then on the male and female live in a dorm style room together, with the task of assisting with repopulation efforts. They remain at least until the age of 26, or until two children are produced. (Exceptions include if there are not at least 2 children by the age of 29, and medical reasons) Afterwards, the parents of the children are not required to remain together, but are encouraged to remain as a, hopefully still expanding, family. There’s only one way to avoid this fate, and that’s to be considered a defective. If you are considered to be defective, and it is not wanted for your traits to pass on to the next generation. Instead of going to the holding facility with the other 20 year olds, you are cast out as one of the Defectives. Out of the city, expected to have a high chance of dying out there on your own. Most who are cast out, die due to the inability to survive out there with nothing, but some survive.

For this rp the characters would be the defectives who have been cast out of a city. Each character’s own goals may differ, but overall, their goal is to live, not even having to worry about the strict rules in many cities. Some may strive to find the supposed, City of the Outcast, and others, find their way to one of the few cities in the world without the Childbirth act, that doesn’t get rid of the Defectives. Although if enough people would like to, city residents will be allowed as characters as well, but the more interesting things will be for the Defectives.

Examples of Defectives/Outcasts
  • Health issues
  • Mental issues
  • Inability to reproduce
  • Too much of a troublemaker (criminal/other undesirable qualities of the type)
  • special reason*
    This is not an exclusive list. Just a few examples.
  • I am interested - tag me
  • I am interested - do not tag me
  • I am maybe interested - tag me
  • I am maybe interested - do not tag me
  • I am not interested
  • I’m interested, and I would like to help

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I hope you guys like these ideas! I’ll have more ideas to post soon as well, but wanted to get the first couple posted.


Based off the mtv show
10 single people think they are going to a beach and island for a romantic vacation and to try and find someone they have a connection with but then their ex’s show up and potentially mess everything up.
There will be 20 people, obviously. The original 10 will start RPing before the ex’s come in, so relationships will be made.
The I will pair up the ex’s and who is with who and give you a reason they broke up based on both characters bio and personalities.
There are some more kinks and stuff I need to work out but would anyone be wanting to do this?

  • Yes tag me
  • Maybe tag me
  • Maybe don’t tag me

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The Vermillon Bar

Welcome to The Vermillon Bar. Come in, order a drink and talk to our bartenders about everything at all, problems with love, jobs or just life issues in general.

After all, tomorrow, you might even forget that you had this conversation with a stranger. Isn’t it good to let things all out and erase things from your mind for at least one day? But of course, you are welcome to visit our place again. You will have the chance to meet all kinds of people, have some conversations with them while enjoying some good music with our delicious drinks. The bar also has events like jazz nights, talent shows, quizzes shows and comedy nights. Be our guests.

So I have this idea to create a bar theme RP and SG. People can reserve for the staffs or the guests. The idea is simple and by reading the top you would probably figure it out. But we also have something else to serve. The bar’s owner will PM each guest and staff for missions which they have to complete secretly without letting other people find out. Pay attention to what people say or do, because they might give you clues on what the missions are. People who can’t complete the missions more than five times will be eliminated from the RP/SG. People who complete their missions will get to play a bigger role in the main plot of the RP/SG (which is currently hidden but as the RP/SG process you will be given clues on what it is about.) Your characters could be anything, from a teacher to a pop star, even politicians, as long as they are over 18.

Are you interested?

  • Yes, I will participate. Tag me.
  • Maybe I will participate, not sure. But tag me.
  • Maybe I will participate, not sure. But don’t tag me.
  • No, I won’t participate. But tag me.
  • No, I won’t participate. Don’t tag me.
  • I can help.

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I don’t know if this has been done but…

Experiment 2.0

A Experiment Went Wrong (2.0) and Became Crazy and has Tempted Many People to become An Experiment Like Them…Yet They Didn’t Go Fully Crazy, Some of them try to find out who this was…Some just left them to their Self .

This Is Their Chocie

  • I Can Help
  • I’m Interested (Tag)
  • Maybe{Tag}

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The Galaxy Wars

In the year 3000 earth has become uninhabitable and humans now reside in different planets. Because of the rising crime rate in one of these Planets the government decides to set up a legalized contract system, in which registered bounty hunters not only chase criminals and bring them in alive in return for a reward. But they also protect citizens from dangerous aliens.

This RP will follow your character who is apart of a team of space bounty hunters as they capture criminals, face dangerous space aliens, and navigate their relationship with their crew members.


Additional Background Information

Additional Background Information:

The planet most humans reside on is Anthropoda that is the planet where your character will most likely be from. The bounty hunters are humans who are in between the lines of good and bad. Most of them either find it hard to fit in with society, have a criminal record or just like the thrill of hunting criminals and visiting new planets. These bounty hunters all work for the organization I.S.S.P (Inter-solar system Protection Unit)

The more dangerous the criminal the high the bounty and the more money your crew gets. As you get more money you’ll be able to buy new gear, upgrade your spaceship and more. Occasionally your crew will be sent out to capture or kill aliens who invade a planet or threaten the lives of humans. The alien’s powers can vary so the stronger they are the harder it is to kill them.

How This Rp Will Work

How This Rp Will Work

There are three different space groups/crews your character can be a part of:

  1. Alpha Crew: They’ve been in the organization the longest and are most like to get more dangerous missions. Since they’re the most experience they can take a mentor role for the younger bounty hunters.

  2. The Beta Crew: They’ve been in the organization the second longest and sometimes assist the Alpha Crew on their mission if it’s too much for them to handle.

  3. The Gamma Crew: Their the youngest and most inexperienced, and are most like to get killed. They rarely get extremely dangerous mission unless it’s too test them. Their goal is to earn as much money and get as much experience as fast as possible. Out of all the crews their given the most missions and work the longest.

Some roles you’ll have to reserve for before you sign up (commander, co-pilot, scientist, engineer etc.) other roles you wouldn’t really have to reserve.

  • I’m interested, tag me
  • I’m interested, but don’t tag me
  • I’ll join, tag me
  • Maybe, tag me
  • Maybe, but don’t tag me

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Earlier this week I made a most wanted to know which one out of the three idea people like better. Since this was the most popular I decided I’ll make this one but I wanted to know who will be willing to join.

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Hey again! Like I said on my last post, I’ve got more ideas coming! The next couple I have after this are a little farther behind in the development, but this one is all ready to go! Swapped
is open for sign ups, Defectives will be soon, and if you guys like it, so will this!

Fated To Be

In Ancient Greece, there was a group of friends. They did everything together, as close of friends as could be. Even their differing personalities, the friends were always strongest together, especially with the couples paired together. After the sudden death of the guy who brought the group together, the rest of them, the couples, made a blood pact. They went to an altar dedicated to multiple of the ancient gods and vowed that nothing would separate them, not time, and not even death. Soon after, a storm came and each of them died.

Years later, during the renaissance, a group of people came together. They may have had different backgrounds, but their souls were the same as they were in Greece. The couples were drawn together and the group became friends. After some time, one of the girls died in childbirth, and shortly after the rest fell ill and died, devastated over the death.

Once again, the souls were reborn. This time early in America’s history. The friends came together, and the soulmates were drawn together falling in love. The group fought and died together in the revolutionary war.

Then soulmates, and friends, came together once more. Destined to be together, their time was unfortunately cut extra short. They each began to meet each other during World War II, some of them were medics, some soldiers, and one was a local to a town where the troops were stationed. They all died in an explosion.

Reincarnated to live yet another life, during college in the year 2019, how long will this group remain. Will they break the cycle and live long lives together, or will they die young together once again. Despite their completely different backgrounds and lives, they will be drawn together, but what is in store for this reincarnation only time will tell.

When you sign up for a character, I will take all of their information to determine who their soulmates are. I will ask about their new reincarnation mainly, but I will ask a little about their previous reincarnations as well. I won’t tell you all who each of the soulmate pairs are, but I may tell a select few who their character’s soulmate is ahead of time. And even though I say they have been a group of friends, it doesn’t mean they all always get along each reincarnation.

  • I’m interested - tag me
  • I’m interested - don’t tag me
  • I’m maybe interested - tag me
  • I’m maybe interested - don’t tag me
  • I’m not interested
  • I’m interested, and I would like to help

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Righto, guys, I started this RP called SAW (my own version of the films) about a year ago, after more than two months of hard-out planning. And after a year it’s still VERY slowly chugging along. Though we were wanting to give it a bit more life and speed it up a little. Not too much, just so we get back to a few posts a week, not a few a month.
So, @Ella, @QueenChid, @Littlefeets, and I were wondering if there were anyone out who’d be interested in adopting a character. Two are available now, and a few

Here’s the outline:

Anyone keen?

  • Sure, sounds interesting
  • Maybe, let me take a look
  • Nah, not my thing
  • I don’t know, I’ll PM you

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Many years ago, there were people who could use magic. They were the heroes of myths and legends, the villains that could destroy armies with a snap of their fingers. But as the source of all magic was rapidly fading, those gifted with magic, good and bad alike, all came together to seal their tales, so that one day, when magic inevitably returned, their descendants would be prepared. These are what we call fairy tales.

But now, the magic is returning, stronger than ever. Descendants of those magic users are gaining out-of-control powers that they can’t explain, and something even more powerful than the magic is lurking behind the scenes. Can these kids figure out what is going on, or will it be too late?

This RP will be focused around high school-aged kids, around 14-18 years old. The main descendants of these fairy tale characters are all drawn to a town in North Carolina named Aspen Woods, where the original source of magic was located, which is why all these kids are in close proximity.

  • I’m interested, tag me
  • I’m interested, don’t tag me
  • I’m interested, reserve a spot for me (female)
  • I’m interested, reserve a spot for me (male)
  • I’m not interested

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Sorry that I am posting here again, I’m just working with someone now. @CrazyCaliope and I are working together, and have changed/refined the idea somewhat. We were wondering what you thought.

Welcome to Sky High!
This is a school for kids with superpowers. The school has been closed for the past decade and a ban was even put on children receiving their powers until age 16. Why? The event that closed the school was too terrible and too dangerous. Now enough time has passed that things could be safe again for the older kids, who have turned 16 but don’t know about their powers. Your parents all decided to keep you safe and keep them a secret, so all you know is that you’re attending a new school.
Once you get into the school, you will be put into classes based on your power and how strong it is. Day one will be the test and that’s where both your character (and you) learn what your power even is. Maybe only some of you will tap into it right away. The teacher will access whether you are a hero or sidekick on the day and that’ll affect the rest of the school year and your dorm-mates.
During the year, classes will go on field trips, face minor super-villains or superheroes, undertake certain tasks set by the creator(s), all depending on your power. Along with that, all the superheroes and the supervillains have to stay hidden from the world since they are forbidden. If you are found, you will either get killed or the government will run tests on you.

Do you want to join?

  • Yes, tag me
  • I’ll have a look, tag me
  • I’ll have a look, don’t tag me
  • Nah, not my thing, don’t tag me

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Hello! I had a fresh Idea I wanted to try out. Instead of playing as just humans, you can play as animals too!

Here is my idea.

Humans and Animals think alike, but Animals are considered different. Animals have been treated poorly if wild. Only housepets are treated fairly. But humans have problems of their own. In each corner of the world global warming is of essence. There has been reports of natrual disasters destroying contries and cities. People have gone missing. And pets have gone without owners? Funny right? Anyways, humans must “join forces” with animals. But of course it might not be easy, since they can’t talk. But Animals communicate with each other. They have to prove themselves in order to save the day. Will you help them?



  • Im interested tag me.
  • Not interested.
  • Im interested reserve me female.
  • Im interested reserve me male.
  • Im interested reserve me female pet.
  • Im interested reserve me male pet.
  • Im interested reserve me female wild animal.
  • Im interested reserve me male wild animal.
  • Im not sure. I will consider it when i get more info.

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