New in writing, how should I start?

Hi everyone, I haven’t accessed this forum in I think 3 years, life changed me LOL. Anyway, i would like to start writing again but the thing is… how do i learn?
When i started 3 years ago i remember trying to learn via youtube videos and episode faqs but those weren’t really helpful to me. Do you have any suggestions on where to learn in a very efficient way? like, not only the basics. Thanks early, ms :heart: :heart:


Reading helps me a lot more than watching, and if that is the case for you, you can always go to Dara Amarie’s website.

Otherwise, just being on the forums alone helps as you can keep asking questions and people will reply.

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You can watch Joseph Evans videos , Mary D sava and check Dara Amarie website all of these are so helpful

This person does a pretty good job at explaining things! She goes through the whole thing on how to code it in! :blush:

Her videos helped me a lot

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